Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gas mask training

The Mestel SGE 400-3BB gas mask

Adolescent’s Gas mask training: One of Gepetto’s fitters came to my Advanced Sexual Techniques class at St Lucy’s last week to fit the class of 16 y/os for their gas masks. She fitted them with their very own Mestel SGE 400-3BB (the cost is in included in their activities fees) and by using a larger silicone face seal was able to fit even the smallest of the girls with tightly fitting masks. I kept stressing to the students that their SGE 400s aren’t toys they use for dress-up like the old civilian Israeli masks are which they commonly play with during fetish nights. The Mestel SGE 400-3BB is a military grade maximum protection device that can provide hours of protection in a hostile environment or hours of pleasure, or both when used during recreational sex.

The students are being given the training for basic familiarization because they can be legally hunted at 16 here in Nevada so they need to have some idea of what to expect. The girls can enjoy themselves on the gas but I'm teaching them what to watch out for like guys trying to change the gas mixture on them and that sort of thing. In the clubs where there is a common distribution system once a girl is buzzed a guy may be able slip a splitter in the line with a small bottle of high % gas so we teach the students to check the connections feeding her mask. It’s just like they shouldn't leave a drink unattended at a table or they could wake up the next day and find someone slipped a ‘roofie’ (Rohypnol) in it. We also have the individual proprietary N2O bottles from Gepetto and they learn to use them too but Gepetto’s units are very difficult to tamper with.

The class members whose uteri are large enough have GyneFix IUD implants. The three whose anatomies are too small for a mini-GyneFix wear arcing spring diaphragms for contraception because they are much easier for teens to insert correctly than an Oves cap. School policy requires students wear a cervical barrier while using a gas mask because there is the possibility – however slight - that the pressurized gas could be misdirected playfully or maliciously into a student’s vagina and cause an embolism a fate far worse than pregnancy. Cyndi my 16 y/o ward is in the class. Not because she needs the training, I taught her gas protocols last year, but because she needs to attend and pass the exams to get credit for it on her record. The students are using the casino’s Escort training unit’s ‘gas chamber’ and they come over for training twice a week in one of the school’s 15 passenger vans.

Standard 40mm filter connector: The training facility and the local clubs that offer recreational gasses all have gas distribution systems that use the standard NATO 40mm filter canister connectors that mate directly to a NATO (or equivalent) mask with no additional hardware needed. Almost all serious recreational gas users use a NATO mask of one sort or another which have the standard 40mm connector for filter canisters so it was a lot easier to standardize the gas distribution system connectors so they can be used with any NATO mask. In the clubs here that provide recreational gasses you can rent masks, but I think it's always better to have your own. In some local clubs for Nitrous Oxide you can rent an anesthesia mask, or bring your own, but clubbers who are seriously into gas will usually use a full face mask so that they can use it for filtering in hazardous atmospheres as well as getting buzzed with various anesthetics. And the really serious gassers will have their own ballistic polymer SGE 400 or a clone so they can take an elbow or kick in the face and not break the seal, a feature that could be a life saver if you are caught in a brawl in a hostile environment. I teach my students that they should consider their gas mask like dive gear. Since your life depends on it working properly you should know that it is quality equipment and you should be familiar with how to use it and not rely on some off brand mask used for rental-rubber.


  1. How does sex breathing NO2 differ from breathing normal air? Also, anyone ever thought of using helium?

  2. Helium doesn't make you euphoric like N2O and N2O is an anesthetic and dulls the pain of very rough sex. I don't think that is particularly important for guys but it is for women. We get our nipples twisted and cervixes rammed and occasionally we tear while trying for a personal best in taking a very large man. Even the gentlest men can be brutal when they are wound tight before they spew in us.

  3. Well, I was wondering because I once inhaled some helium while inflating baloons at church for Easter. I was thinking even if helium doesn't make you euphoric, it might make you sound like mice screwing. Of course, some people might be into that sort of thing. A funny thing, these fetishes are.


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