Friday, November 6, 2009

Avoidable fetish fatalities

Diving while pregnant

Dive-sex while pregnant: We have had another instance of a young, 24 y/o, woman, die while having dive-sex. She was on the birth control pill Lybrel that you take continuously all 365 days a year. Lybrel is a very low dose combined (estrogen/progestin) pill that has 0.090 mg the progestin levonorgestrel and 20 mcg of the estrogen ethinyl estradiol in each active pill. In a Lybrel dosing regimen there are no inactive pills. She was eight weeks pregnant and since she was taking an active pill each day she had no periods so there was no way she could know from missing a pill period that she was preggers. She had been nauseous for the last few days but attributed it to a stomach virus. She was being penetrated from the rear and vomited and drowned before her boyfriend realized what was happening. She became unresponsive and when he withdrew and rolled her over her mask was filled with vomit. He rushed her to the surface but she couldn’t be revived. He said she had an ear infection a few weeks back and was given doxycycline for ten days to get rid of it. We think the doxy decreased her hormonal protection to the point that she had breakthrough ovulation and the egg was fertilized and implanted. Diving while pregnant should be avoided because the pressure changes can damage the fetus cause birth defects. This sort of an accident can be easily avoided by testing for pregnancy before diving and if you are nauseous – pregnant or not – it’s really a matter of self-preservation not to dive while sick

'Suicide' by suffocation: There are some young women in town who are trying to copy-cat the professional actresses in the BDSM gasmask-rebreather fetish videos, often with tragic consequences. In my Contemporary Sexual Health class at St Lucy’s one of the first things I do is cover this risk. Students learn NOT to try to reenact encounters seen in adult videos until they have been trained in how to do it safely. Otherwise it’s as though they were trying to commit suicide. This week we have had two teen girls die while using gasmasks with rebreather bags connected. Perhaps it’s because rebreather bags are primarily a male fetish here in the U.S. and the dangers of rebreather bags are not well understood by women from just watching their guy’s getting off wearing a rebreather, but it seems there are far more young women dying than men while wearing rebreathers. Gasmask-rebreather bags are also a solitary activity associated with masturbation so when something goes seriously wrong there is often no one around and rarely has the user thought to set up an alarm of some sort to enable her to call for help.

The first was a 17 y/o who was using one of her father’s gasmasks and rebreather sets while her parents were out of town. She was found in the basement of their home in a room converted to a ballet studio with a wall of mirrors and a barre. She was in one of her mom’s latex body condoms, a leather front laced corset and a high quality pair of her mother’s black leather mid-calf ballet boots. She had put on her dad’s mask with rebreather bag connected to the filter connection and the valve on the rebreather bag was closed. She had handcuffed herself to the barre with two lengths of chain on opposite sides of barre brackets and the handcuff key on a lanyard was on the floor at her feet. Even if she had the lanyard around her neck I don’t see how she could have unlocked the handcuffs unless she held the key in her mouth after pulling off her mask, but since she must have dropped it she never had the chance to try. Apparently she couldn’t get the mask of either since there were scrapes and blood on the rubber under the chin of the mask and her throat was scraped and bloody where she had tried to get it off by rubbing it against the barre. Her left leg was broken in a compound fracture where she fell off pointe, probably when she was too weak from lack of oxygen to stand any longer. When she fell she ended up hanging by her wrists beneath the barre where her parents found her, suffocated from the carbon dioxide in her sealed rebreather bag.

The other death was a 19 y/o who wore her father’s Mestel SGE 400 and rebreather bag set into the swimming pool at her home. She was in a bikini and was wearing a weight belt with twenty pounds of lead around her waist. For some reason she couldn’t get out of it or perhaps she was overcome before she knew what was happening and never tried. Gasmasks and especially rebreather bags are not made to withstand the pressure of being submerged in water and the pressure collapsed her rebreather making it impossible to draw a breath so once she was under water she had a very short time before she was in trouble. Her 16 y/o sister found her on the bottom in the 15 foot dive-well of the pool. The mask was partially flooded as though she might have been trying to get out of it when she passed out.

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