Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Insertion training and hunting solo

An Insertion instructor in her lab

Insertion training: To teach diaphragm / gas guard insertion to our male escorts we have a lovely raven haired 24 y/o as an insertion instructor. In the image above she is wearing a transparent body-condom, a latex corset, shaft-locked ankle length ballet boots and inflated pressure-gloves. She works with our guys to help them learn how to hold and compress the rim of a gas guard (slippery with spermicide it can be tricky to hold when the rim is compressed) and the correct angle at which to insert it so that the rim goes under and behind his partner’s cervix. She is ideal for the job because she loves being fingered and doesn’t seem to get sore from all the handling during insertion and removal activity as so many of her predecessors in the job did.

Her enthusiasm for the job shows because she is always aroused during insertion sessions with the guys, which is great because she ‘tents’ making it more difficult to insert a diaphragm or cap correctly. That’s because when aroused the wearer’s vagina lengthens as her cervix is pulled back and up out of the way of a thrusting penis, which means a guy has to really know what he’s doing to get the rim behind her cervix. And our trainer always completes the session by letting her partner finish inside her, planting his seed as deep as he can after he inserts her gas guard correctly. That way he experiences for himself that a properly fitted and inserted diaphragm does not decrease his pleasure. That sort of ending to a training session makes her a very popular girl!

Confidence and gas guards: I’m teaching my female escort and St Lucy’s students how to relax while letting their partner’s help insert their gas guards. I think it is a great way to begin a dive-sex encounter with insertion foreplay before entering the water. It really gets couples juices flowing in several senses of the term! All my St Lucy’s girls and our escort trainees have waxed pubes so there is no problem with hair getting caught and pulled which can be a turn-off. And the guy can insert and apply an applicator of dive-gel after her gas guard is correctly positioned so his partner is well lubed and safe for penetration in the depths. Relaxing when someone is caressing your genitals is not an immediate reaction for a woman. Because the caress is so intimate reflex has us clamping our knees together and tightening our pelvic muscles to prevent penetration. Even with a favorite partner it takes time and a bit of foreplay to loosen up before the vulva can be touched w/o flinching and even then all of us gasp a little in anticipation because it’s the beginning of penetrative sex.

Taryn and hunting: I was chatting a great friend, ‘Achilles,’ this afternoon about Taryn. He had warned me about her when she first came under my protection thinking perhaps she was sent to me as something of a Trojan horse with a plan to usurp my position and property. I didn’t believe that for a minute and time has proved me right! She is like a daughter to me and I’m delighted to say that his worry was totally unfounded. She does however have quite unconventional tastes, rather like mine. When Achilles asked about her this afternoon I voiced publicly for the first time that at 18 I think she is old enough to learn to hunt on her own. She has already had a taste of course. After her parents disappeared in their plane, which crashed in the Rockies several years ago, she helped coordinate some bits of the project that eradicated the man responsible for their murder. She inherited her parents business, one of the worlds largest privately owned adult media empires and when she reaches 21 she will control that empire so as opportunities arise I have been exposing her to as many aspects of sexual deviation and moral depravity as I can so she can work in that environment w/o qualm with her imagination properly fertilized when she takes over. Returning readers will remember that Taryn has been accompanying me on cleanup projects around town when there are bodies to dispose of and she handles both male and female corpses with little emotion and has even begun harvesting items of fetishwear and sex toys that interest her, so I think she is comfortable with the risks associated with the work.

Going solo: Given how far she’s come I think she is ready for the first step in becoming a solo hunter. She has the instincts of a huntress which have developed quickly in the last few months so I'm probably going to start taking her out hunting with me. I'll give her, her head and see where it leads and be close by if she needs help. It’s difficult at times even for a woman to tell from another woman's screams and moans when she is in trouble or ecstasy. Lots of blood is usually a good sign of trouble, but encounters usually aren't that bad if a girl is careful. Surprise is key! Men are expecting pleasure from a beautiful woman and if the woman is really good the man doesn't realize what is happening until its too late. And Taryn is really, really good! I love to hunt! For me it's being in control and hunting an animal that is as smart as or smarter than I am is such a thrill! I love having bested a predator twice my size! It's a huge rush having his semen draining out of me and to know I was the last women he would ever penetrate. When we start I'm going to take Taryn out of town the first few times since things are usually messy afterward.

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