Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beavertail jackets and dive knives

An 18 K gold Labia leash - shown with clips

The Labia Leash:
There are two styles, like earrings, clips and piercings. If a leash is worn as a decoration clips are far more painful that piercings, but if the leash is use as a punitive control device it can be exceedingly painful and both if abused can cause disfigurement. A properly placed labia leash can also work well as a chastity device. There is so much potential for abuse while wearing a labia leash that we strongly advise against the students at St Lucy’s being fitted or pierced for one. The Administration would forbid their use but we get much better compliance when we suggest, advise or recommend than when we forbid. And for the most part the girls have taken our advice with only one or two girls coming in for leash fitting-piercing procedures. Personally I think it is degrading to see a woman being lead around by a leash in her genitals. But some young women see being leashed as a matter of trust. I think that is so foolish but men seem to love it!

Beavertail jackets and dive knives: We have added a new equipment requirement for training while diving solo. Everyone is to wear a dive knife. This is particularly important for women because we usually don’t have the upper body strength of a man but even men are at some risk. The problem is that the open beavertail of a sports jacket can get sucked onto the pool drains even though they are child safe and once a good vacuum is established holding the 3 mm neoprene open beavertail against the drain cover the only practical way for a woman to get free is to cut off the beavertail. Trying to get out of the sleeves of a properly fitting wetsuit jacket is almost impossible even with the SCUBA set off. I like to think of myself as a very experiences diver and I had this happen to me the other night when I was soloing to give myself a vaginal breathing encounter. [For more about Vaginal Breathing see my entry for October 4, 2009] I wasn’t wearing a dive knife and doubted myself for a moment or two and wondered if ‘this is it’, not the Michael Jackson release, but the end for me.

Of course my SCUBA set had my custom Vaginal Demand Valve (VDV) on the octopus and I was familiar with a safety feature of the pool pump that prevents a runaway pump if there is no water flowing through it. I also had a half tank of air remaining after several wonderfully intense orgasms and I always dive a large tank for dive-sex as my breath control during orgasm is nonexistent. Well, it is for me when it is an extremely intense orgasm. So I thought if I could get enough air into the drain so it was sucked through the pump it might drop the water flow enough that the pump would speed up and the runaway feature would shut it down. Ordinarily there is a feedback loop that will take care of fluctuations but it only functions within a fairly narrow flow range so it was important that I get as much air sucked into the drain as I could. I ended up taking the mouthpiece of my VDV and shoving it as far under the edge of the beavertail as I could and then held the purge button down and prayed that it would put enough air in the drain that the pump would shut down. Because of the vacuum in that drain most of the air was sucked into the pipe, but I didn’t hold the purge down long enough. The second time I held it down for two minutes and I was getting a little concerned that I might run out of air when the pump stopped and the vacuum decreased enough that I could pull my beavertail free of the drain cover. That close call really had my heart rate up! I can easily see a woman w/o a knife or spare DV to free herself with being trapped and suffocate or drown.

Contaminated filter canisters and rebreather bags: I was asked to clean up after a gas mask suicide party. The hostess was the suicide and decided to take some of the women in her rebreather bag club with her. I took Taryn along and we went to a lovely exclusive section of town where some of the well established rich of the area live. There are almost no foreclosed homes in this area and the few that are aren’t advertised by signs out front. The woman’s husband is in the fine jewelry manufacturing business where sodium cyanide powder is commonly used so it was no problem for her to get a 1 gram bottle. The husband came home to find female bodies in gasmasks and rebreather bags lying all over his safe-room that had been locked down. The only reason he found the bodies was that the alarm for the safe-room showed it was in lockdown and he went to find out why.

The husband runs a profitable jewelry business that acts as an efficient international money processing center for his associates so they needed the mess taken care of quietly. I guess what we found was what the gas chamber in California was like. Except the bodies were all of pretty young women in encasement suits. The husband who was numb with grief said his wife usually held her gas mask parties in their family room where they would all get high on a couple of lines of high grade coke and try out new dildos. His wife apparently had a very extensive collection of them. The security videos showed them all snorting coke before following their hostess into the safe room and sealing the vault door.

Precautions: Being told the husband suspected cyanide poisoning Taryn and I wore positive pressure full face masks and back mounted oxygen bottles for cleanup along with disposable contact suits, booties and gloves, since we didn’t want to take the slightest chance of inhaling or contaminating our clothes with the super fine sodium cyanide powder that could have been vented through the exhaust valves of the victims masks. The husband showed us videos of his wife adding cyanide powder to the filter canisters and rebreather bags she furnished all her guests to use with their own masks which they brought with them. The women were all in expensive latex encasement suits and ballet boots. Their boot bags had been left in the family room where they changed into their ballet heels after arriving.

The victims: One of the women was a lawyer and about 4 months preggers, she was just beginning to get a baby bump. Another was a fairly well known exercise-video personality. Another was a young mid-level casino executive who had a reputation as being sexually aggressive and was thought to be a rising star in the gaming industry. I had once taken a man away from her – by seduction - at Naughty’s and she never forgot it so with her gone I’m down one enemy. The last was a teen cousin of the husband who was visiting from Kansas. The Families are working on explanations for the women disappearing, rather than have a scandal involving one of their profitable companies and trying to explain why they have to have closed casket funerals. The preggers one has a boyfriend in California who impregnated her, but according to the gossip on the video he isn’t aware he’d knocked her up. None was married with a family who is dependent on her so having them relocate for a better job or a new video project should work. The husband’s cousin is being left up to him to handle. He said he had been fucking her steadily since she arrived 5 weeks ago so her death has left him pretty depressed which is the reason I think he was numb with grief. Actually, He had affairs with all the victims so his most recent affair (with the teen) may have been the trigger for his wife’s suicide and she took all his fuck-buddies with her. Given the toxicity of the contamination neither Taryn nor I harvested anything from the bodies though there were some bits that under different circumstances I would have liked for my collection.


  1. I don't know why sonmeone would organize a mass suicide like that for no particular reason. Is something like this supposed to be a lot like Russian Roulette, but without a gun, or is this more of a thrill ride that some people you somewhat know take without knowing of full precautions?

  2. I've given you my theory about a possible motive. Someone has to be mentally unstable to commit suicide so who knows?

    I didn’t know any of them. Putting on their masks and testing the seals was all that was needed. The first inhalation or two would have been enough to incapacitate a small woman and they were all small.


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