Saturday, September 12, 2009

The dangers of gas mask sex

Booted, masked and ready to be gassed

Gas mask sex: Now that school has started we are having a rash of accidents involving gas masks mostly at local high schools. That must have been the fad fetish toy this summer because a lot of students have come back to St Lucy’s with inexpensive and easily obtained masks and don’t really understand the dangers of misusing them. None of the accidents involving St Lucy’s girls have been fatal but we have had two already so I’ve added gas mask use as a topic in my Contemporary Sexual Health class. Most of the problems have been because the girls were using long corrugated rubber hoses with their masks and hadn’t checked to see if the exhalation valves would work properly. Some of the older masks the exhalation valves were sticking or had been intentionally tampered with so they wouldn’t open. That meant that with no filter canister used and with a long hose attached to the filter connector the same air is inhaled and exhaled repeatedly so the effect is as though the girl was breathing into a rebreather bag. We have had several collapse from near suffocation during sex because that is when their partners are not paying attention enough to tell if the girls they are fucking are moving or not. The mind of a man in that state is so under control of the nerves in the tip of his penis that, until he shoots his wad into her belly, he could be fucking a corpse and not realize it.

I teach my students that anyone with a new piece of fetish equipment should learn how it is supposed to work and check to see that it is working correctly before using it to play in. With a mask the basics are to check the seals around the face and where the filter attaches to make sure they are gas tight. Also check all the vents to see that they are working properly and if you are using a piece of hose make certain that it is unobstructed and that all vents are working correctly so you can get an exchange of air. If you are using filter canisters make sure they are for the mask you have and that they are in-date and not previously used if they are to be used for protection in a hostile atmosphere.

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