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Sexual activity and sexual health

Enjoying an al fresco Class in NYC

Escorts and sexual health: The breasts and vulva of an escort get very heavily used and often abused so they need to pamper themselves when possible. Lanolin cream is used as a soothing nipple moisturizer and 2% estrogen cream is great for vulvar and vaginal tissue lubrication and flexibility. In addition, because of the number of different partners an escort has, they need some protection from bacterial vaginosis (BV) which isn’t an STI, it’s like a yeast infection where one of the bacteria’s usually resident in the vagina becomes dominant and the overgrowth of that bacteria can cause problems up to and including PID which can cause scaring of a girls fallopian tubes resulting in sterility. A man introduces his own set of bacteria into his partner’s vagina upsetting her vaginal pH. Over time a girl usually adjusts to her boyfriend’s bacteria but with a new partner or partners and new sets of bacteria sometimes the adjustment can’t be made and an overgrowth and BV occurs. BV is one of the most common problems a sexually active woman can have and since often BV is asymptomatic she doesn’t realize she has a problem.

Because of the number of men available at one of my Holiday parties and the fact that the girls will be sampling the delights of as many of them as we want I got a case of SemécidePlus in 10ml prefilled applicators from the clinic. Returning readers will remember Semécide (which is dive-gel with a spermicide added) from earlier blog entries. SemécidePlus is something new for the U.S. that is in clinical trial for sex workers. It has a biocide in it to stabilize the vaginal pH. Something similar (dive-gel isn’t the binder) is being trialed in Europe under a different name and has been very successful in minimizing yeast and BV infections so I thought since Marie-Claude, Shelly, Cyndi, Diané and Fiona weren’t used to having this many men over such a short interval it would be a good idea to have something that will reduce the likelihood that any of us will have a problem. Anya, Taryn and I are the most sexually active with multiple partners and weekly testing shows we haven’t had problems, but it never hurts to have a bit more protection. Dive-gel lube is absolutely necessary for dive-sex, so it was no additional trouble to use SemécidePlus instead. So far this weekend we have been obliging any man who is interested in sampling our depths and things are going very well. Of course Ibuprofen is standard to reduce the amount of spotting from having our cervixes rammed and the pelvic discomfort from our montes veneris being pounded by a partner’s pubic bone.

Reader’s questions:

About noise while diving: “I would assume the echoing of all the valves and bubbles are intensified with the density of the water as well. You might have to, when you blog about that, compare pool orgies to open-water ones”

Sound transmission through water is determined by water temperature and density, the colder the water the denser it is. Pool water density is affected primarily by its temperature which in the pit – unless I have the thermocline pumps and chiller turned on – is kept constant with temps in the mid-80s for comfortable dive-sex w/o overheating. The speed and strength of sound can vary depending on particulate matter in the water, but for commercial pools with clear water the size is so small that to the human ear any differences are undetectable. It’s the pool walls or other hard surfaces of equipment in the pool that reflect the sounds of divers breathing equipment. There may also be background noise from circulator and drain pumps if a diver holds her breath to catch the lowest level sounds.

My experience in the open water of the bay at my place on Virgin Gorda is that there is a good bit of ambient sea noise of the waves and surf and if there are porpoise near by you can sometimes hear them communicating with a series of clicks, tweets and squeaks. Sea water is denser than fresh water primarily because of the dissolved salt, but again it is temperature that can affect sound transmission. Temperature gradients, thermoclines, can cause sounds to be amplified or disappear, but my experience has been that thermoclines are usually deeper than recreational divers go, especially for dive-sex because the temperature drops the deeper you go. SCUBA noise in an open ocean environment has always seemed to be a bit less noticeable, perhaps because there is so much going on visually to occupy my attention. And of course there are usually no confining walls – unless you are diving an abyssal wall - for the sound to reflect back from when diving open water.

