Wednesday, September 9, 2009

‘Breeders’ & Taryn’s stalker

Ankle length training boots with shaft locks

‘Breeders’: The fourth year girls at St Lucy’s have begun calling ballet boots ‘Breeders.’ That’s because there has been an increase in the number of pregnancies among fetish girls in the area and most of them seem to involve girls who wear extreme heels; ballet heels, ballet boots, pointe boots or pointe trainers of one sort or another. None of the St Lucy’s teens have had unplanned pregnancies regardless of the footwear they have been wearing during encounters, a fact I attribute to the success of my Contemporary Sexual Health classes and our attention to detail when customizing a method of contraception to each student as an individual. When I hear a group of boot girls laughing about pregnancies of their booted contemporaries I caution them that no method of contraception is perfect so recreational sex is not risk free even though with a pool of screened males there is almost no chance of STIs.

The image accompanying this entry shows a boot fitted with a shaft lock the type typically worn by beginning ballet students at St Lucy’s. The girls are locked in their boots all morning during academics so they can more quickly adapt to the training regimen of the ballet school. It forces them to learn how to glide en pointe as well as go up and down stairs and increases their stamina for walking en pointe and keeping their feet pointed. Most of the girls seem to enjoy being locked in their boots as they get admiring looks from male teachers and are the envy of the other students who aren’t in boots. Leg cramps are held to a minimum by ensuring that the girls are getting the proper levels of minerals in their diets.

Taryn and her stalker: As I mentioned earlier in response to a comment Taryn (my 18 y/o Ward) usually has the GPS feature on her cell turned on – so I know where she is - when she is out but she had it turned off the other day because some guys have been stalking her. She and I met with the stalkers yesterday because she had asked them nicely to stop harassing her and they didn’t stop. The meeting wasn’t intentional on their part but we cornered them at the mall when we led them into a cul-de-sac. There were three of them. The leader is about 6’4” and 250 lbs of solid beef. And he’s the one who has the hots for Taryn. He thought it was funny that two small women who together don’t weigh as much as he does were intent on having him stop harassing Taryn. He thoroughly enjoyed telling us he had no intention of stopping and told us in graphic terms where we could put our concerns. Then he made the mistake of saying he’d been thinking of abducting her. That tore it! If I’d had any thought of letting him off easy when I heard the word abduction easy was no longer an option and he went to the top of my to-do list. The other two are hangers on and ball-players with their hands in the pockets of their jeans fondling themselves most of the time. So seeing to ‘Mr. Abduction’ will almost certainly correct the situation. If not then, like a thousand lawyers on the bottom of the ocean, it’s a good start. I know who they are and where they live and none of them have important friends in high or low places so they are playing w/o a net. It’s now just a matter of taking care of business.

More reader’s questions:

The Mk II Tac-suit: An interested reader asked for more information about the MK II Tac-suit that Taryn and I wear while on cleanup and scavenger missions. It’s made of a laminate with a layer of silicone rubber on the outside to protect against external fluids. A center layer of a Kevlar like material but much better and far more flexible which is the puncture proof layer and a 1mm thick puncture resistant self sealing layer of silicone rubber that is next to the wearer's skin. It's fabricated into a standard looking skin tight tactical catsuit. It's a great improvement in protection and it's about as stretchy as a regular latex catsuit

It has a gas proof double ended industrial micro-zip front zipper so the crotch can be opened for penetrative sex which is a feature I like in a Tac-suit though I wouldn't open it and chance spilling DNA material while on a hunt. A suit made of the new material is wonderfully comfortable and a delight to wear with the smooth silicone inner lining compressing my body... I pump to empty my breasts before I go on a job or out hunting but the MK II will expand enough to take an increase in my breast size if I’m in it long enough that my breasts fill again and I need to be milked. Knowing I’m protected from existing Taser cartridges is a great morale booster and I just love the ability to puncture an opponents Tac protection with the barbed needles of my C2 Taser if we should meet while I’m on a cleanup and scavenger mission. That way I can have her leave her DNA at the site or I can cuff her and spirit her off, taking her along when I leave.

Breast Petals: Another reader asked: “Any dangers to wearing breast petals with silicone.” Returning readers will remember I mentioned Breast Petals in my post of Sept. 8th saying that Taryn and I wear them under our MK II T-suits. I’m not entirely sure what the reader is asking. If there is a concern about the 100% Nylon Tricot of the BP ‘grabbing’ or adhering to the inner silicone skin of the suit (analogous to latex grab when using both condoms and a diaphragm or cap) the answer is no, there it’s no problem because when wearing them under a T-suit we coat the outer surface of the Petal with a tiny bit of Dive-Gel so it slips smoothly over the sweat dampened silicone against our skin. There is also no problem wearing Petals with breast implants of any kind. Breast Petals are single use devices and aren’t effective while diving as the adhesive isn’t waterproof. If this doesn’t answer the question I hope the reader will ask again.

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