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Gas masks, rebreather bags and heavy rubber

An Israeli civilian gas mask commonly used as fetishwear

Reader’s questions:

Girls encased in heavy rubber: A reader is interested in “stories about girls permanently encased in heavy rubber” I have to tell you that in real life there isn’t a lot of that since it is very expensive to keep a ‘rubbergirl’ in good physical condition when permanently encased in heavy rubber. If a rubbergirl isn’t well cared for her skin will develop bedsores and she will begin to smell so that her master will no longer be interested in having sex with her and then his interest shifts entirely and she is often left abandoned to starve in a locked room. So what you read in stories are mostly creations of a fevered mind, which given what goes on IRL is not necessarily a bad thing.

I know of only a single instance where an 18 y/o has been encased for three years that has not turned out to be a tragedy. It is an extreme case where the girl was given the choice of being permanently shackled with an ostomy bag and a catheter in her bladder both of which can be emptied daily so she doesn’t soil the inside of her suit, or she could help him take proper care of her. She quickly switched from confrontation to survival mode and is now compliant with his every wish. She is a classic example of the Stockholm syndrome. Her master has given her a closet full of latex encasement suits and helps her changes several times a day depending on their activities.

Her Rubbermaster made his fortune in the Dot.com industry and got out before its collapse in 2001. Since then he has devoted himself entirely to extreme rubber. He has her on an exercise regimen in a fully equipped gym and she takes her meals with him as his ward and seems to enjoy sex with him. That’s how I got to know her because he brought her to me as a cervical barrier fitter to get an effective method of birth control for her. Her cycles are regular at 33 days and her periods painless and light so I saw no reason to fill her body with artificial hormones. I fitted her with A Semina diaphragm for menstrual sex and an Oves cap to wear between her periods. She takes a 70mm diaphragm and an Oves in 26 mm just like mine and she uses Semécide as her spermicide. Her Master is benevolent and as interested in her not becoming preggers as she is so with them both checking that she is using her Semina and spermicide correctly they should be quite safe from pregnancy.

Her Master is quite devoted to her and they have a monogamous relationship. He helps her dress in a white heavy latex catsuit for day wear and a black heavy latex one when he takes her to parties and clubs at night. She has adjusted well and is smart and funny and a delight to talk to when I’ve met them at clubs and parties and she is the same way when I’ve been to dinner with them at her Master’s home. She is being home schooled so her tutor can instruct her in Latin, French and history while she is on a stationary bike or a vaginal trainer. She has at least two massages and rubdowns with body lotion daily to keep her skin healthy and her rubber suits are cleansed with biocide soaps so bacteria won’t be rubbed into her skin by the tight latex. He asked me about my own skin care regimen since I spend so much time encased in rubber so I’ve advised her on good body gels that are designed for cleansing, moisturizing and protecting sensitive skin under tight rubber and they all use natural ingredients so they won’t deteriorate the latex skins she is always encased in. She is quite at home in heavy rubber now and sleeps well and wakes refreshed after a night of lusty encasement sex with her Master.

Open sores and stench: That is the only successful long term rubbergirl encasement I’m aware of. On the other hand, I’ve seen several instances where the outcome of long term encasement has been tragic or fatal. The results of inattention to hygiene after a rubbergirl has become dependent and can no longer care for herself is heartbreaking. Many are shackled and left to slowly rot in filthy rubber suits that cause open sores on their bodies so that when their suits are unzipped the stench of rot and feces is overpowering! There have been two local instances of abandoned rubbergirls I remember. In one the women was positioned on her back while wearing an Israeli civilian gasmask (similar to the one in the image accompanying this entry) with long corrugated rubber hose running from the masks canister connector to a wall mounted bracket where there was a T connector and valve. One side of the T was open so the rubbergirl could breathe through the hose. The other side was a short piece of corrugated rubber hose connected to the underside of a 5 gallon bucket filled with water sitting on a ladder four feet above the woman’s head. The girls Master turned the valve and instead of air water flowed down her hose and filled her mask and she drowned when she could no longer hold her breath. The other instance was a case where the rubbergirl’s Master connected the hose from her gasmask to a tap off the houses natural gas line and she suffocated in seconds while bound in her black latex suit and ballet-boots to a kitchen chair. Both deaths occurred in foreclosed houses in isolated areas of the city.

