Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day update

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving Day update: Awesome news! Cyndi’s mom, Fiona, and her boyfriend are with us to celebrate Thanksgiving! The Honorable Lady Fiona etc, etc (known to her friends as “Fi”) and her current stud-muffin an SAS Major, Colin Tree, who is with the Military Attaché unit of the Embassy in DC were able to come! I had asked Fi months ago and since her job is liaison between the embassy and our Congress she wasn’t certain how much her expertise would be needed until recently. With health care reform on the front burner and the Afghanistan situation vying for first place for the administrations attention she was allowed a few days leave with the thought that she might get to talk to Senator Reid, to renew an old acquaintance, while Congress is on Thanksgiving break. Limnaea was on the east coast delivering H1N1 vaccine so it was no trouble to pick her and her guy up at Dulles. She was here almost a year ago when Cyndi was recovering from her termination and entered St Lucy’s and for the daughter of a Duke she was such fun! She has a raging libido like mine and a determination to use it to further the interests of her country, so she can be a very persuasive lobbyist. She’s had a GyneFix IUD implanted so she is quite safe from pregnancy. Robin has been working with her in a small pool at my place to give her and her partner a refresher in dive-sex. Before she came out I made sure she has her Gyn check the fit of her diaphragm, but she wants to dive the pit. Because a diaphragm won’t be safe for that I fit her myself for an Oves, she takes a 30mm, and taught her to how to insert it correctly so she can have sex safely at the bottom of the pit.

Jeff, the owner of the electronics and software co. will be joining us as Shelly’s escort for the weekend so that fills out my guest list. For the weekend it will be: Taryn & Chuck, Cyndi & Chris, Anya & Robin, Shelly & Jeff, Marie-Claude & Pirate, Diané & Peter, Fiona & Colin and Jacques & me.

A fertile weekend: Tomorrow I will be CD7 and probably start discharging fertile cervical fluid into my Oves. Those in my circle who are in menstrual synchrony with me will be fertile this holiday weekend. I think that is everyone but Diané who doesn’t have enough exposure to the pheromones from my sweat and Fi. I’m not sure where she is in her cycle. Even Shelly and Marie-Claude the newest members of my ballet company are moving into synchrony with me from the number of sweaty classes and rehearsals we’ve had together.

I’m going to have the dive staff remind everyone to get their dives in before the meals or wait for at least an hour after eating before diving. Diving on a full stomach isn’t a good idea because dive-sex can be so strenuous that indigestion, cramps, nausea and vomiting are common while diving after a heavy meal.

Barre-bound snorkel-sex: Taryn and Chuck and Robin and I visited a local fetish dive club last evening to see what they offered and found their pool condition unappealing if not unsanitary. It was a small indoor recreational swimming pool to which has been added a stainless steel barre on the wall of the pools deep end about 3 feet below the surface. Women’s wrists are cuffed to the barre so that they are held below the surface and use snorkels to breathe while having sex. We liked that bit and I think we will add barres in some of our pools so we can offer that as a BDSM dive option. More Barres in more places!

The thing that turned us off was the litter on the bottom of the pool below where the women are chained. It looked as though no one had ever cleaned up after an encounter. There were all sorts of feminine hygiene and contraceptive devices scattered on the pool bottom: used tampons, Diva cups, several NuvaRings, Ortho and Milex diaphragms, a female condom, a FemCap, a Prentif cap and a Semina diaphragm which probably meant that a St Lucy’s student or faculty member had been taken while chained to the barre. And there were the usual bikini bottoms, commonly forgotten after dive-sex as well as one entire swimsuit. From the debris under the barre it seems it’s common for the Dom to remove his partner’s upper reproductive tract protection before penetration so she is at risk of injury as well as pregnancy from the encounter. I hope that’s explained to the women before they are barre-bound. I suppose the good news is that Plan-B is easily obtainable w/o prescription for anyone 17 y/o or older. Of course if they get PID or have an embolism from not wearing a gas guard Plan-B is no help at all.


  1. I hope everyone there is having a great Thanksgiving holiday. BTW, what is SAS? Strategic Air Services?

  2. SAS stands for Special Air Service

  3. Just looked it up. Wikipedia says it's like our Delta Force.


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