Friday, November 20, 2009

Pointe shoe quiz 11-19-09

How have these shoes been modified and why?

An easy one:

1. What change did the dancer make to this pair of pointes?
2. List three benefits of making this modification.


  1. MMMMmmmmm ok Jill,
    I take the one that is obvious.The dancer removed the satin and, darned the platform-base.
    there are a few reasons why a dance would do this .They are :
    The platform is too slippery
    Too small or too soft
    When the shoe is crooked due to wear and ,tear
    Pointe balance is not ideal
    shoe changes shape
    Can't stay up securely
    There may be more still I can not think of them right now
    How did I do teach?

  2. That's exactly right Paul! She completely darned the platforms. In addition to what you listed other benefits of darning platforms are: To make the pointework quieter and the platforms last longer.


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