Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pointe shoe quiz

Pointe shoe quiz

I wish this image was a bit sharper but it should suffice. I have two questions today.
1) What is special about the ribbons of the pointes worn by the dancer whose feet are pointing to the right? And, for extra credit,
2) Tell me what the horizontal stitching is for ahead of the waist seam on the dancers left foot.


  1. the upper shoe ribbons is tied useing the elastic achilles extendors

    As for the modifaction on the lower right on is on the instep is done to Well... one to not let the shoe wrinkle or also gives the foot better freedom to work

  2. Yes! Good for you Paul! My answers are...

    1. The ribbons have short lengths of elastic inserted to allow the ribbons to expand and contract holding the shoe securely on the foot while minimizing the possibility of tight ribbons causing tendonitis.

    2. The horizontal cross stitching gathered the satin on the inside of the shoe to prevent it wrinkling when en pointe, thus providing a more pleasing line of the foot.


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