Monday, September 14, 2009

pointe shoe quiz

Pointe shoe Quiz

Pointe shoe quiz: Who is the maker of these shoes? Anyone can participate in this quiz. And, Paul, for extra credit since you will get the maker fairly easily, what is the name of this shoe style or model which has now been discontinued.


  1. From what I can see, the brand is Pierra. It's some kind of script that I can barely make out.

  2. Pietra is an international trademark for the designer, but not the name of the maker (like Freed or Bloch) nor is it style of the shoe. Knowing Pietra you should be able to come up with the maker.

  3. Hello Jill , The shoe is a Pietra Most similar to the Pulsion Model number 720 It is a brand Name made by Merlet USA Inc. Naples Fla. Annual sales of 5000,000. Which supply the Boston Ballet You can still get a Pietra Merlet Pointe shoe at Eventhough Merlet is now pushing its own brand of pointe shoe at >> I am very tired Jill 4 hours sleep at the test followed by 16 hours at the polls .. I hope I answered your question ... I am shot good night my friend Caio

  4. Hi Paul, Yes, the shoe is from the French maker Merlet. The style is the Lington, (which is stamped on the sole but not shown in the image) a professional shoe, which was replaced by Merlet's new professional shoe model the Empreinte. [The style was almost impossible to guess from the pic] I hope you can get some rest and feel better tomorrow.


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