Monday, September 7, 2009

Starters, Stallions, and Carla

The Semina coil spring silicone diaphragm AKA a Barbie Barrier

Basics for beginners: The few girls at St Lucy’s starting confidence training are new to having their periods which for dancers typically begin at about 13 or 14 years of age. It’s amazing what their mothers haven’t told them about how their bodies will change as they grow from girls into young women and there is a lot of anxiety during the first few menses when they are learning to anticipate their periods and control their menstrual flow. We like to introduce them to diva cups first to get them used to wearing a device in the vagina. Once they are comfortable with handling their genitals they are fitted for diaphragms, usually a coil spring rim as their muscles are typically quite strong so they can learn to use the diaphragm for flow control and eventually have sex during their periods. The girls are fitted with Semina coil spring rim devices, the ‘Barbie Barrier’ of song and story at St Lucy’s [shown in the image accompanying this entry] and the newly fitted girls love to strut and preen while wearing their new Seminas as getting their first one is a major rite of passage at St Lucy’s since a girl can then safely become sexually active with the pool of screened boys available.

We teach the new girls to use only use their own protective equipment and not one of their mom’s old diaphragms or caps or one borrowed from a roommate or friend because the effectiveness of their protection is dependent on (among other things) how well the device fits. That means since they are still growing and becoming more sexually experienced the size of their vaginas will increase and require fit checks every three months to make sure they are properly protected. To help with girls remembering to wear their barriers all the school issued cervical barriers have RFID chips embedded in them for identification and to prevent a girl from participating in an exercise or encounter where she could come in contact with live male sperm w/o wearing her cervical barrier. The uterus of a girl at 14 or 15 is often too small even to have a mini-GyneFix implanted so Seminas diaphragms are the universal first step as every girl will eventually be fitted for one in order to be able to take dive-sex training. Our clinic will work with girls who are unusually tight by having them use a set of vaginal dilators to stretch the muscles in their vaginal barrel so that they can use a Diva Cup, dildo and eventually a penis. We stress the wholesomeness of recreational sexual intercourse and teach intercourse and masturbation as a stress relieving and meditation techniques.

A new stallion: I’m CD10 and fertile today! I love being fertile and wearing a death-rubber from my collection while I’m being drilled by one of my stallions! Pirate has a new guy becoming active in his organization. He has just completed his quarantine after returning from a year’s study of Thai sexual techniques after getting his Masters in Psychology at Harvard. Actually, he’s Pirates 26 y/o son who he wants to learn the business and he (Pirate) wants me to train Robert (Robin) in the operations (intimate customer services) end of things! His name is really Peter Robert but I already have stallion named Peter in my stable. Returning 360 readers will remember the Peter we all know and love is now Diané’s main squeeze so I’m calling my new young God, Robin.

I met Pirate’s son before he went to Thailand to study and he was a gorgeous man then. He returned even more beautiful – actually, he looks like a young God - and he is a treat to talk to and work with. He is kind, gentle and thoughtful as well as amazingly skilled and when he walks into a room full of women you can hear us sigh in unison and almost squish as we self lubricate. Even the most confident of us get chills and our bellies tighten when he approaches or when we create an excuse to enter his space to talk to him which we all do. He is massively hung and even before he went to school in Asia he knew how to use every inch of his equipment! I’d had him several times (he penetrated me from behind) before he left for school in Thailand and I’m going to have him tonight for the first time since he emerged from quarantine. I’ll be the first woman he’s had since returning home so the evening should be memorable. With Robin a girl needs plenty of dive-gel and 800 mg of ibuprofen before she starts. I just hope we’ll both be able to walk afterward.

Inseminating lesbian ‘wives’: Pirate has started a new service for lesbian couples who want to start a family. He will provide stud service for couples who want the wife to be inseminated in the natural way, by penile vaginal intercourse. It appears to be an untapped market as the word has gotten around and there is a considerable interest in the service. Actually, there is a waiting list as he is struggling to keep up with demand. Who would'a thunk it? Go figure!

The death of an Escort candidate: A few weeks ago we had an 18 y/o, Traci, in our Escort training program die suddenly during a training encounter. It is only now that her parents are coming to some sort of terms (it’s certainly not closure) with their daughter’s death. It was so unexpected! She had been through all the stress tests and she seemed in perfect health. But while preparing to be bubble fucked after multiple vaginal orgasms she shuddered started to bleed from her mouth around her reg, her mask filled with blood and she pushed away from the pool stallion partnering her and kicked for the surface, then went limp and began sinking to the bottom of the pool. When her partner got her to the surface she was dead. The ME said an aneurism in a pulmonary artery burst and she bled to death in minutes. Having multiple vaginal orgasms during dive-sex is extremely stressful on the abdominals and the lungs. Her mom was pleased that Traci was in orgasm when the artery burst and that she died very quickly.

Win – Win: Her parents came out and we had a memorial service with her class and friends in attendance. Her mom, Carla, said Traci loved what she was training for and she had an exquisite body. Her mom had been an escort in her younger days and still has a lovely body for a 46 y/o. Carla is fixated on going through escort training to see for herself what Traci was learning when she died and wants to experience for herself what the students go through. Traci’s dad is still enough in shock that he is supportive of his wife’s needs and is willing to finance her training. We thought she wouldn’t be able to pass all the physical tests, but she did, easily! Sigh! So Anya will be tutoring her in new techniques and giving refreshers on old ones while Chris will be helping her build up her stamina. We told her we would allow her into a class but if she slowed down the training of other students she would be asked to leave and she agreed. Her husband has gone back east to run the family grocery business and told me he hopes his wife’s mania for being an escort again is shock induced and will fade as she moves through the various stages of training. I’m thinking that isn’t going to happen. Actually, there is a need for very up-market escorts (which is what she was before marrying) in her age group so if Carla can survive the training with high marks and wants a job I’ll probably hire her.

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