Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ballet-boots at St Lucy’s

Confidence in pointe-shoes

Ballet-boots at St Lucy’s: A reader wanted to know how we prevent St Lucy’s students from wearing ballet-boots. The answer is that we don’t, at least not overtly. Our girls are learning life skills that they will use in the highest social circles in all the countries of the industrialized world so we concentrate on those skills that will bring them to the attention of men in that social strata. A girl will have far more opportunity to beguile a man in pointe shoes than in ballet-boots and any woman confident in striding around en pointe while keeping a man in thrall to her can easily learn to stride confidently in ballet heels. St Lucy’s girls are not forbidden to wear ballet heels because that would just drive some to wear them just to defy authority. Every girl in ballet is fitted for a pair of ballet boots and taught to wear them, but it becomes quickly apparent to the students that it takes far more skill and training to be artistically and sexually proficient en pointe and our girls are nothing if not competitive so we use their natural competitiveness to keep them focused where we feel the emphasis should be, in being proficient and competitive in traditional pointes.

Our psychologists say that ballet heels appeal primarily to women who want to be submissive to a dominant male. I’m not sure I agree entirely with that analysis because I wear ballet-boots when I feel like dominating a partner of either sex, but I think it is generally true which is why so many ballet heels have shaft locks and D-rings for attaching shackles.

Boys in Ballet-boots: I just taught a class for a Gay fetish group at a local university about how to wear and walk confidently in ballet-boots. It’s a non-credit class taught off campus – in one of Gepetto’s studios – where we can concentrate on the basics w/o being interrupted by students curious to see men wearing ballet-boots. Actually, all the boys are lovely young slim hardbodys mostly in their late teens or early 20s with one or two grad students in their mid 20s. And they all have ‘patrons’ who are buying their boots for them because they are wearing one of Gepetto’s newest designs the Pleasure boot with a conventional 7 inch heel. [For more about Gepetto’s new Pleasure boot design see my entry for September 11, 2009] Since technically the Pleasure boot is still in its preproduction trials the boot was offered to the group at a discount of 50% in order that the engineers could see how well men adapted to the design. The course was triggered not only by Gepetto’s requirement that anyone wearing his boots has to undergo at least basic course in how to wear them correctly, but the fact that at $1500 a pair (that’s the discounted price) the boys patrons wanted to ensure that their lovers could do more than just pose prettily in them.

There are only two men in the 11 man class who are dancers who have the strength in their legs and feet to wear pointe-shoes and they aren’t interested in putting that much energy into sex, where they are penetrated, while on their toes as the muscles in the anus and rectum and the associated sphincters don’t contract en pointe like the muscles of the vagina do so there is no change in the strength of anal grip. I’ve also been told that while en pointe there is also no increased sensitivity of the prostate to being caressed through the anal wall. So the boys and their patrons are looking for the most comfortable way to be en pointe while their male lovers penetrate them from behind. What I’m teaching in addition to the proper way to trim their toenails and tape and pad their toes before forcing their toes into the blocks of their boots is proper datary habits so they get the proper minerals to lessen the possibility of leg cramps while in their boots. Another thing that’s important is proper Achilles tendon stretching exercises so they don’t have problems with shortened Achilles tendons from long intervals of boot wearing. And of course the proper use of heel guards including heel guard etiquette.

Gepetto’s designers have had no trouble adjusting the flexibility of the shanks to accommodate 140 to 180 pound men with the necessary flexibility of the titanium shanks and convex heels of the boots, the signature features of the Pleasure boot which make it so much more comfortable to wear than an ordinary pair of ballet heels. The style is the 7 inch boot shaft with laces only. No shaft locks and in soft black garment leather. The guys have been really good about learning to care for their boots and have quickly become expert in striding confidently in them. I took them out to a large mall the other night and we walked around in our boots on the various surfaces: concrete, tile, marble, terrazzo, wood and carpeting with and without our heel guards and they all did very well. I think their patrons will be proud when taking their arm-candy out socially as the guys show well while displaying their skills in ballet-heels. The guys were so appreciative of me taking time to show them tricks and tips girls use to make wearing and having sex in ballet-boots fun.

“FDA panel backs Gardasil for use by men

WASHINGTON (AP) – September 9, 2009. Federal health advisers say Merck's vaccine Gardasil, which already is used to prevent cervical cancer in women, should also be approved to stop genital warts in men.

A Food and Drug Administration panel voted unanimously with one abstention that the vaccine is effective for blocking the human papilloma virus, or HPV, in males ages 9 to 26. The panel voted 7-1 that the vaccine is safe for those patients.

The FDA is not required to follow the group's guidance, though it usually does.

HPV causes warts and certain rare cancers of the genitals in both men and women”

Personal comment: It also protects against anal and throat cancers (so far an off label use) so this is good news for those who commonly participate in oral and anal sex. All the boys in my boot school are getting their Gardasil shots and several have already completed the three injection series.


  1. About boys in ballet boots: You mentioned the men in that class were gays whose "patrons" want to be sure they can perform in them satisfactorally. What about guys who are hetero? Are there straight guys out there who want to be in pointes or ballet boots for their girlfriends/wives?

  2. I’m sure there are Hetro guys who want to wear ballet-boots. One or two of my Hetro male dancers are very accomplished in B-boots and wear them for laughs. Not that there aren’t any straight macho guys, but I think they are very few of them. In the fetish clubs I’ve only seen one Hetro male who was any good in ballet-heels. Most guys I’ve met who crave ballet heels whether gay or straight are submissives who want to be dominated, humiliated and punished by a Domme or Master, or are off somewhere in their own fantasy world playing dress-up by themselves.


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