Thursday, November 12, 2009

Twin-hoses, ballet boot accident and butt plugs

Twin-hose class in a training pool

Twin-hose regulators and ‘flying’: When a Mistrial or other twin-hose regulator is installed correctly the inhalation hose is on the diver’s right and the exhalation hose is on the diver’s left so when the diver inhales the right hose flexes a little as the demand valve opens and gas is sucked through the hose. On exhalation, the diver’s breathe exits through the hose on her left, causing that hose to flex slightly as it is ported out through the reg housing on the top of the tank into the water behind the diver in a gurgling rush of bubbles for the surface. Some women think the inhaled and exhaled air in opposite hoses cause the hoses move up and down slightly simulating a alternating up/down pattern of wing movement. I haven’t noticed that much movement though there is some from the movement of the air against the corrugations in the hoses. One thing that is noticeable though is the need to offset the buoyancy of the air in a twin-hose reg set. Weights can be attached to the tank or weight pockets to balance and maintain the diver’s equipment to a buoyancy neutral state. In my case, since I have custom hoses made with titanium mesh to prevent having a hose slashed the weight of the metal offsets the buoyancy of the air filled hoses so no change in weighting is needed if I change to a single hose unit.

Accidentally overboard?: A friend and I were chatting the other day about Shelly’s husband and his mistress who disappeared from a cruise ship at sea. We were theorizing about what might have happened and I think I have come up with a scenario that explains their disappearance based on the little we know. I think they accidentally went over the side while having sex against their balcony rail. Shelly and I came up with what we think they were wearing from what seems to be missing from their fitted wardrobe trunks. The most important items are their footwear. The girl was wearing size 8 weighted pool-pointes and Shelly’s husband was wearing his ballet boots. So, because of their footwear the rails on the ships decks and suite balconies were effectively at least 7” lower for them and both were tall to begin with. With that in mind and knowing – from personal experience – the power of the thrusting technique Rubberstud used when taking a woman from behind I think it is entirely possible that with the intensity of his thrusts when approaching and at orgasm he could have easily lifted her off her feet and unintentionally tipped her over the rail. Two lengths of chain and locks were also missing. If she went over the rail and he tried to grab her, her weight could have pulled him over with her. And, if they were chained together at the time he may have been unable to save himself even if he tried. I think their disappearance was an extreme form of ballet boot accident.

Ballet heels and partner’s height: Since wearing ballet boots increases a woman’s height by 7” (give or take a bit depending on her shoe size) the additional height can complicate taking a partner by rear penetration. In a studio setting if a girl is able to be penetrated by a partner while en pointe while wearing pointe-shoes she should have no problem taking him while in ballet boots, unless the boots have a built-up platform. However, in those cases where a woman on her toes in regular pointes or ballet heels is too tall, or too short for her partner to take her on a flat surface she can adjust their height difference by taking him on stairs. Sex on a staircase will almost always solve the height difference problem.

Suffocated: We are seeing a rash of suffocations, there have been three now, from butt plugs. A butt plug is not something I usually associate with strangulation, but women are having their butt plugs pulled out and stuffed down their throats. Two were 1 ½ inch stainless steel and the other was a 1 ¼ Pyrex plug. I had heard of instances where girls were strangled with their Ben-Wa balls or a used tampon, but not with a butt plugs still covered with their own feces. In all three cases it was made a lot easier because they all had their hands zip-tied behind them and had fellatio guards inserted to hold their jaws open. So their assailant(s) just had to pull their plugs out and slip them into their mouths and push them far enough down their throats until they wedged in place.

The two stainless steel plug deaths were of 19 y/o twins who were part of a new player’s stable of girls. The chicks were in bikinis and still had 5” stilettos on their feet hanging in the freezer of a meat packing plant from meat hooks shoved into their vaginas. The Pyrex plug girl was a UNLV student still living at home. She was found in a bikini at the bottom of her parent’s pool. The authorities are trying to determine if there is a connection between the three girls, other than the method by which they were killed.

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