Sunday, September 6, 2009

My C2 Taser and Veronica

A Taser C2 in electric blue

My C2 Taser: I had avoided getting a Taser until now even though it would have been a very nice thing to have on several recent ‘housekeeping’ and harvesting projects. However, Last week on a job Taryn and I were confronted by a woman with a small caliber gun and our Tac-suits wouldn’t have been any protection if she had pulled the trigger. Fortunately Taryn was able to distract her long enough for me to kick the gun out of her hand and after that she was no longer a problem.

Pirate, Jeff (my sweetie with the labs out on 15 East) and Chris, Anya’s stud-muffin and my sometime stallion, have all been after me to get a Taser for protection when I’m on a job. I didn’t want to get a big one like the X26 because it’s too bulky to carry, I’d look like Angelina Jolie (with smaller boobs) playing Laura Croft with all that hardware hanging off my hips, and I thought the C2 wasn’t powerful enough. However, in addition to the recent scare advances in miniaturization have made it possible to pack the same punch with a C2 that you can get with an X26 at distances up to 35 feet and Gepetto has developed the Mk II Tac-suit that is impervious to a Taser’s barbed needles - with no increase thickness or decrease in flexibility - by using an improved Kevlar like fabric that Jeff’s labs have developed. That’s a huge technical advance in protective clothing with the inner layer of self sealing silicone rubber being protected from puncture because we often operate in hostile atmospheres and if our Tac-suits were punctured we could be gassed and killed.

Jeff is also responsible for the aftermarket Taser cartridges that give a C2 its increased wallop. And with Jeff’s cartridges there are no troublesome AFID tags to let people know who I am. AFID stands for Anti-Felon IDentification tags. Each regulation TASER cartridge contains 20-30 small, confetti-like tags that have the serial number of the TASER cartridge imprinted on them. The idea is that if a TASER device is misused, the police will find these tags and can use them to identify the registered owner of the TASER device which is generally a plus, but if I need to use my C2 I certainly don’t want it to be known I was at the scene of a fatal encounter of some sort.

So I got two C2 units, one in black the other in titanium (silver) both with the laser spotting option. A C2 fits beautifully in the gear pocket on the left thigh of my Mk II Tac-suit or in the small Hermès shoulder bags I carry for business or formal occasions. The Taser will puncture most inch thick clothing so it will penetrate leather and heavy rubber fetishwear as well as drysuit and wetsuit diving gear, everything but the plates of pointe-fighting armor. There are probably some soft spots in that too but I haven’t had the time to study that likelihood just yet.

The grieving process: On the 25th of August (twelve days ago) Veronica a St Lucy’s student, lesbian and one of Cyndi’s friends found out she was preggers and disappeared. Friday morning she was found in a cheap motel in septic shock from an incomplete abortion and died in the ER of the private hospital she was taken to. Her death was the result of her not following up with her Gyn after taking Mifeprex (we don’t know where she got the pills) to terminate the pregnancy. All the fetal material was not discharged and the remaining tissue caused an infection that overwhelmed her immune system. When she was found she had a temperature of 106° and was hardly breathing. She had turned off her cell so no one had been able to find her although the school had notified the authorities. Her parents are supposed to be sailing somewhere in the Pacific and no one has been able to contact them.

St Lucy’s will have a memorial service with her class and friends in attendance then her body will be stored until her parents can be contacted for instructions. Her straight friends were happy that Veronica had seemingly found a boyfriend even though her encounter with him eventually killed her. When several commented about that with Cyndi she just nodded in agreement. Everyone is asking who he is and no one seems to know. The rumor is that she was keeping him a secret but it’s thought he might be a UNLV student since she spent a lot of time over there, which she did, but with lesbian friends.


  1. AHhh Damn ... I hate being right . Such rash action instead of going to a clinic . Where they could have taken proper care of her problem .

  2. I had a feeling Veronica would do that! She's the classic nut case when it comes to not being pregnant. Of course, she's not a conservative wingnut anti-abortionist or one of those "save yourself for marriage" types.

    Anyway, it's nice to see that you're packing some personal protection. I'd hope you can also carry that overclocked C2 in your purse when you're out in the streets in "normal" clothing or at fetish clubs.

  3. I love it when you feel protective toward me Eric! Yes, the C2 fits easily into the small Hermès bags I carry everywhere when I’m in street clothes or fetishwear.


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