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A pit-bottom drysuit encounter

A Mistral twin-hose regulator set

Girls in heavy rubber: I need some help here guys, ok? What is it about a woman being encased in rubber dive gear? Is it that she seems so unattainable – like a ballerina in the four-Ts; tights, tutu, toeshoes and tiara? Is it an imprisonment thing with the woman being ‘helpless’ while encased? Is it about domination, where the man first encases her and then removes a woman’s protective equipment and carnally takes her w/o her permission simply because he is stronger than she and can dominate her? Is it that he likes to listen to her respiration increase as she sucks gas through her demand valve while he takes her to orgasm? Or is it something darker where he can easily kill her by shutting off her air during sex? You’d be surprised at how many ‘accidents’ happen to women during breath play in dive equipment while having sex. Most women don’t have the strength to fight off a larger stronger man especially while wearing a restrictive rubber suit. Or, sometimes it’s that she was too trusting and finds he’s suffocating her when it’s too late to do anything to save herself. Is that the turn-on? Or is it something else entirely? I’m hoping male readers will share their thoughts about the male sexual obsession with women in heavy rubber because I had a really kinky experience in heavy rubber on Thanksgiving Day, which I enjoyed immensely. But afterward the man involved, Jacques, as fluent in English as he is seemed unable to explain why he took me the way he did. Or perhaps he was too embarrassed to tell me how base the reasons for his urges were. I’m all for catering to men’s animalistic urges - well, most of them anyway - I’d just like to know what they are thinking during our encounters.

A pit-bottom drysuit encounter: As I posted in an earlier entry, Thanksgiving morning turned out to be a bit different, and far more exciting, than I expected! I have a new DUI drysuit that I was practicing with in the pit. I was practicing getting out of inversions and I’ll admit I was showing off a bit because Jacques was my dive buddy. If the diver is using a drysuit to provide buoyancy control and accidentally becomes inverted s/he loses the ability to control buoyancy. If the diver can’t get out of the inverted position (her booties pointing toward the surface and her head down) she can end up with an uncontrolled ascent which can cause decompression sickness (DCS) and death. I’ve had a DUI drysuit before, when I was back east so had practiced righting myself from inversions in it but the weight and feel of the suits is different and I needed to practice righting myself in the new one. Since Jacques was in the pool with me one thing led to another as it often will with a man and it ended up with him helping me get out of a perfectly good fully functioning drysuit for dive-sex at the bottom of the pit. It was a first for us both!

My new DUI: I got a custom Diving Unlimited International DUI TLS350 ‘special production’ drysuit custom sized for me. It is made of a trilaminate material made of tough Nylon/Butyl Rubber/Nylon and has a diagonal front entry zipper and ‘QuickZip’ design so I can get in to and out of it by myself. I got the zip-seal option so torn neck and wrist seals can be replaced in a few minutes on site rather than having to send the suit to a shop for repair. My suit colors are blue with a yellow overlay for easy visibility by other divers. I got it because Pirate and Robin are going quarry diving around Reno and asked if I would like to go. I haven’t been quarry diving since I lived in Virginia and there was this huge flooded pit a few miles from my place.

I had originally planned, without giving it too much thought, that I would use a DESCO FF-FFM but I had forgotten that Desco recommends a depth limit not to exceed 30 feet. I need to think of it as a ‘diaphragm mask’, It’s only safe to use a diaphragm as a gas guard no deeper than that depth so like a diaphragm a Desco can’t be used at the bottom of the pit (68ft) or with a drysuit, because there is no low pressure hose connection for providing constant pressure in the drysuit. Not only that, but if I had practiced getting out of inversions in a surface supplied mask I could have twisted the umbilical and that wouldn’t have been a good idea either. So I decided to go with my Aqua-Lung Mistral twin-hose with a 130 cu ft Worthington HP steel tank. When full it has a negative buoyancy of about 12 lbs and when empty it’s a negative 2 lbs. With the DUI 350 drysuit I had all the lift I needed to control my buoyancy. I figured worst case I needed about 35 lb of lift; the 10 pounds of butyl rubber and fabric of the suit as well as the 12 lb full weight of the Worthington HP130 and a 50% margin for unknowns.

I had dived my new TLS350 briefly several times before in my swimming pool more for practice getting it on correctly making sure all the zippers worked easily and sealed properly and the neck and wrist seals fit well. You can never be sure what you have until you test dive something as complicated as a drysuit a few times to make sure you understand how it works and that all the bits and pieces are working as they should. If I am using only the suit for buoyancy control and the suit floods or I lose pressure I’m stuck inside a suit weighing 10 pounds (or more) plus the 10 pounds of the tank. I can drop a weight belt but am stuck with a negative 20 pounds of weight which in a shallow pool I might be able to push myself off the bottom hard enough to catch the edge of the pool but in a deep pool or in open water I’d be screwed. That is why I always carry a small lift bag in a suit pocket. That way if I have any air left I can get myself to the surface even in a flooded suit.

