Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday getaway packages

An escort costumed as one of Santa’s helpers

Gift wrapping: For the holidays the casino is going all out to attract high rollers and to keep them in a festive free-spending mood. One of the Holiday-Getaway packages is a 4-night 3-day weekender special that includes a concierge level suite and comes with an escort gift wrapped as one of Santa’s helpers. The top package is a Pool-Bungalow for a week with an escort-model who is an expert diver. That went on offer in July when we had a few vacancies in the older Pool-Bungalows and was over subscribed in two days with a waiting list of78 for possible cancellations. Old money, especially from Europe is doing Vegas this Christmas and as the dollar continues to weaken we have become a huge bargain!

Jacques: We were formally introduced this past week and he is interested in buying into the Vegas gaming scene. Neither of us referred to our encounter on Halloween with me dressed as a security guard in my own home, but I’m certain he knows it was me. I was chatting with Marie-Claude, the POB dancer who is on a year’s cross-training with us, and she was telling me that Jacques likes her so much that he followed her out here (which I already knew from what Tanaquil had told me of her background), but she is interested in marriage and children and that when they talked about their futures on several different occasions he was very quiet about having children. She put it to him that if they weren’t in agreement on that then as much as she enjoys his company she didn’t want him wasting his time courting her. Actually, now I think she is infatuated by Robin. He has been working with her on parts of the escort training she is taking and they hit it off really well! They complement one another and look like a pair of young Gods together! And their genitals are compatible. He is thick enough for her taste and she is deep enough to take all of him and that means a lot when sex is such a major part of a young couple's lives.

Christmas plans: Robin and Marie-Claude being an Item, well almost an item since it’s not public knowledge yet, is good news for me. I hate to lose Robin but I knew when he came to me that he wasn’t going to be mine to keep. I really like Jacques and this leaves me with less serious competition. She would have been difficult to compete with for him w/o hurting the morale of the ballet Co. Actually, I had already decided that I wasn’t going to complicate things for Marie-Claude and Jacques if they became a couple, but it appears that Marie –Claude has taken herself out of competition for him. But there are other women vying for his attention and he is drawing a lot of attention from women wherever he goes. Jacques has reserved one of the pool-bungalows over Christmas and last night during a dive-sex lesson asked me to be his bungalow guest that week. I had blocked out the time so I have it free and said yes, but I’m thinking I’ll get him to come home with me and put him in a guest suite at my place, though I certainly intend for him to sleep with me the entire time he’s with me.

We will have more privacy at my place and my own servants, not that the pool-bungalow service isn’t superb. Taryn is going to Virgin Gorda with Cyndi to visit her Grandmother the Duchess and Adam, her son and heir to the Dukedom, for the holidays so Jacques and I will have my place to ourselves. And if we want we can fly down to my place on Virgin Gorda for a few days. When I gave him the tour on Halloween He was fascinated to see the Pit my 68’ deep pool and wondered what it would be like to dive it. Being my house guest will give him the opportunity to experience dive-sex at three atmospheres at the bottom of the Pit. As far as Christmas wrapping is concerned I can have my dresser wrap me up in a Santa-suit like the girl in the image at the top of this entry, though; really I can do it myself. The leg ribbons are just two turns around each leg and a Velcro loop under the arch of the foot so wrapping myself wouldn’t be difficult at all!

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  1. Aw, I was hoping you'd hop onto your plane and come to Iowa to be my Christmas present! ;-) (J/K of course)


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