IUDs and Ben Wa Balls: Another reader asked, “Is it safe to use Ben Wa balls with an IUD?” The answer is yes. Unlike wearing a snuggly fitting diaphragm or cervical cap with an IUD it is quite safe to wear Ben Wa balls if they have been well maintained so that there is no chance of them catching on the strings of a standard frame mounted IUD like a ParaGard or Mirena. Of course for women with frameless GyneFix IUD implants there is no danger at all. The problem with framed IUDs is that the frame can be easily bent from uterine cramping common during intense vaginal and cervical orgasms. So if an IUD wearer is with a partner who can give her very intense orgasms she might want to consider switching to a frameless GyneFix implant a change that can be easily accomplished for women in Europe or the UK. A bent IUD frame will not keep the IUD properly positioned and is far less effective in preventing pregnancy. It may embed in or even perforate the woman’s uterus or best case be expelled into her vagina.

Gasmasks and rebreather bags: Another reader is interested in “Gasmask rebreather bags for auto erotic play.” This seems to be primarily a male fetish, at least in the part of the country where I live. A form of rebreather bag play can be fatal to unsuspecting women. That’s because a rebreather bag made of a disposable latex exam glove fitted over the filter canister of a woman’s mask is a very common way to suffocate fetish girls and it is extremely fast. Israeli civilian gasmasks are favored by a lot of fetishists because they are inexpensive and easy to obtain. Girls think about having the open end of a rubber glove slipped over the canister of your mask when you are tied to a chair. OMG! Doesn’t that make you so wet just thinking about it!

The unsuspecting girls are just tied to a chair and the masks sealed over their faces. From the videos I’ve seen (Pirate collects that sort of thing) the girls are coaxed into making a video at breakfast time. The girl will dress herself in rubber while kidding with her boyfriend, have sex with him before zipping her crotch closed, put on her mask and test to make sure it is sealed properly then let the guy tie her to a chair. The glove over the filter comes as a surprise as she expected to just be left encased all day while her Master was at work. She was correct in that (up to a point) but with the rubber glove blocking the canister air intake the videos showed that by the second inhalation the vacuum caused the glove to be sucked up against the intake and the rubber face pieces of the mask collapse against the wearer’s cheeks and her eyes becoming more prominent behind the lenses before they slowly disappear when the lenses fog over as the temperature in the mask increases. Forcing more air from her mask through the one-way vents at every exhalation she increases the vacuum as she struggles and squirms trying to breathe and break free, all to no avail of course. It is over in less than four minutes from the time the glove went over the canister. The guy will usually stand nearby and watch her struggle as he drinks his coffee. When he’s certain she’s dead he will leave for work. In these videos (I’ve seen four) the guy will come home for lunch for a nooner penetrating her still cooling corpse usually from the rear while he supports her body in the kneeling position with his hands on her latex sheathed hips. After which he will usually carry the body into the bathroom strip the rubber suit off her and put her in the bathtub where he cuts her up for disposal. In two of the videos I could tell from identifying marks on the girls latex suit that the same death rubber was used for a second victim. The guy wears a latex hood-mask, has no identifying marks and his DNA is not in any registry. I don’t know of a single instance where one of these men has been caught so being a gasmask rubbergirl is not a safe fetish for a naive woman or a woman with a partner who has an unknown sexual history.


  1. On the point of being permanently encased in rubber, I've had some fantasies of being permanently encased in spandex, maybe even it becoming my skin/merging with my skin. How weird would that be?

  2. Well, not as weird as being in rubber because rubber doesn’t breathe which most spandex I’ve seen does. Spandex as skin might be fun, but I haven’t thought seriously about the consequences. So that’s only a tentative opinion and I won’t necessarily be held to it. Being totally encased in rubber is fun for a few hours at a fetish club or playing at home with a partner if your skin is in good condition and the suit fits well and you know you can get out of it when you want. However, for a totally encased rubbergirl once she needs to go to the bathroom or needs skin care or to eat than things can get unbelievably complicated and very unpleasant.

  3. It's virtually impossible to live anything close to 24/7 or 23/7 encased in rubber. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. I know long term rubber fetishists who have attempted such regimen and these people have years of experience in rubber encasement and heavy rubber and can't survive a whole week end with careful preparation.

    Living as a 24/7 rubber fetish doll is pure fantasy. Are there people or chicks perhaps who only wear rubber when they wear clothes and go out? or have sex? Probably. The skin must breathe... end of story.

    Rubber endurance is a common fantasy of rubberists.


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