Saturday, September 26, 2009

Strangled with a tampon

A new student in ankle cuffs during ballet-boot training

Training heels: In the above image, while her ankle boots have no shaft locks the ankle cuffs keep the trainee from running during her first few days of training if she is not fully committed to the intensive ballet boots course. The stainless steel of the bracelets with the buffed black leather of her boots and black Lycra tights suggests a post-modern Domme look which many of our best Escorts adopt while with male clients. The bracelets suggest she is submissive but the key is kept in her cleavage and she can free herself and cuff her partner in less than three seconds.

My Menstrual extraction: I’m cycle day two (CD2) today after starting my period on Friday. Returning readers will remember that I routinely have an ME on CD1 every cycle to reduce the number of days I bleed from 6 to two. That way I can wear my tiny Oves cervical cap screwed on to my cervix for 26 of the 28 days in my cycle. If I wear my Oves when I’m bleeding the dome of Oves is so tiny that it will quickly fill with blood and dislodge. That probably wouldn’t be a problem from the standpoint of contraception because my cycles are a stable 28 days so I shouldn’t be fertile during my period, but a dislodged barrier provides no over-pressure protection for my upper reproductive tract during dive-sex or gas play as when I’m being bubble-fucked and lack of protection then can easily kill a girl by allowing a gas bubble to be forced into the uterus where it can get into the bloodstream and cause an embolism. So, yesterday and today I’m wearing my silicone Milex Omniflex diaphragm. The biggest limitation for me while wearing my Milex is that it protects me only on dives down to 10 meters. Below that the rim of a diaphragm begins to distort due to the increased pressure which may cause it to leak. The 10 meter limitation wouldn’t be a limitation for anyone else around here that has dive-sex in pools because I’m the only one who has a pool deeper than 10 meters. Anyway, I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I screw an Oves back on my cervix and then I’ll be protected at any depth.

Sexual entrapment: There is an old scam that’s new again here. It appeared again as the economy tanked last year as a way for girls to earn a bit of extra money by convincing a rich John that she wants to feel him inside her without the decrease in sensitivity that accompanies even the best condoms. She tells him she is well protected because she is not only on the pill but is also wearing a diaphragm so he has nothing to worry about and God knows when a pretty girl wants her partner to go w/o a condom so she can feel him get off inside her he believes her because even the most skeptical man is blinded by a predisposition to believe he is irresistible! Of course all this is occurring while she is fertile during the few days prior to her releasing an egg.

The thing is that while she really is wearing a diaphragm – she lets him watch her insert it - it is at least 2 sizes (10mm) too small and in this scam she has him take her from behind so that once her lover is inside her she can adjust her hips and cause him to thrust under the diaphragm rim. If he notices, and hardly any man does when that happens, the change is an increase in sensitivity as he is now skin-on-skin caressing her G-spot rather than the soft thin stretchy dome of her diaphragm and no man complains about that! Once under the rim and inside the dome he may or may not give her an orgasm. What she is interested at that point is that he not fall out and have to reinsert where he may or may not slip beneath the dome again. So she works her muscles to get him to shoot his wad under the dome and then has him quickly withdraw. Then while still bent over she inserts a finger and reseals her diaphragm against the front wall of her birth canal trapping his ejaculate inside. The dome is now is filled with her lover’s semen along with her stretchy fertile cervical fluid which provides a path for the sperm to swim through her cervix and into her fallopian tubes to await the release of her egg. If all goes as planned two or three weeks later she will miss her period and will wait another week or so before testing to confirm that she is preggers with her target’s baby. Then she can start putting pressure on her lover to pay for an abortion or blackmail him threatening to tell his wife and children if he doesn’t come across with monthly payments.

That sort of pressure often works, but occasionally it backfires and we find a pregnant woman strangled with a tampon. That’s a fave way of offing a dick-chick as tampons can be purchased anywhere or her assailant can use one of the victims own, and once it’s shoved down her throat and begins to absorb fluids it swells so it is very difficult to remove. Sometimes the girl still has her fellatio guard inserted and strapped in place so her attacker didn’t even have to force her jaws open, just tilt her head back and slide the tampon down her throat which can trigger her gag reflex so she may drown in her own vomit. The woman’s hands are zip-tied behind her back or occasionally we find one with her hands free but laced into boxing gloves so she can’t pull the tampon out of her throat. And, not to miss an opportunity her attacker almost always fucks her corpse or at gets off in her while she is strangling. The psychologists I’ve talked to about that say that is the ultimate high for a control freak, planting his seed in a belly of a woman who will soon be dead. How that’s arousing to a man I don’t understand. but apparently there are some of that type alive and well and living in a community near you!

Vaginal sealant: While I was having my ME yesterday I was catching up on Gynecological gossip and female reproductive tract related crimes with my Gyn while she was sucking out my endometrium. I had already heard that we are beginning to find independent party-girls – there have been three that we know of so far - with their vaginas plugged with pink silicone rubber potting compound, the type that is used primarily in military applications. My Gyn was able to fill in some details. What appears to be happening is that a latex condom is rolled over the tip of a potting gun nozzle loaded with the sealant in semi-liquid form. Then the nozzle is inserted all the way up the woman’s birth canal and the trigger pulled releasing the sealant and filling the condom. My Gyn was told by the authorities who were consulting with her about the crimes that the victims were held briefly with their hips in the air to prevent the liquid rubber from running out until it starts to solidify which takes not more than a minute or two. When the potting compound begins to cure heat from the hardening silicone plug melts the latex condom and the plug sears and adheres to the delicate tissues of her vaginal walls. All the girls that have been found plugged with potting compound were wearing ball gags and leather BDSM helmets with the eyes zipped shut so none have any idea who their attackers were. The last thing they recall is drinking from their own water bottles.

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