Sunday, September 13, 2009

Working in boots

Sorry, I’ll be tied up this weekend

Working in boots: The position of the boot-girl shown in the image accompanying this entry is a favorite of ‘shoe sniffers’ men who love to smell a woman’s sweaty boots during sex. It is also favored by men who are very well endowed because a woman can be penetrated the deepest (with the least pain and injury) when she is horizontal on her stomach so her uterus is pulled down by gravity while she is being taken from behind. In an office setting a few reams of copy paper can be placed under her hips to adjust the height of her vagina to meet the needs of her partner and a roll of Mylar sheeting can be used to prevent staining the carpet. At home folded blankets or hard pillows work well for hip adjustment. Fasteners, our casino’s bondage boutique, sells colored nylon line and rope of various sizes for hog tying as well as a complete line of stainless steel chains, collars, cuffs, locks, clamps and spreader bars. Since the recession began the demand for up-market BDSM has increased at least four fold just as it has for the Escort trade so it is difficult to get and train enough talented women to fill the need. This shortage has led a few entrepreneurs to enter the market to get a piece of the BDSM surge.

The second job: Some office girls bring a change of clothes and a pair of ballet boots to work in a boot bag. They could be going to the gym after work, staying late to help a friend with an after hours project or going to their evening job as a boot-girl in a BDSM salon. A pretty woman who loves adventure can make good money as a boot-girl in a BDSM salon as long as her health and looks last. With the number of office towers and condos in foreclosure here there is a lot of space with lovely views of the Strip. Some of it is being used for BDSM salons and for the most part that seems to be working without major problems. There was the recent instance where a girl in pointe boots and a House of Harlot white latex catsuit with a spreader bar clamped to her ankles went off a balcony on the 23 floor of one of the towers. How she managed it no one is quite sure. Fortunately she landed on the pool surround on the pool patio at the fourth floor level and not in the street. Even in heavy rubber the 19 floor drop burst her suit like a balloon and she splattered. After we collected the pieces building maintenance had to work with buckets of a quicklime paste to remove the stains. That she was able to get away from her Domme and escape - in a manner of speaking - says a lot about the level of attention to detail from that Mistress. The Families closed her salon down as a hazard to tourism and she is in confinement indefinitely in heavy rubber. Taryn and I cleaned up the mess. There was nothing the girl was wearing - she was on birth control pills so she had no vaginal protection and her HOH suit was ruined - that either of us wanted.

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