Thursday, November 5, 2009

Taking inventory

A vintage Louis Vuitton Trunk similar to the ones Shelly’s husband used.

Shelly’s husbands belongings: Returning readers will remember that in my October 29, 2009 entry ‘Disappearances at sea’ Shelly’s husband’s lawyer told us that her husband and a woman originally thought to be his wife had disappeared from a luxury cruise ship while at sea in the Caribbean. Her husband’s and his most recent bedmate’s belongings arrived this morning. The cruise line sent them FedEx! I would have thought that their things would have been kept by whoever is responsible for investigating their disappearances until it has been decide what happened. Anyway, their stuff is here, dirty laundry and all.

His fetishwear came packed haphazardly in the two vintage Louis Vuitton trunks it was typically packed in when he traveled, along with modern Vuitton suitcases for his regular clothes. His girlfriend’s things were in a large theatrical wardrobe trunk. No wonder they needed a suite, they needed a separate stateroom for luggage storage!

The inventory: Shelly and I inventoried their things to see if we could determine what they were wearing when they disappeared. One thing is certain; his paramour wasn’t all that fastidious about her personal hygiene. It wasn’t her lingerie that was stained with semen, vaginal secretions and some blood as though she might have been spotting, that could have been sent to the shipboard laundry. There were no open packages of tampons or menstrual pads so it must have been recent or something she thought she could contain by wearing a diaphragm while penetrated. There was a package of vaginal yeast cream, a topical estrogen cream, a partial pack of birth control pills (Yaz) with 2 active pills remaining and a new pack of Yaz that was unopened. The thing that caused me to question her personal hygiene was that her butt plug still had Vaseline and feces on it, of her set of three vagina/anal hooks the two smaller ones were crusted with secretions and the largest one was missing. And the beavertail of her white 3 mm neoprene wetsuit jacket was crusty with bloody coitial discharge. Perhaps she was interrupted and didn’t have a chance to clean her equipment after playing with Rubberstud. The largest of her Pyrex dildos was missing as well. Also missing from its bag was a black heavy rubber Polymorphe encasement suit that would provide no buoyancy in the water along with a pair of weighted pool-pointes – silicone pointe shoes with weighted platforms - that keep the diver on the bottom of a pool for dive-sex when there is nothing to tether an ankle leash to. Also missing is her fellatio guard that is used to keep the airway open during very intense sex. So it appears that she was wearing her Polymorphe encasement suit, had the large Pyrex dildo, a large anal hook and a fellatio guard inserted and had her feet tied into weighted pool pointes.

His fetishwear trunks were missing a black heavy rubber Polymorphe encasement suit, a pair of Gepetto’s Pleasure boots (which you will remember that he was expert in wearing) and a very large stainless steel butt-plug, two pairs of steel hand-cuffs and a fellatio guard. Also missing were two 20-foot sections of ¼ inch stainless steel chain and two padlocks. If they went over the side wearing what seems to be missing from their trunks there was no hope that they would have floated for even a minute or two. With the weight of all that metal they would have sunk immediately and with the fellatio guards holding their mouths open neither had a chance to even hold their breaths.

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  1. Ever think that the girlfriend might've conspired to kill Rubberstud and then went over herself in the process?


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