Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Immaculate Conception

Confident: newly waxed pubes and a Penetrator

Waxed pubes and Penetrator plugs: One of the rituals that St Lucy’s student’s value is their periodic visits to the Brazilian waxing salon at Body Buffers in our casino shopping arcade. Wearing a Penetrator plug keeps the girls on a regular pelvic grooming schedule because pubic stubble makes it likely that they will get ingrown hairs from the pressure of the plug if their pubes aren’t kept smooth and the plug won’t seal well causing it to leak, usually at the most embarrassing times like in a développé or split or when trying to act sophisticated for a boyfriend. A full wax is best ahead of an annual pelvic exam especially for escorts because there is a lot of manipulating of the labia and insertion and removal of various devices; plugs, vibis, gas guards, vaginal hooks, dildos etc to check for proper size and fit. Even with the fitter wearing well lubed latex gloves getting pubic hair pulled can happen and it’s no fun, so a fresh waxing a few days before an exam/fitting session or an intense sexual encounter is always a good idea.

My ME and gossip: I was CD28 and went in for my menstrual extraction (ME) yesterday. I usually wait for CD1 (which is today) when I start having my period, but I wanted to be able to wear my Oves cap over the weekend when Jacques and I dive the pit, my 68 ft deep pool. Returning readers will remember that a diaphragm used for contraception or as a gas guard during dive-sex is only effective down to 10 meters, about 33 feet. Beyond that point the rim will distort and the diaphragm will leak so it should not be used to prevent pregnancy or to keep air or water from being pushed into the cervix and uterus where they can cause infections or an embolism, which is why a woman needs to wear an Oves or FemCap if she expects to have penetrative sex while diving below 10 meters. By having my ME yesterday I am wearing a Milex Omniflex yesterday and today to collect the residual bleeding and will switch back to Oves on Saturday morning. While I was in the stirrups having my endometrium sucked out my Gyn was filling me in on the latest gossip.

An immaculate conception: She told me about a 17 y/o technical virgin (she has never been penetrated by a penis) who came in with her mom for counseling. The girl is very newly preggers and both she and her mom are freaking out. It seems that at her father’s insistence the daughter had taken a virginity pledge. She has done almost everything else for sexual gratification except penile penetration so she is not exactly inexperienced and since her mom is far more liberal minded about human sexuality than her dad she uses her mom’s sex-toys with her mom’s permission. Apparently what happened was that the daughter modeled one of her mom’s soiled thong bikinis for her boyfriend. Because she was in a hurry to get something to wear for her guy to finger her in the daughter pulled the bikini out of the dirty clothes hamper and tied herself into the thong and cup set. It is her fave of her mom’s skimpy suits in a bright canary yellow which is why she wore it soiled rather than borrowing a clean one. She didn’t pay attention to the fact that the thong was soaked with slippery discharge, or if she did she thought it was her mom’s natural lube. So her BF fingered her clit and then pushed the fabric of the thong into her vagina with his fingers to caress the ring of nerves just inside. You can see where this is going, right?

The daughter was fertile and discharging fertile cervical mucus (FCM) that came in contact with the slippery crotch of the thong. Of course it wasn’t all her mom’s natural fluids that soaked the thong it contained her father’s semen as well from an afternoon encounter less than an hour before the daughter tied herself into the thong. Because she had taken the virginity pledge and was careful to just give her BF oral or watch him masturbate and splatter on her belly or breasts she wasn’t using contraception of any kind. Her fallopian tubes were in the center of a bull’s-eye and one of her dad’s lucky sperm penetrated her egg. Biology respects no family relationships it just creates new life every chance it gets. Four weeks later she noticed a change in the areolae of her breasts and was feeling nauseous in the mornings. Her mom had her test and the stick turned blue, positive for hCG the pregnancy hormone.

Getting preggers that way is very, very rare, but does happen and she is almost certainly carrying her father’s baby. Like I said, she and her mom were in to talk with a Gyn-therapist about what their options are. Her father is a very intense and outspoken religious conservative so what ever choice they make if he finds out what is going on there is no telling what he might do. I think it’s almost certain they will decide on termination and if they use Mifeprex they need to decide in the next week or so. A menstrual extraction could be performed a bit later but if they decide to terminate the sooner the better. I’m guessing keeping the baby isn’t an option because of the possibility of inbreeding and how to believably explain to the father/husband that his daughter needs to be away from home for 8 or 9 months.


  1. You know, this is the absolute reason why you shouldn't be teaching "abstenence only" sex ed, because kids who don't know everything about sex, they won't know what might be in certain clothing articles, or all the ways girls can get impregnated with or without intercourse.

    I don't know if you've been following the latest on the Senate's version of the health-care bill, but your senior Senator and majority leader Harry Reid cut a deal with one of the conservative Southern Democrats (I think it was Blanche Lincoln) to reinstitute elements of abstenence-only sex ed into the bill. And that's not going to guarantee that the bill will even be allowed to come up for debate!

  2. I’m not defending Senator Reid when I say that politics is the art of compromise and the first thing he needs to do is get the bill to the floor of the Senate which will take 60 votes. What is in the bill when it gets to he floor – if it gets to the floor – will be changed many times as amendments are agreed to and it will be changed again if some bill is passed by the Senate and it gets to conference with the House. So I’m not too concerned about abstinence-only Sex Ed. If it turns out abstinence-only survives and there is a Health care bill that the President can sign the various factions can fine tune it later. First, we need a bill.

  3. Breaking News Alert The New York Times
    Sat, November 21, 2009 -- 8:07 PM ET

    Senate Vote Clears Way for Health Care Debate

    The Senate voted on Saturday to begin full debate of major health care legislation, propelling President Obama's top domestic initiative over a crucial, preliminary hurdle -- and past the angry opposition of Republicans -- in a formidable display of muscle-flexing by the Democratic majority. The 60 to 40 vote, along party lines, clears the way for weeks of rowdy floor proceedings that will begin after Thanksgiving and last through much of December.

  4. Nice to see that Landreaux and Lincoln finally acquiessed to allow debate. It's going to be an interesting December!


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