Monday, November 2, 2009


A Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm

Reflexions girls: We have two students who wear 65 mm Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragms as gas guards. The Reflexions has a thinner rim so it will fit into a shallow pubic notch and the rim compresses in a long oval so it is a very strong device and is easier to insert correctly than a coil spring rim. The latex dome has a metallic silver sheen to it so it has a very attractive look. Worn by a totally waxed teen (except for scalp hair and eyebrows) in a transparent body condom and ballet heels to display her lovely figure a Reflexions latex disc inserted always gives a girl that extra bit of confidence that makes her stand out in competition of any kind. Even though flat spring rims are made for women with shallow pubic notches they are the second most popular diaphragm – and the only latex option - for use as a gas guard.

Capezio Aerial pointe shoes: Our security and wait-staff wear Reflexions while on the job as well since they occasionally find themselves in situations that require gas guards, especially when their uniforms include black leather Capezio Aerial (style191) pointe shoes. Since the women all have to be experienced dancers with at least three years of professional experience dancing en pointe we tried a number of makers and styles of pointes to see which ones worked well for those applications. It turned out the Capezio Aerial style holds up longer and overall was preferred so the girls all wear custom fitted special make up (SMU) black leather Aerials. I have several pairs myself and have found them to be attractive and comfortable shoes.

Halloween and fertility: I was CD9 and fertile yesterday (Halloween) so I was particularly interested when we held an unofficial poll of women at the Halloween party I attended to see what they were using for contraception. Shelly, Marie-Claude and Taryn all have GyneFix implants and of course I have an Oves sucking on my cervix. There were three 20 somethings with Mirena (the progestin) IUDs and seven women on various brands of pills as well as two who had NuvaRing inserted. By the end of the evening we all needed our birth control to have been effective. I was the only guest there who was using a barrier as my primary method though those swimming also wore gas guards for protection during dive-sex. I thought the availability of dive-sex was risky because everyone had been drinking and alcohol and diving can be a hazardous combination. But the party committee insisted. Poor judgment and vomiting when submerged can lead to fatalities while diving and dive-sex can be stressful enough w/o complicating factors. Fortunately there were no dive accidents.

One of the new women organizers of the charity affair who didn’t know Taryn thought at 18 she was a bit too young to be attending an ‘every-woman-for-herself’ sort of orgy that these Halloween parties have developed into over the last few years. The husbands and most of the single men there knew better; that behind her lovely innocent looking face is an unbelievably erotic imagination, a body to match and the ability and willingness to use it. Taryn was so anxious to exceed expectations in her costuming that I had to get her to dress down a bit so she didn’t out shine the co-chairwomen of the charity affair. They don’t know about her Adult Media empire, but her personal sexual appetites (which I have encouraged Taryn to slake at every opportunity) have become legend, so there was no possibility of her being refused, though she was seen as an object of jealousy by many of the wives. Of course it helped that she gave a generous donation to the charity. It came, supposedly, from her trust fund, but actually it was directly from one of the off-shore accounts that hold the profits from her adult media empire. Every penny, after all legal tax avoidance measures, is reported to the IRS so she isn’t hiding her fortune like the UBS clients who were caught recently. Taryn carefully selected the admirers with whom she shared her charms. During the evening she took four. Only the richest and most powerful were permitted entrance to her garden of delights where she exhausted even the most legendary bulls among them.

Incognito: After Robin and I made our entrance and circulated for a while Taryn and I excused ourselves and she helped me change into a wait-staff costume; a black latex Polymorphe catsuit with zippered crotch, a helmet mask that hid my face except for my nostrils, eyes and mouth and matching black latex gloves. I wore a pair of well broken in black leather Capezio Aerial pointes and inserted a Reflexions with an RFID chip that identified me as a security supervisor so I could have access to all parts of the estate. Dressed that way no one knew my identity and I could circulate w/o being an agenda item on male guest’s to-do list. Gepetto’s organization was providing the security and catering so I had already alerted his on-site security chief that I would be wearing a security supervisor ID as I tested a new device for Gepetto. Dressed as wait-staff I was (by tradition) available for sex with any of the guests who desired me. The reality was that I refused several approaches, but in such a flirty way that I left the disappointed men smiling and looking forward to the next time we met.

