Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brotherly love and incest

Enjoying a plug-mounted vibi G-spot Orgasm

Not your mother’s encasement suit: Some time ago my therapist asked if I would work with a patient that she is having a difficult time reaching during counseling. The patient is a 19 y/o UNLV student, Alison, who is living with her father, brother and step-mother. Her mother died when the girl was 12 and her father remarried almost 3 year ago. Her step-mother is a 29 y/o dancer, Heather, who is into the fetish club scene and captivated her father by encasing herself in latex for sex. As a wedding present her father bought his new bride her ‘dream home’ complete with her own pool, gym, ballet studio and a closet-suite of three rooms, two of which hold her rubber and leather fetishwear.

The daughter began to feel neglected by her father and with her intense curiosity she explored her step-mom’s latex and leather clothing. She had seen Heather encased in skintight latex and was fascinated not only by the intensity of her stepmother’s fetish obsession and the clothing and devices she uses to satisfy it, but the power it gives her over men. She was so enthralled that she started secretly wearing some of Heather’s latex suits and found she was also attracted by the scent and feel of latex against her skin and the look of her ripe young body in skin-tight latex.

So it was only a matter of time until she was found wearing one of her mom’s catsuits suits. Her 21 y/o brother, Todd, who works in casino security came home unexpectedly and caught her wearing one of her mom’s heavy latex encasement suits complete with BDSM helmet, gloves and ballet boots. The two women are identical in size as well as hair and eye color (Yeah, really, what are the chances of that?) so it is easy to understand him mistaking her for Heather and he started coming on to her. It’s harder to understand how he thought he was going to get away with drilling his step-mother since she had never given him any cause to think she would be willing. Well, that’s what Heather says. Alison saw an opportunity to seduce her brother and she let him take her. She was wearing a ball-gag so she couldn’t talk, but when he asked if she was protected she nodded. She was on Yaz and is good about taking her pills on time so she could relax and enjoy their encounter. He pushed her face down across the high four-poster bed in the master bedroom, unzipped her crotch and buried himself inside her. Fortunately she was wet from anticipation so the lack of foreplay wasn’t a problem. After ramming her cervix until she was gasping and mewing he was able to give Alison her first cervical orgasm before finishing inside her. All the while he was thrusting into her cervix he was telling her how amazed he was at the strength of her grip and how lucky his dad was “to have such a tight cunt in his bed every night.” After withdrawing he left her spent sprawled across their parent’s bed as he went back to work, but not before getting her assurance that their encounter would remain their secret.

Revelations: That evening, during supper with Heather while the Alison was at the university library and their dad was away on business Todd brought up how much he had enjoyed having a nooner with her. Heather quickly realized what had happened as she knew Alison had been wearing her encasement suits and saw the situation as an opportunity to establish control over both Todd and Alison in a single stroke. She told Todd that it wasn’t her he’d had sex with, it was Alison. She said that was fine with her, as long as they were careful that Alison didn’t get preggers and she wouldn’t tell their father that he thought he had been fucking his step-mother, but for her silence she wanted his cooperation. Todd knew his father wouldn’t be nearly as understanding if he found he had been trying to fuck Heather so he was willing to agree to almost anything. Heather feels recreational sex is relaxing and sometimes therapeutic so she doesn’t see incest as being a big deal. What she wanted from Todd to keep quiet was Todd’s help to bring Alison into the fetish community as a submissive. She thought with Alison’s interest in fetishwear that was a modest goal, but Heather always likes to have a Plan-B if her initial strategy doesn’t work. And having his help established her control over Todd. Todd realized that he was getting off easily and agreed. It’s unclear if he realized that was only the first of what could be an endless list of Heather’s blackmail demands.

Alison’s hang-up: What turned out to be more difficult was getting Alison’s cooperation. When she was approached Alison freaked out when she found her step-mom knew she had been drilled by Todd. By consoling Alison and letting her emotions run their course Heather found out far more than Alison had intended. Once Alison started talking she told Heather the whole story: that she was jealous of Heather’s relationship with her father and while the encounter with Todd was accidental she had wanted her dad to screw her hoping the bonding effect from the encounter would bring him emotionally closer to her. Heather tried to reassure her that having sex with her brother was a perfectly natural desire. The only caution being, that she couldn’t have a baby by him because of inbreeding problems. Alison assured her that she was only interested in recreational sex. She also said she wanted to learn about wearing latex from Heather who she realized was an expert in that subject and she desperately wanted to have sex with Todd because of the intensity of the cervical orgasm he had given her. She still gets wet thinking about what he was able to do to her that left her weak for days after. Heather agreed to allow Alison use of some pieces of her latex fetishwear and to give her step-daughter tips on wearing heavy rubber encasement suits and was pleased to find that Alison was vulnerable and that it might be possible to have her sexual fantasies redirected from her father and focused on Todd. Heather wanted to make sure Alison was focusing on Todd and not on her husband so she got Alison to enter therapy with a psychiatrist to try to sort out and resolve her feelings. Heather sees a successful outcome as Alison being able to suppress her desire for sex with her father and if she needs incest to focus her interest on Todd.

My Role: My psychiatrist asked me to talk with Alison to reassure her and share my experiences as a sexually active well adjusted woman with incest issues in my background. I’m trying to assure her that there is nothing wrong with coming to terms with ones personal sexuality and using that energy as a positive force in her life. When we meet we are both masked so that neither knows the other’s real name or what she looks like, to minimize the possibility of discovery. As with all instances where I’m writing about real people I’m using a nom de théâtre for each. I’m not at all sure how this will work out for Alison, but it has already helped me by talking to another woman who wants to fuck her father. As many times as I tried I never got my father to take me. I think if he had been able to get past the part that I was his daughter and that I looked just like my mother he would have been so much better off with the release and closure our encounters could have given him. At least with Alison, her father is relatively young and in good health so she still has a chance to be taken by him if that is still her wish.

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  1. From what I read of "Alison" is that you and she are kindred spirits. Both of you wanted to take your respective fathers, but never got the chance (yet in her case). I agree with the psychiatrist, that you would be a good influence on her. Maybe you could also teach her some of the ropes of the fetish community, to reinforce "Michelle's" training.


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