Friday, September 11, 2009

Pleasure boots and Robin

A good quality ankle boot

Pleasure boots: I love this name because I think it sends a great message to all women boot wearers whether they intend to wear this new style of boot primarily for recreational sex or while baby dancing. It’s the in-house name Gepetto’s design team has given a newly designed pointe boot that is far more comfortable to wear and is targeted toward up-market women wanting to have comfortable pointe-sex, an under-served and growing market. As I’ve been telling readers of my blogs for years standard pointe shoes are not an option for the majority of women either because they lack basic pointe training or for women used to wearing pointes because they lack the stamina and concentration needed to remain en pointe, even in well fitting and very supportive Gaynor Minden shoes, during a sexual encounter en pointe. The obvious option then for women wanting pointe-sex is to put them in a comfortable ballet boot. I understand using comfortable and ballet boot in the same sentence seems like an oxymoron. Even for a trained dancer ballet boots - while more comfortable than balancing on the platforms of pointe shoes for long intervals - are not especially fun to wear except for those of us who are masochists. But that’s the charge Gepetto gave his design team and I think they have, for the most part, succeeded.

Externally, Pleasure boots look just like Gepetto’s standard ballet boot and come with the same options like colors, lacing, zippers and shaft locks. However, on the inside they are quite different. They still use a unitized titanium toe-box and shank and the heel has the universal socket that will take the full range of ballet/pointe heels, except for fighting blades. However a new heel was designed especially for the Pleasure Boot and is provided as standard. The new design is the normal seven inch titanium spike but is slightly convex – with the tip a half inch closer to the platform - so that when the wearer is striding the heel flexes cushioning the impact. The concave heel also flexes to cushion the landing if a woman is dropped on her heels. The change to the toe box and shank casting is that the box and heel cup are made wider to take a more heavily padded replaceable insert that is customized to meet the need of individual users. The titanium shank beneath the arch is made thinner so it will flex when a woman is dropped on the platforms of her boots, to allow her heels to absorb some of her weight rather than taking it all on her toes. The Pleasure boot is the only one of Gepettos styles in which the shanks flex, which is why the boots are not suitable for use with bladed heels. It is still advisable for the wearer to tape her toes and wear nylon footies for ease of slipping the toes into the toe box.

Anya, Taryn and I have been wearing prototypes of Pleasure boots around the casino and school and to parties and clubs in recent weeks and have found the flexible shanks and additional padding make the new boot design much more comfortable for pointe sex and to wear for hours at a time.

Robin’s God-head: OMG! He is magnificent, sliding his rock hard shaft between my engorged and slippery labia! He’s even better than I remembered from before he went to school in Thailand. I’m in love with his package, or perhaps more correctly what he can do to me with it! Our Sunday (9/6/09) encounter ended up with me on supplemental oxygen (I had it by the bed, just in case, and it was a good thing it was there) during our all nighter and we didn’t even get around to having dive-sex! I took prophylactic doxycycline for a few days afterward to prevent honeymoon cystitis. It’s not like me but I lost count after he got off in me for the seventh time which was about mid-way, I think. He is unbelievably talented and after we took the edge off his desire he just held me gasping and moaning in orgasm for what seemed like hours at a time where my toes were curled so tight I couldn’t open them for a few minutes afterward. After the first one of those was when I realized I should be using the oxygen. I took another 800mg of Ibuprofen about mid way when we stopped to pee and change the sheets which by then were soggy with our body fluids.

We showered together Monday morning before class. He takes ballet and has danced for me professionally occasionally when he was home from school and of course ballet is one of the great ways of keeping the total body in marvelous shape. He hasn’t decided what he will do as a cover job, his real one, after his familiarization course, being a professional swordsman of mind blowing skill. I’m intent on having him in my bed when he isn’t working and I think it was an omen that Caesar even seemed to like him and nuzzled his crotch. In the past my tiger only nuzzled my best girl friends, Taryn, Cyndi, Anya and Kelly so to have him not want to attack this man (He usually hates men) but nuzzle him is unprecedented and I hope an omen that Robin and I will have a long and very intimate friendship. My pussy posse is so envious!

One problem that I see with someone as handsome and talented in intimate skills as he is, is that women will become addicted to him, irrational and stalk him if they can. I think I’m already at the top of that list from the standpoint of addiction as I can’t seem to get enough of him even when I could hardly walk, before the caffeine and the ibuprofen kicked in. Peter has that stalker problem to some extent even though women know he is super potent and has fathered children with women who were using the most effective contraceptive methods and still his tiny swimmers got to their eggs. I don’t think Robin has the trail of pregnant partners, at least not yet. He will also have a professional name and probably be masked to hide his identity while working so he will be harder, but for a determined woman not impossible, to identify.

Why Latex and ballet boots: I was asked during a chat with a close friend the other day why I love sex in latex and ballet boots because he thought they were worn by submissives and he didn’t think I was at all submissive. I don’t feel at all submissive wearing latex encasement suits or ballet-boots! Actually I feel empowered because both display my body to advantage while making me look even more desirable to possible partners. I love too that the sounds and scents of an energetic sexual encounter are so distinctive and added to that cacophony is the squeak and creak of the rubber and leather flexing over and around my body. When I have rubber sex I wear BDSM Calf locks on my ballet-boots so my partner(s) won’t try to pull them off. The guys seem to want my boots because most of them love to sniff my shoes while they are screwing me and a lot of them will take a boot as a souvenir of our encounter if they can. At $1500 a pair you had better believe I’m not giving away boots! Another advantage of wearing ballet-boots during sex is that they make great defensive weapons for a girl so a lot of my friends prefer wearing boots when with a new partner the first few times in case things turn ugly.

I love it when a man is aroused by the same things that turn me on! So when he likes rubber and ballet boots and I’m wearing them I feel powerful, especially when I’m wearing pointe fighting boots with bladed heels! I can open the crotch zipper of a latex suit and kneel astride my partner impaled on his shaft while facing away from him with my boots along side him. That way he can sniff the scent of hot feet, damp leather, tape, liniment and estrogenic sweat through the vent holes in the arches and weep holes behind the platforms as I move my hips up and down and back and forth pole dancing on his penis!

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