Monday, November 23, 2009

Kim’s last client

Aphrodite rising from the sea w/o her KMH-16

Kim’s last client: Well, yesterday evening I fulfilled Kim’s final commercial encounter as an escort. I could have let the agency cancel it, but I know the client and he specifically wanted his escort to wear the Kirby Morgan model 16 (the one Kim died in) during the encounter and none of the other girls trained to wear KM helmets wanted to wear the helmet a friend or anyone else had died in. I was ok with that as I get a thrill from having sex while wearing clothing or equipment another woman has died in, especially if she was having sex at the time of her death. I thought it would be fun to dive the helmet she died in with her last client so I agreed to do him.

So there we were in his rented pool bungalow, one with a surface supply air unit which usually gets requested by guests with a taste for sophisticated breath control fetish encounters. I thought he was more into watching me dress in protective equipment and there was quite a bit of that. At the very start he even wanted to cum in my Milex gas guard before I inserted it. I was CD3 and not likely to get pregnant even if his sperm reached my tubes so I let him masturbate and ejaculate in the silicone dome of my diaphragm before I carefully inserted it so as not to spill his semen and tucking the anterior rim in the notch behind my pubic bone. I didn’t tell him I already had an Oves cap sucking on my cervix. I was ‘double bagged’, which with an Oves and a diaphragm is quite safe, unlike double bagging with condoms which can cause them to burst. So me having my cervix double bagged will be our secret, just between you and me, ok? I rather liked the idea of having his sperm trapped between two layers of silicone deep inside me and letting him relieve himself before I even had the helmet on was a part of my plan to reduce some of his sexual tension so the first time he penetrated me wouldn’t be so rough. I enjoy rough sex but my recollection of our last encounter was that if I hadn’t enjoyed it so much I would have called the way he treated me brutal.

Taking the client to lunch: I hadn’t been lactating the last time we were together so that means it must have been at least three years ago. He wanted to play with my breasts and when he sucked my nipples was amazed when his mouth filled with my milk! He wanted to know when I had given birth. I told him I still had awesome vaginal muscles and about having induced lactation from so much breast manipulation when I was modeling for a Canadian latex fetishwear company several years ago. He wanted to know how I was able to maintain my figure while lactating and I told him about being on L-dopa (an off label use) to control my prolactin level. The only side effect from the dopamine so far is that in addition to controlling my milk production so my breasts don’t grow above a B-cup it increased my libido. OMG! Was that a win-win or what? So the client had a liquid lunch of fresh fat-rich breast milk, directly from the source.

After milking me he helped me put on the neck dam and yoke and adjust them. Then he wanted me to give him head and he loved it when I swallowed his entire load. It was like swallowing a raw oyster; thick, ropey and in a long slippery string. It had a slightly salty musky taste and I had to swallow hard several times to get it all down. Once I’d given him oral he helped my put the helmet over my head engage the latching ring and lock the helmet to the neck dam. From that point I was breathing air from the surface supply unit. I wore only a yellow Gottex string thong bikini and pool pointes with 2 lb lead platforms (the weights were hardly noticeable) to give me a bit of vertical stability. After I uncoiled more umbilical hose than I thought I’d need we slipped into the water together and with no SCUBA set to get in the way my body and breasts presented beautifully in the yellow mesh cotton-lycra suit!

Under-whelmed: He wore a standard single hose Scubapro SCUBA set and BCD and followed me to the bottom of the 20 ft pool. At that point I decided I had more flexibility if I unscrewed the weights from my pool-pointes. I took the weights off and left them along one wall where maintenance could recover them later. Actually, if I get into trouble, as long as my helmet doesn’t flood I can drop two helmet weights and become positively buoyant to be able to float to the surface. That is a feature our Divemaster added to my KMH-16 as an emergency escape route since I wasn’t wearing a buoyancy vest. When he took me it was pretty standard dive-sex. I wasn’t disappointed exactly, but I’m not sure why our encounter wasn’t more intense, even though he’d already had two orgasms; filling my gas guard and when I gave him oral. I’m guessing it was because he was diving with a stomach full of breast milk, which is probably what slowed him down. When I breastfeed Pirate, Peter or Robin before dive-sex it doesn’t seem to inhibit their performance, but they are professionals with amazing stamina. I don’t know if the client was not as vigorous as I remember during our previous encounter or if I’ve had so many more extremely intense encounters with lusty men that he now falls into the ‘average’ category. He was able to finish inside me three times though for the last one I could hear an almost constant stream of his bubbles which meant he was laboring. He was taking me from behind and I was en pointe so I was as tight as I could be and he was still having trouble so I ended up ripple gripping him to get him finished. Afterward when he withdrew I turned and could barely see the relief on his sweat streaked face through the fogged faceplate of his mask. I’m glad I finished him off; I probably should have done it sooner, because he couldn’t have lasted much longer and when he got to the surface he still had difficulty breathing. I had an EMT unit take him to the clinic for evaluation. Given the circumstances I don’t think he can complain about not getting what he paid for.

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  1. Maybe that client got a bad tank or something. I don't think your breastmilk is that toxic. Either a bad tank or he got some sort of heart condition since you last were with him. Like you said, most of the guys you screw around with (I mean that in a good way) are pros.


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