Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gas masks, anesthetics and vulnerability

A gas mask girl sealing her mask

Gas mask girls and anesthetics: It’s the start of the Fall Fetish parties here as the nights begin to cool off, a bit. For the major events there are valet parking girls in latex, ballet-boots and gas masks to set the mood as guests arrive. Gas mask girls - mainly college students working as valet parkers - are a standard part of a festive private fetish event and there had been no problem with that until late last year when an 19 y/o was raped at the far end of an estate parking area about 1:00 AM. She was wearing a mask w/o a filter canister and chloroform was sprayed into her masks canister fitting. She remembered a man in latex (like all the other guests) approached her and held up his hand as she finished moving a guest’s car. She smelled something cloyingly sweet and then nothing until she awoke with a headache, sore pelvis and vagina and the crotch zipper of her latex suit open. She took Plan B and she didn’t get pregnant or an STI so that was good, but they never caught the guy.

Filter vulnerability: The trouble has started again this year and again it involves girls wearing masks w/o filters. Filter canisters aren’t used by valet parking because they are an additional expense but mainly because the masks are sweltering even w/o a filter but are far hotter when a filter is attached, so it’s a matter of relative comfort. There have been two instances so far, The first one using chloroform like last year that involved nothing more serious than rape though that’s traumatic enough for the girl, even if she was multitasking at the time to earn a bit more on the side. In the second incident ethyl ether was used with tragic consequences. No one is sure if it was an accident or if the girl recognized her attacker and he did it on purpose but somehow the ether fumes in her mask caught fire. He must have sprayed enough inside so that there were small pools of liquid because rather than a single flash over in seconds the fumes and rubber inside of her mask burned with a blue flame for several minutes. That was long enough to melt the mask onto her face and globs of flaming rubber from the mask dropped onto her chest and briefly caught the front of he latex suit on fire. She must have been dead within seconds of the ether igniting as she breathed the fire into her lungs. The stench of burnt flesh and rubber was overpowering, even after I had put Vicks vapor rub in my nostrils before I went to take a look at her ahead of the EMTs arriving. There was no need for the EMT to rush, she was very dead and as with all the others her crotch zipper was open.

Missing ID: I pulled on a latex glove and checked and the diaphragm she was supposed to be wearing – it had an RFID chip in it identifying her as an employee of the party services/catering Co. – was missing which suggested to me that it was either taken as a memento or that her attacker was a woman (even though the girl appeared to have semen inside her) who had intended to wear the diaphragm with the ID chip to crash the party. Chloroform is not flammable but ethyl ether is an extreme fire hazard so we are all wondering if the guy just ran out of chloroform and will switch back or if ether will be his anesthetic of choice in future attacks. I think it’s also possible that this last incident involved a different perp since ether was used and the victim’s ID was missing neither of which had happened in earlier instances of similar attacks.

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  1. Wonderful the idea of giving some chloroform into the mask of an young woman to make her helpless.


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