Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gassed and suffocated

A diver in a Kirby Morgan helmet

Suffocated: An escort using a surface air supply helmet, a Kirby Morgan 16, was found on the bottom of a training pool suffocated in her dive helmet. The positive pressure demand valve and neck dam prevented the reinforced fiberglass helmet from flooding when she stopped breathing. Her air supply had been contaminated by chlorine gas which came from chlorine pellets that had been added to a bucket of water and hung under an open condensation trap on the air compressor intake. The bucket and open trap were concealed by a folded tarp hung over the compressor air intake piping. The tarp had the additional effect of concentrating the heavy chlorine gas coming off the dissolving pellets which was sucked into the compressors air intake. The compressor and the air intake are in an equipment room that is off the pool area and the air intake and condensation trap that was tampered with are out of sight so it’s not something that would have been readily noticeable.

The diver breathed uncontaminated air for the first few minutes of her dive until the pressure in the reservoir dropped to the point that the compressor came on and pumped the chlorine gas into the air reservoir. Once that happened the concentration of gas was so strong a lungful or two was fatal because the chlorine interacts with the moist lung tissue to form hydrochloric acid. The escort had been practicing in the vintage KM helmet (similar to the one the diver is wearing in the image accompanying this entry) for several days at the bottom of the pool in preparation for an encounter with a repeat client who has a fetish for dive-sex with women in vintage dive equipment.

The Victim: The girl was well liked, had a bubbly personality, was a grad student at UNLV and has a boyfriend who is doing a semester at Oxford. She wasn’t pregnant, wasn’t heavily in debt and had no enemies that anyone knows about, so why her? Perhaps it was a random thing, but the surface supply isn’t used all that often and she had been using it several hours a day for the last few days so perhaps she was a target of convenience. Her death, while horrible must have been blessedly quick. Fortunately she didn’t vomit in her helmet so it was just a matter of flushing the gas out of it. The helmet seals and O-rings are all butyl rubber and the gas wasn’t in the helmet more than 3 hours before she was found so the casino divemaster passed the helmet as safe to dive.

A death helmet encounter: No one else wants to do the encounter wearing that helmet and the client is insistent on that particular helmet being used, so I think I’ll probably do the client myself. He doesn’t have a preference for girls other than they need to be deep and tight, and I have both of those covered in spades. In addition I remember doing him a few years ago and he is quite skilled so it should be fun and I’m experienced with the KM-16. I haven’t dived it in a year or so but Robin will dive with me this evening so I can get the feel of it again. I’ve had the helmet on already and the scent of chlorine is very, very slight so I shouldn’t have any trouble and I’ll wear a splatter mask (very large contacts) as additional protection for my eyes. The KM-16 weighs between 25 and 30 lbs depending on how it’s configured and there is a rubber helmet that’s worn underneath it along with the neck dam - which I changed to my size - so I may be able to keep my hair free of pool water, but sweaty. Of course for me there is an added thrill and one of the primary reasons that I’m going to take this client myself, returning readers will know what it is, right? For new readers it’s that a woman died while wearing this particular helmet so that makes it a ‘death helmet’ for me. Awesome! I may be able to feel the dead diver’s aura still in it. That sort of thing has happened to me before with encasement suits and other dive gear associated with female fatalities so I’m thinking it is fairly likely.

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