The encounter: So there I was practicing getting out of inversions, which is basically doing curls drawing my knees up and then doing a sit-up like maneuver to get my head and chest above my feet. At that point the air bubble in the suit fills the chest and arms and rights me. It’s not difficult and the exercise is good, but if you’ve peed in your suit and forgotten to wear a diaper you get bathed in urine during the inversions. I had stopped to catch my breath and flirt with Jacques who was wearing a similar Worthington HP130 in a buoyancy control vest and an octopus with a buddy regulator. I was puzzled as to why he thought he would need a spare regulator, but it never hurts to have a spare so I put it out of my mind as I fondled his package through the mesh of his slingshot. He was already aroused and actually I was too because I’d been showing off my flexibility and abdominals for him, though the suit hid my curves.

As I teased him by fondling his package I was watching his face and not where he was putting his hands. I suddenly felt him unfasten the low pressure hose feeding constant pressure air to my suit then grab the pull-tab of the entry zipper across my chest unfasten the latch and before I realized what was happening he pulled the entry zipper open several inches! There was a huge rush of air as the entire suit flooded and I started sinking toward the bottom of the pit! Inside the suit I was sweating from my righting exercises so the 85° water rushing in felt cold. We were only ten feet or so off the bottom so the additional depth didn’t matter except to tell me what I already knew I was too heavy to get to the surface with my suit flooded. For a moment I was terrified! I’d never had a suit flood and I thought about the escort I wrote about whose Avon drysuit was intentional flooded and then had her air cut off and suffocated. [For more about that see my entry for October 24, 2009.] Jacques backed off a bit and pointed at me and laughed. Then he asked if I was ok and I nodded yes. By then it dawned on me what was going on and I was all for it! He closed the distance between us and finished unzipping the entry zipper. He showed me his pressure gage which showed that he had 7/8ths of his air left and helped me out of the sleeves of the suit. Getting the neck seal over my head was the tricky part because I had to remove my mask (which I slipped over my wrist so I wouldn’t lose it) and my regulator mouthpiece and pull the tight latex collar over my smooth black neoprene helmet. Jacques held the shoulders and I pulled my head through. I thought for a moment the seal was going to stick on my neoprene hood but I got it off w/o tearing, then reinserted my twin-hose mouthpiece cleared it and put my mask back on.

Then Jacques helped me step out of the legs of the suit. I had worn pool-pointes (because I feel more comfortable with something tight on my feet) and a sheer nude back zip Nylon-Lycra unitard as a rash guard. I was still breathing off my Mistral twin-hose which was sitting on the bottom of the pit along side the drysuit which reminded me of a molted snakeskin. Jacques motioned for me to turn around and when I did he unzipped and helped me peel off my unitard then reached between my legs and slipped a finger under the release tab of my Penetrator plug lying flat against my perineum and expertly pushed forward and down so the anti-expulsion ridge slipped under my pubic bone. I squeezed my vaginals and the plug slid out into his hand. He put my rash guard and plug in a mesh specimen bag then removed a lift bag from a pocket of his BCD and attached it to my twin-hose SCUBA set, my drysuit and the specimen bag. Then he had me switch to his Scubapro S600 buddy regulator before he filled the lift bag with the low pressure hose on his octopus and sent most of my equipment to the surface leaving me protected only by the Oves sucking on my ripe cervix (I was CD7 and fertile), the black neoprene helmet protecting my hair and my facemask. I helped him strip out of his Speedo slingshot and stuffed it into a pocket of his BCD. We were ready to rock-and-roll!

Penetration: He felt marvelous, so thick and hard pushing his way inside me until he was up against my ripe cervix and my fertile fluid on the other side of that tiny bit of transparent silicone rubber protecting me from pregnancy and the perils of dive-sex! Jacques is an expert lover and he gave me my pleasure first before satisfying himself. Then we went together and after that he gave me a long series of unbelievably intense orgasms where I just couldn’t get enough air. The multiples experience seemed like it lasted hours when I was trying to breathe and only seconds when it was over though it left me totally drained. He said later that when I was in orgasm and my vaginals were spasming I was the tightest woman he’d ever had! Afterward I kept looking at the amount of air we had left. Dive-sex, if it’s good, doesn’t give the participants much opportunity to conserve air. It’s typical at least for women close to and during orgasm that we can’t suck air fast enough. So with two of us breathing off one tank I didn’t want to find that we needed a stop at 15 feet and had no air to do it. We had about 20% of his air left when we began our ascent. I was so relaxed that I was glad I wasn’t wearing my own dive rig as I would have had to be helped out of it. As it was I was rubber legged when Jacques helped me out of the pool and I managed to slip into a bikini and had a 2 hour nap in one of the chairs beside the pool. It was a wonderful start to a memorable Thanksgiving and an encounter to be truly thankful for.

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  1. That must've been one of the most intense reads I've had with your blogs. I just wish I was in Jacques', er, "shoes."


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