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Tactical suits and Ballet-boots

ballet-boots of the quality commonly made up in mid-range fetish boot shops here.

Tactical suits and ballet-boots: In tactical situations the less hair the better. I have a total body wax, except for scalp hair, every three weeks so I have very little pubic hair before waxing any more. If at all possible I’ll wear a tactical suit when I’m involved with cleanup projects where I do a lot of my harvesting of equipment. That way I don’t leave any of my DNA around to contaminate the scene. In addition to a T-suit that looks a lot like a rubber catsuit I’ll wear an old pair of ballet-boots that I’ve harvested during an earlier cleanup (similar to the ones in the image above) so that any tracks I leave will confuse whoever comes behind me.

I’ve been trying out a new tactical suit for use during cleanup and harvesting operations. The suit was custom made for me in Gepetto’s silicone shop and is a laminate with stretchy silicone rubber on both outer layers with a layer of Kevlar mesh sandwiched in between. The suit is still very stretchy and conforms to my shape like a second skin but it won’t balloon like a latex suit if air gets inside and the Kevlar prevents punctures and tears from sharp objects. It provides no buoyancy or thermal protection while diving but it wasn’t designed for diving. It also wouldn’t be much protection in a knife or gunfight but getting the gloves torn on sharp metal and while handling edged weapons or needle punctures is dramatically reduced and the suits silicone seals at the ankles/booties, wrists/gloves, neck/hood and helmet/gasmask, make it gas proof and waterproof so it can be used in some very hostile environments. I tried using latex as the material for a tactical suit but even heavy latex tore or punctured easily and it was susceptible to rapid deterioration when it came in contact with oil based products. So silicone while not quite as stretchy is far more resilient and far better for protection in hazardous environments where cleanup and harvesting often occur.

I had Taryn fitted for the new silicone T-suit as well since she has started accompanying me on what she calls my ‘scavenger hunts’ as part of her reality training in how the twilight world of male devices and desires really works. I want her familiar with the stench of rotting flesh as she approaches the time she will take the reins of one of the world’s largest adult media companies. That way, she should never forget the dangers the (mostly) women depicted in her products face from men, often alone. Both of us like the new silicone suits. We wear them with Penetrator plugs and breast petals and change into ballet-boots at the scene to confuse people who may come across the site after we have finished. To minimize the scent of rotting flesh and emptied bowels we put Vicks in our nostrils and suck on fresh lemon slices while wearing our masks but some of the stench still gets through so it’s a treat when I’m called soon after the accident or encounter occurred and the bodies are still fresh.

During cleanup projects even when there is nothing that fits me I'll take something as a memento of the job. Often it will be the woman's birth control device, if she was wearing one or her partial pack of BCPs... I've even harvested a dead girls breast implants, but implants are too cumbersome to store so I don’t do that often. I love finding a dead woman my size in a rubber or leather suit I want and since small women are preferred in the trade there are quite a few my size. In the last eighteen months many more women seem to be dieing in latex than leather. I wonder why that is? Wearing a dead woman's equipment in which she enticed men is a huge turn-on for me as I’m confident I can wear it better than the original owner. When I’m wearing a suit I peeled off a corpse I think about the fact that she is dead and I’m having mind blowing sex in the rubber (or leather) that she died in. It makes me so much more appreciative to be alive and of being fucked by a lusty man!

Pelvic skills training: A few girls from each class at St Lucy’s are chosen by the faculty to be invited to take confidence training as they reach menarche, which for dancers at St Lucy’s is about 13 or 14 years of age. Alumnae can also request a daughter be considered for this training and the number per year is limited to seven or eight. The training teaches the students to feel comfortable with the changes in their bodies and to make the most of their charms as they begin to blossom into beautiful young women. Beginning that early is a gamble because the girls selected are still developing their adult bodies so there is a real possibility that they will grow too tall or develop other physical characteristics that make them unsuitable for future, more advanced, training and of course that is what the program is all about, a form of leadership succession planning for alumnae. In addition to standard tests the administration looks at the parents of the candidates to try and determine how physically and mentally talented the daughters are and to get some idea of how morally malleable the parents and therefore their children might be. Over a four year period the school feels fortunate if three of the original seven or so have successfully completed the physically and mentally challenging course of study and are ready to move to the next stage of training. The beginning girls selected are kitted out with a basic ‘studio set’: suction cup dildos, Ben Wa balls, ball gag and barre gloves in addition to the condoms and pointe shoes they are already familiar with and, in rare instances vaginal dilators.

Since it's the first of the school year I've been selecting girls from the pool of talent developed during confidence training (described above) for advanced fetish training 16 – 17 y/o 5’0” to 5’5” with not more than B-cup breasts (larger ones get in the way) and at least 4 years of pointe training are minimum requirements. These girls are fitted with their first latex encasement suits, gas masks, rebreather bags and a full line of dildos ans cervical protection for dive-sex. There is a lot of interest in completing this course as the learned skills can provide good walking around money for girls whose families have them on tight allowances. It’s amazing how girls will find sources of income to meet their needs regardless of how penurious their parents are.

Teens and breast implants: At St Lucy’s we try to discourage teens from getting breast implants. The FDA approved implants for women 18 y/o or older but there is no enforcement to prevent younger girls get implants. At St Lucy’s we like a girl to work to develop the body she was given and not depend on augmentation. . That’s because in their teens a woman’s body is still changing and if she is a late bloomer her breasts may naturally develop. Also BAs will eventually need to be replaced and can fail causing breast trauma so they are a source of long term maintenance and possible discomfort or disfigurement. Additionally, studies have shown who women having breast augmentation have a higher rate of suicides, possibly because of low self esteem which frequently leads to having BA in the first place. We try to work with the girls through exercise and dance training to have positive images of the bodies they have and that training will often produces a healthy body image. I don’t think there are any girls in the new group selected for fetish training who have even considered BA which is a good thing.


  1. You say the PST class limit for height is 5'5". Is that due to the fact they're usually in pointes, which would add about six to nine inches on average? I remember you said that for me, a girl in pointes would need to be 4'11" or 5' tall, due to my not so long legs. I'm a bit bigger in the torso.

  2. It’s almost certain that teens will grow taller, we just don’t know how much or if the growth will be in her legs or trunk. If a slightly taller or shorter girl is exceptionally talented then we might make an exception and take her into the program. Typically 5 or 6 inches is all a girl will gain in height when en pointe in conventional pointes. In ballet-boots that have built-up platforms it could be considerably more. Unless in the pool or bed we like our girls to present themselves in pointes, soft shaft B-boots (so the contracted calf muscles show properly) or heels since their calves display much better when their feet are pointed. We have found that men like women who are shorter or equal in height to themselves even when we are in costume. I think it gives the guy a feeling of confidence if not domination that we are smaller and appear delicate even if they have dated us before and know we are amazingly strong where it counts. Perhaps I should have said ESPECIALLY if the guy knows how strong his date’s muscles are because then the guy has far more respect for the talent contained in a deceptively small package.


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