Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fantasy, desire & protection

A model poses during a trade show.

Selling refrigerators to Eskimos: The shop-assistant / model in the image accompanying this entry is wearing a Wolford sheer nylon-Lycra string-body that displays her charms while simultaneously keeping them covered and permits immediate access for penetration. A leather mini from Gucci covers her high tight buns as well as the disappearing string between her cheeks and she is shod in exquisite quality calf length ballet boots to protect her legs. That she can stride around confidently in her 7" heels is a given for this very up-market SA. The well put together look of the up-market shop-girl increases sales amazingly by attracting male clients and stunning them with their own testosterone surges. In that condition men are a lot more likely to buy from an attractive girl regardless of what she is selling.

Another woman’s pleasure and protection equipment: Most important contraceptives (hormones and devices) and fetish clothing, footwear, devices and some recreational pharmaceuticals are customized for a particular woman. Borrowing or stealing someone else’s things to use during hazardous encounters – to avoid pregnancy or to prevent severe physical harm to the user – can cause problems ranging from the merely inconvenient to death.

That’s why I teach my students at St Lucy’s and everyone who comes through the casinos Escort training program that it is a very good idea not to borrow other women’s equipment. I’m not talking about the to-die-for shade of lip-gloss that you need for the hottie you are dating or even a pair of killer boots that are a bit too large or small. If you plan to be on your back or knees most of the time it’s no big deal, right? But borrowing or taking w/o asking another girls gas guard or Penetrator plug could lead to serious problems. First for her if she needs the item you have taken for her personal protection and second if it doesn’t fit you properly and so is ineffective in protecting you and perhaps even causes you harm.

Before someone writes to say that I’m not practicing what I preach, because I harvest items I want during my clean-up projects for the Families here in town, let me say I strip the bodies of only the things that are in my size from birth control barriers to heavy rubber encasement suits and ballet boots. I’m very careful that way and the women I take the items from no longer have any need for the things I take.

UNLV students have reciprocal clinic privileges right now because of the seasonal and H1N1 flu vaccine shortages we are having so we are seeing a lot more university girls. Perhaps it’s the economy, but we are seeing a lot of patients with problems from using another woman’s protection. Things like UNLV women coming in for new diaphragms either used for contraception or as gas guards when theirs was returned with a torn dome. Or someone who is short active pills in her BCP pack because someone took a handful of the actives as emergency contraception. Or, a girl who tried to wear her roomies Penetrator plug which was too large. She could get it inserted but when someone kicked her in her groin - the sort of thing a Penetrator is supposed to protect against - the tip of the plug rammed her cervix and tore some of the ligaments supporting her uterus and she was in considerable pain and may need surgery.

The UNLV girls don’t seem to be as careful about partners and using condoms as my casino entertainers and St Lucy’s girls, so almost all the STI cases we are seeing among students are UNLV girls. With the professionals of course it depends on their status. The younger prettier ones can pretty much talk a client into using a condom or going somewhere else and a man burying himself in something that beautiful and tight can fantasize that by wearing a condom he is participating in her latex fetish. The guy’s I’ve made use condoms when penetrating me all bought into the latex fantasy thing right away! My analyst calls that being “blinded by a predisposition to believe” and almost all of them want to believe they are Rubberstuds needing to wear a latex sheath because the fetish requires we both be totally encased in latex. When it’s explained to them that way they actually enjoy spewing into the reservoir tip of a lifestyles ultra thin. Now that’s a proper use of mind-fucking a man.

Getting mind-fucked: And, speaking of being mind-fucked I teach my students to be careful that when they are seducing someone he isn’t also mind-fucking them. That was what happened to the St Lucy’s student who just had the menstrual extraction after becoming preggers from bareback encounters with a partner who mind-fucked her into believing that he had had a vasectomy and was sterile when actually he was very fertile. [For more about that see my entry for October 14, 2009] That was a classic case of a woman being mind-fucked because she had an easy way to check his fertility, it is on the sexual health screening card that every approved male partner has. She should have checked and she didn’t! The good news is that it was a teaching moment both for her and the rest of her Advances Sexual Techniques class.

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