Friday, September 18, 2009

Hunting and hookups

Adderall IR 20 mg tablets

Hunting and hookups: I’m cycle day 22 today. I ovulated on CD14 and now that I’m in the luteal phase of my cycle I have become more masochistic, which is normal for me, but when I’m this way I need very rough sex. Both Taryn and Robin were busy the other night so after work, at 2:00 AM, I went alone to Naughty’s – that’s ‘Naughty Pleasures’ my casino’s X-rated club - looking for a man who could give me what I needed. When Robin and I were there last week I had seen a guy in the medically controlled area of the club – the area where to get in everyone has to have a current medical card showing that you are free of STIs - who had ridden his small Asian partner so hard that afterward she had to be helped out to her car. I noticed him then because I had seen him there before and that time he had taken an experienced escort (who I knew casually) so roughly that when he was finished with her she spent the night in a hospital under observation and had trouble walking for several days afterward.

That was the sort of man I needed the other night when I went into Naughty’s looking for action. And lo and behold he walked in just after I ordered my first glass of orange juice. I never drink alcohol when I’m hunting as it slows my reflexes and a girl needs all her senses heightened not dulled if she is to have a successful hunt and not be vulnerable herself. Which is why, when I go hunting or on cleanup and harvesting missions, I take a 20 mg tablet of Adderall IR (instant release) about three hours before I go out so the drug is fully in my bloodstream at the very start. Adderall increases my energy and focus and shortens my muscle response time unbelievably! It’s an absoutely amazing pill! Of course it’s banned when knife-pointe fighting in sanctioned matches but when a girl is on her own I think anything that gives me an advantage is fair. Fortunately I’ve had no bad side effects from Adderall, my appetite hasn’t been lessened and the next day when the drug is passing out of my system I’m not depressed so I’m reallty pleased with how well it’s working for me!

On offer: So there I was sitting at the Meat Market bar - which got its name from the fact that a lot of carnal transacions occur there - and as he looked over the women he had to choose from I turned on my barstool so he could get a good look. I knew I was the best looking and most talented girl (where talent counted that evening) in the room and I gave him my shy smile when he looked in my direction, which made me his first choice for the evening. I was wearing a front zip, thong back, long sleeve turtleneck mycromesh cotton lycra leo in my signature color, bright yellow. And my toes were packed into matching yellow leather Freed Classic pointe-shoes. My legs were bare and lightly oiled so there was just the faintest shimmer in the subdued light as I crossed them and my thigh-split skirt opened to display my contracted calves and pointed feet.

His stride was confident as he came in my direction and I watched fascinated as he became erect before he got to me. I wondered if that was because he lacked self control, I didn’t think so, or if he was so anxious to sample my depths that he didn’t care about letting me know how he felt. I saw his need as a lever I could use to get him to do what I wanted, but even before he came on to me I thought he would be easy to bend to my will. We talked briefly at the bar to make sure we both wanted the same thing before I led him to an intimate encounter studio I’d booked in anticipation of finding a suitable mate for the evening. He saw my dance bag and asked if I wanted to change into ballet-boots. When I said I prefered to be taken in pointe-shoes en pointe he smiled and said I was the perfect girl for him!

Impressively hung: At 6’5” and 250 lbs he was massive and impressively hung with a drill bit that was 2.5 inches thick and probably 8 or 9 inches long and when I saw his package it became apparent why small girls were injured during sex with him. I was wearing an Oves which while protecting against pregnancy provided no thrust buffering. But that night I really needed to have my cervix pounded and if I was lucky I might even be taken to a cervical orgasm that evening so I was satisfied with my level of protection. I let him remove my skirt and hang it over the barre, then with me en pointe with my legs spread while we were facing each other he deep kissed me and I sucked on his tongue trying to pull it out of his mough as he slipped his hand between my legs, pulled my thong to one side and slid two long thick fingers inside me. I felt his fingers exploring my depths and he found the roughened surface of my G-spot and caressed it briefly so I gasped making me momentarily lose suction on his tongue. By then I could feel my natural lube wetting my thighs where it had run down his fingers and coated his hand. He Pulled his tongur fron my mouth and his fingers from my vagina and I asked if he wanted to gag me and he nodded yes. So I took a ball-gag from my dancebag and peeled off it’s sterile wrap pulling the harness over my head and setting the ball between my teeth before tightening the harness. When my gag was in place and while I was still en pointe he quickly turned me to face the barre, bent me over so I was gripping the barre. Then placing his tip between my labia he pushed and his massive root entered me from behind.