A New bull in the pasture: My disguise was so I could approach a new man in town, (who I’ll call Jacques or James) to get to know him a bit before we were formally introduced. He is a French industrialist in his mid forties who made his fortune in armaments and who is now looking for places to invest in the U.S. Like Shelly’s husband he is thinking about investing in Vegas casino/resorts while prices are depressed. Also like Shelly’s husband he is known as a master swordsman and bedroom bull but he is a recent widower, his ballet dancer wife having died of ovarian cancer. He is a patron of the Paris Opera Ballet and has dated Marie-Claude - who is on leave from the POB and the most recent addition to my casino’s ballet troupe - which I think may have been what brought him to Las Vegas. I found Jacques being introduced around by one of the co-chairwomen and being dressed as part of the help I waited for an opportunity to approach him with a tray of drinks or canapés. While I waited I used the grand piano as a barre and began doing limbering up exercises, tendus, plié, relevé, dégagé en l’air where I knew he could see me and I soon caught his eye as I knew I would. As I did double and triple pirouettes he approached and asked if I was a dancer. I said I was, and he commented that this was a strange location and costume in which to take class. He also complimented me on my body and classical technique and the fact that he had never seen dancers, other than his wife, wearing leather pointes, though he knew they could be special ordered. I asked if he was new in town and when he said he was asked if there was anything I could do to make his stay more enjoyable. He said he was fascinated by the house and would like to see more of it. I told him I was a security supervisor so I could show him the house if he liked.

That’s all it took to cut him out of the herd and I whisked him through a locked door into the rest of the mansion and had him all to myself. I told him the mansion belonged to a very dear friend and I knew my way around it well. I showed him the 64 foot deep pool (‘the pit’) and the dive-gear room and he asked, “Why in Gods name would anyone want with a pool that deep?” “Fetish diving and dive-sex,” I said. His reply was, Ahhh! We went through the solarium and the commercial kitchen and I turned on the lights in the solar collector field and showed him part of the solar power generation capacity that powers the house. Then we went into one of the guest wings where he congratulated me on how knowledgeable I was about the house. In one of the bedrooms I stepped into his personal space and asked if there was anything at all I could do for him as I took his hand in mine rose en pointe and guided his hand between my legs and against the tab of my crotch zipper. I could see that he was very pleased with what was happening as his erection ruined the drape of his slacks. I asked if he wanted me and in a husky voice growled, “Very much”. He said he “had no condoms”. “No problem”. I said, I’d had his medical file hacked and knew he was clean and had just gotten his card from the Health service so he was a newly screened player in town.

Reliving memories: I asked how he would like to take me. He asked if I could remain en pointe while being penetrated from behind. I said yes. By then my crotch zipper was open and with one hand I was holding on to the barre along one bedroom wall and watching in the mirror as I guided his tip with the other. He was dripping pre-cum as I placed it between my engorged labia wet with my natural lube and he began to penetrate me. I adjusted my hips a bit widening my stance in second position and he tightened his grip on my latex sheathed hips and stepped closer and then with a single strong thrust he slid all the way inside me until our pelvises hit and I gasped in delight! He was a gentleman giving me my pleasure, a marvelously toe curling vaginal orgasm, before getting off himself planting about 300 million sperm per ml of semen up against the thin latex dome of my Reflexions diaphragm. After he finished inside me I remained fully penetrated as he gripped my hips while telling me he hadn’t had sex that marvelous since he took his wife while she wore leather Repetto pointes in that same position two years ago, just before she was diagnosed with cancer. I thought that was one of the most touching and heart felt compliments I’d ever gotten.

Afterward: As I walked him back to the party he said, “You aren’t really in security are you?” I just laughed and asked what gave him that idea. He said I was too knowledgeable about the house and proud of it for it not to be mine. I led him back through the locked door into the party area and as we parted told him I hoped we would have an opportunity to meet again. He said he was certain of it and kissed my hand.


  1. A interesting adventure . Nice costume and a great way of using those cat like qualitys.

  2. I was about ready for you to drop the bomb confirming he was right about your house belonging to you. Jacque might be another interesting partner for you, in more ways than one.

  3. >Jacque might be another interesting partner for you, in more ways than one.

    If he stays around Vegas Jacques could be a lot of fun! And, since Robin is starting to take commissions now I have more time available and I’m interested in finding a steady playmate who isn’t possessive. Of course part of what drew Jacques to the valley was that Marie-Claude is here so I’m not sure how that will play out. I’m not to the point that I would fight Marie-Claude for him, at least not yet. It would be better I think if he were the one to pursue me rather than me him. When we meet for business in the next few days I’ll let him take the lead and see what he does.


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