Football on Thanksgiving Day: A reader asked if I follow football teams, and if so which ones. The answer is no and yes. No, I’m generally not into sports, other that those involving sex. But if I’m with a group that is watching football as they were on Thanksgiving then yes I will root for teams located in cities where I have danced or gone to school. If neither of those criteria is met I’ll flip a coin. For the games on Thanksgiving:

1. Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions I flipped a coin and got Detroit. Packers’ over the Lions, 34-12
2. Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys. I rooted for Oakland because I danced in Oakland. Cowboys over the Raiders 24-7. Sigh!
3. New York Giants at Denver Broncos I rooted for the Giants because I went to school in NY. Broncos over Giants 16-6. In football I was 0 for 3 for the day! Go figure! Sigh! I did far better with other sports!

Other teams I favor if I happen to watch are:
Houston Texans … I know, but its because I danced in Houston.
Philadelphia Eagles (even though they signed Michael Vick) because I danced in Philadelphia.

The good news: Thanksgiving day I was very pleased to see that the availability of sex was of far more interest to the guys than football. I’m not sure that any of the males, even Jeff who probably has the lowest sex drive of the group, watched much football. And the Brit Major, Colin, who came with Fiona – I think primarily as a body guard – has had Cyndi, Shelly, Anya and Diané already. Perhaps he isn’t staying close to Fi because she is in a guarded perimeter (though guarded perimeters didn’t stop Tareq and Michaele Salahi recently at a location supposedly better guarded than this one – testimony to what a thin, pretty, blond can do when she wants to) and Colin probably doesn’t often find himself in such a bountiful garden of earthly delights. When I asked Fi about that she said she had given him permission to graze as long as they were inside my home. I was surprised that he had bedded Cyndi, Fiona’s 16 y/o daughter, and bedded her first. Fi said he is recruiting for MI6 and she wanted Colin to test Cyndi for possible recruitment after she completes her Oxbridge education. She said aristocratic Brit-chicks with enquiring minds and raging libidos do well in the SIS.

Those of us who can are wearing leather pointe shoes and Wolford string body suits to show off our assets. I am barelegged to allow immediate access. I just bend over and my partner pulls the thong to one side. Most of the other girls are in thongs too, but a few are wearing skirts as well. The girls who can’t wear pointes confidently, Diané and Fiona, are alternating between ballet slippers for comfort and pairs of 5” stripper’s heels to wear when being penetrated from behind. I’ve taken Fi to Gepetto’s for Pleasure boots, but she isn’t an enthusiastic wearer and doesn’t have the skill developed by years of pointe to wear them confidently. So I think it’s problematic as to whether Fi will actually hunt men while wearing ballet heels.

Sex in a flooded dry suit – a preview: Thanksgiving morning turned out to be a bit different, and far more exciting, than I expected! I have a new DUI drysuit that I was practicing with in the pit. I was practicing getting out of inversions and I’ll admit showing off a bit. If the diver is using a drysuit to provide buoyancy control and accidentally becomes inverted s/he loses the ability to control buoyancy. If the diver can’t get out of the inverted position (her booties pointing toward the surface and her head down) she can end up with an uncontrolled ascent which can cause decompression sickness (DCS) and death. Jacques was in the pool with me as my buddy. [His ears have cleared and he can equalize easily all the way to the bottom of the pit. Thanks to those who have asked about him.] One thing led to another as it often will with a man and it ended up with him helping me get out of a perfectly good fully functioning drysuit for dive-sex at the bottom of the pit. It was a first for us both! It will take too long to write about the experience now but I promise to in the near future.

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  1. Can't wait to hear about you and Jacques with that drysuit. I'm glad to hear that Thanksgiving wasn't too much of a turkey (pun totally intended). I didn't watch the Giants-Broncos game, rather Texas-Texas A&M. That was much more entertaining (49-39 Texas). Had Iowa not lost to Northwestern and Ohio State, I would've rooted for A&M to beat Texas, so Iowa could wait to see who'd win the SEC title game to go to the BCS National Championship Game. Anyway, it looks like Iowa might go to the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Ariz., as Texas' replacement, provided the Longhorns can beat Nebraska in the Big XII title game. If you want a further explaination, YIM me when we're both next on.


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