I was ready for him, fully aroused, labia engorged, purple, parted and drippy wet with my own natural lube. I could feel the tingle in my pelvis that I get when my uterus and cervix are pulled up out of the way of a thrusting penis as my body is preparing to be penetrated.. I felt him put his tip between my labia and then he entered me for the first time. It wasn’t a gentle tentative push but a single, powerful, lightening fast stroke that buried him as deeply inside me as he could get as his pelvis hit mine with a thud.. Even as prepared as I was to take him it was breathtaking to be filled that full that quickly and I gasped in surprise and delight! But, try as he might in that position he couldn’t reach my cervix with his tip and had to be satisfied with giving me a wonderful moaning, gasping quivering, drooling G-spot orgasm before shooting his wad and filling me with his seed.

Cervical orgasm: Afterward as we caught our breath I kegeled most of his semen out and we both peed and had a sports drink while he recycled. When he was ready he picked me up with his hands cupped under my buns and lowered me on to his erection as I guided him inside me. He had my back up against the mrrored wall of the tiny soundproof encounter studio and as soon as he was fully inside me I wrapped my legs around his waist locking him inside. I knew this time it would be a very different experience because being vertical my cervix wasn’t as high and therefore I could feel the tip of his shaft already pressing against the tip of my cervix even before we started, which guaranteed a memorable and prehaps even dangerous encounter, something we both were looking for. I had reinserted my ball-gag, more for something to bite down on to prevent biting my tongue during both the agony and ecstasy than for noise suppression as my partner liked to hear his women scream from what he was doing to them. He had amazing stamina holding me against the mirrored wall and battering my pelvis and cervix unmercifilly. It was marvelous! My Gyn says that from her extensive experience cervical orgasms are rare and are an acquired taste because there is a certain amount of pain involved, a threshod of sorts, before a girl reaches ecstasy after which she experieces unimanagable bliss. Most women either aren’t interested or can’t get past the pain threshold to experience a cervical orgasm. Fortunately, I am and I can! Knowing what is coming after I pass the threshold I rather enjoy the pain as well as my clensing tears and screams.

It took him about 5 minutes to get me past the pain of having my cervic rammed and then he held me in ecstasy for what seemed like a long time and I could feel myself blacking out from lack of oxygen as I gasped for air. My vaginal muscled were spasming in extreme contractions around his shaft and I wished I’d thought to order supplemental oxygen. I think I had gotten him off inside me about three times by ripple gripping him as he battered me cgainst the wall so he was getting sore and I could see him start to wince each time he thrust into me and then his legs gave way and we collapsed in a heap on the floor. I had felt him beginning to go so I had opened my legs and held on to his shoulders and rode him down. I ended up sitting astride him still impailed on his shaft while blood was pouring out of my vagina. He was moaning and quivering and at first I didn’t know which of us was bleeding. I pulled myself off him and found that he had torn badly and so called our on-duty EMS unit to pack him in ice and take him to the ER.

I found that while I was stiff and sore I could still walk well so I took 800 my of Ibuprofen cleaned myself up and drove home satisfied that I’d had a very pleasant evening of encounters. I wasn’t even that sore in the morning and on Ipuprofen had no problem taking pointe class with all the attendent stretching that could be affected by tight abdominals. It really pays to stay in top shape when you are into seriously rough sex! My Leather pointes and leotard were badly stained with blood. The yellow leather Freeds I dyed black and they are suitable for continued use. The leo was beyond saving so went into the burn bag with my old tattered pointes that are periodically burned.

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  1. Wow, Jill! I don't know how I would have fared in that guy's situation. I probably would've lost it after the second encounter. But then again, this guy must love trying to split small girls up. Good thing for you that you're so experienced in that sort of endeavor that you were able to prevent yourself being injured.


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