Sunday, November 22, 2009

Taking Jacques in a DESCO FFM

A model in a DESCO free flow FFM

Jacques at 10 meters: I had my first true dive-sex encounter with Jacques in the pit last night. I had been showing him the basics of dive-sex in much shallower training pools at my place or the casino whenever we had an hour or so open on our schedules. He is an experienced SCUBA diver having dived the Mediterranean and the Red Sea as well as the Caribbean, but he had never had real dive-sex. He’d just taken girls in hot tubs and while they clung to the edges of pools. He asked me to wear a surface fed DESCO FFM so I’ve been practicing diving a DESCO whenever I’ve had a few minutes in the shallowest water I can because I want to give myself as much quality bottom time with Jacques as I can w/o hitting my nitrogen loading limit.

A photo of a DESCO in use is at the top of this entry. No, that isn’t me. I have auburn hair like the model, but I have green eyes and I like to wear a hood while diving to keep my hair from tangling in the straps of the spider and my other equipment. I had been alerted – by Tanaquil who knows Jacques from when she provided him with escorts in Paris - that he likes girls to swim nude and is particularly fond of seeing them in surface supplied FFMs, especially a DESCO which he remembers from television when he was little. So I had a bit of time for the casino Divemaster to get one for me and had it customized to upgrade the face seal to give my high cheek bones the best possible fit. Diving a DESCO commercial free flow FFM it’s much simpler than diving a KMH-16 since there is no sequential dressing in the pieces, but I do usually wear a neoprene hood to keep from tangling my hair. With a free flow FFM a surface supply continually provides enough air for the diver to breathe. With this free flow model air is delivered through a non-return valve and an air-control valve, mounted on the right side of the brass mask frame. The air-control valve allows the diver to regulate the airflow as needed; quickly and easily. A single stage exhaust valve is mounted on the left side of the frame and the exhaust is vented directly up and back.

Other than the tug of the umbilical which like the KMH feeds from the right, I really like the DESCO because it is so small that there isn’t the inertia associated with movement of a KMH. I think it is also quieter with the adjustable free flow valve because there is no regulator on the mask to hiss loudly every time a breath is drawn through a demand valve, but there is a continuous low level hiss that I’ve found it easy to tune out. I love listening to my exhaust bubbles racing to the surface when I’m soloing, and to my partner’s DV and bubbles during an encounter. And, with no tank and harness my entire figure presents for my partner’s enjoyment. A plus for dive-sex is that a girl’s breasts present at their very best! Silicone implants are a bit heavier than water and if they are large enough may cause a bit of sag, but saline implants and breast tissue are neutral or slightly buoyant so they float and present naturally. Water is the perfect and most comfy bra!

Pressure equalization: Though we dived the pit our encounter was not nearly as deeply submerged as I had intended. Jacques had trouble equalizing the pressure in his ears and he couldn’t get below 10 meters w/o considerable pain. We even tried decongestants but they didn’t seem to help. We ended up with him penetrating me at a depth of 20 feet with me tethered by ankle leashes to buoys. It was lovely and he held me in ecstasy until I was quite limp. I was glad I didn’t have to grip the mouthpiece of a regulator between my teeth. I could just turn up the air flow and relax and watch him pleasure me before he finished by planting his seed against the silicone membrane of my gas guard as he rammed my cervix. I think no mouthpiece to grip between my teeth while having intense dive-sex is a huge plus! Really! It’s the first time I’ve had sustained orgasms while wearing a free flow mask and it’s so awesome! Jacques is such a gentle considerate lover and took his time giving me my pleasure first while he studied me nude except for the FFM - I wore no helmet and let my hair float free - and neutrally buoyant pool-pointes, and then while floating in the water almost horizontal with my legs spread while he thrust deep inside me. Afterward, after we showered and I washed my hair he combed and brushed the tangles out for me and I got so aroused at how gently and lovingly he groomed me. And then he took me again before we went to sleep.

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  1. Might want to have Jacques checked out. If he's able to dive in open seas, there must be something wrong with him that he can't get himself with equialized pressure.


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