Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Punitive encasement suits

An AST student in latex showing zipper, corset and boot detail

Heavy rubber and punishment: In my advances sexual techniques class I have students wear their encasement suits for one of my infamous latex labs. The experience gives them the opportunity to savor the thrill (or panic) of being encased in heavy rubber with no idea of when or if they will be released. It’s the sort of thing that routinely goes on in the D/S subculture where women are regularly encased punitively in latex for their master’s pleasure. Of course only the ones subject to panic attacks think they will be left to die after having sex with someone they never saw and we try to exclude those girls from AST all together as the course is far too intense for an emotionally unstable girl. With shaft locks on their ballet boots and handcuffed they are pushed on to their knees on a bed in the lab and are forcefully penetrated. For their physical safety their male partners are selected for comparable size so there will be no tearing, the student has a gas guard inserted and an applicator of dive-gel is applied so there will be no lube problems during penetration and her partner enters her bareback so he can plant his seed inside her.

Even when the girls know what will happen and that they are in a safe training environment a high percentage of them get panicky when the rubber helmet is pulled over their heads and their sight and hearing are cut off. At that point a few struggle during penetration, but when brought to orgasm they calm down. When it’s all over and her helmet is removed the student is gasping and wraps her sweat soaked hair in a towel as she smiles, giggles and wants to meet the boy who took her to orgasm and whose semen is draining into the crotch of her encasement suit. The one percent who freak out so badly that they need therapy are asked to withdraw from the AST course or they will get a failing grade which will go on their transcript, so there is a real effort on the part of students to suck it up and enjoy encasement lab. Afterward everyone says the sex while encased in latex is awesome!

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