Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The FC2, an unconventional use

The new female condom FC2

Mr. Abduction: Returning readers will remember that in my entry for September 9, 2009 I wrote about Taryn’s stalker who had leapfrogged to the top of my to-do list. He turned out to be a bit more than I first thought and an extremely nasty piece of work which is why it has taken me until now to check him off the list. Apparently he was the man who had been drowning the working girls and students in the swimming pools of empty foreclosed homes in the area. I was in his place some weeks ago while he was at work and he has kept souvenirs! I was told most serial killers do that and I found a box of souvenirs of his victim’s in the spare bedroom he used to store his SCUBA gear and fetishwear. He seemed to be into gas masks and had one of the old Israeli civilian ones with which he was using a filter canister. He kept his victims birth control methods that he took from their purses or bodies, each in a separate dated Ziploc bag: pills, NuvaRing, The patch, two ParaGard and a Mirena IUD, a FemCap a Prentif cap and a Milex Omniflex like I wear except it was a 65mm. The guy must have been killing reproductive age women for years! So we aren’t talking Mr. nice here, though he did have a lovely bod, in a beefy sort of way.

The plan: Taryn said he seemed to know when she was menstrual and she saw him often during her period which was one of the things about him that freaked her out. I’m told some men can smell our menstrual flow but I’ve never known a man who could and we all try to keep ourselves clean with the flow in a diaphragm or cup inside so there is no external source of scent. But if I lured him to me with my blood scent he would be in control of the time and place of our meeting, not a good idea. I decided I had to go to him when I wasn’t menstrual, that way I controlled most of the variables. He was a regular at Naughty’s. I knew I could get him to come to me there it was just a matter of letting him see me and not averting my eyes when he looked my way. And, sure enough the first time we locked eyes he was all over me like white on rice. I played hard to get so we chatted several nights over a period of several weeks and he was particularly attentive when I was menstrual so perhaps he could really tell when a woman is bleeding, but I wasn’t about to let him drill me then.

A condom and coke: As we got to know one another and after he’s had a few beers he told me he suffered from premature ejaculation but used the topical anesthetic lidocaine to numb his penis enough that he could give me what he called an ‘awesome vaginal orgasm’. He also said he hated using male condoms because his root is so thick none of them fit and the ones he could get into were so tight he lost his erection. I told him I loved a man with a thick drill (which I do) but that I had Herpes, HSV, (which I don’t) so we needed to use a condom to keep him safe. But I knew he could screw me safely if we used a female condom which I’d used successfully before and it would fit even the thickest root. I also said he would love using cocaine sprinkled inside the FC2 to numb him instead of the lidocaine. The coke would numb his penis, make him a bit euphoric and feel invincible. He loved the idea of using the FC2 as protection and I think the idea of using coke to delay his ejaculation almost offset his fear of HSV. He saw the condom and coke for protection from Herpes while taking a hit through his penis as a win-win situation. And that was exactly what I thought too.

Execution: One night when he thought he had gotten to know me well and was comfortable that he was in control I let him take me back to his place for our first sexual encounter. He had been working on me for weeks and was wanting me so badly that he was almost drooling and one night at Naughty’s actually shot his wad in his jeans while he was coming on to me. So the night we went back to his place his brain was in an erotic fog and he was totally in thrall to my body. We took his car. There wasn’t anything in the way of preliminaries except him watching me prepare the FC2 we used. . My biggest problem was keeping him calm enough while he undressed me that he didn’t rip my clothes. I helped him undress and then I asked if he wanted to watch me add coke to the condom. He was all for that and watched as I opened an FC2 packet turned the condom inside out and took a packet of super finely ground snow from my bag and thoroughly dusted the lubed inside of the condom with cocaine. He wanted a taste of the coke but I told him no because that would ruin the experience of him absorbing it through his root and he backed off. I carefully turned the FC right side out again and by then he was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. I told him it was best if he slipped into the condom then inserted himself and the condom inside me so we didn’t waste any of the coke and he agreed. Once he was inside the condom I helped him get the FC2 end ring and his head inside me and then in a single powerful thrust he buried himself in me going all the way to my cervix. He was wonderfully thick, probably 2 ¼ inches in diameter but the condom was still plenty loose and he began to set up a thrusting rhythm and said he could feel his root getting numb. It had been less than a minute since he penetrated me.

His breathing became faster then shallow and erratic, his heart was beating faster and as he came in me his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his body began to spasm with his first series of seizures. I had a washcloth by the bed to use for cleanup that I managed to get between his jaws, mainly to prevent him biting me during a seizure. Since he was on top of me and weighed more than twice what I do. I just wrapped my legs around him to hold him deep inside me to let as much of the cocaine as possible be absorbed into his bloodstream to make sure he got as much I needed him to. After about five minutes from the time the seizures started he was dead. No pulse, no respiration no more Mr. Abduction.

Afterward: I had used about a 1/8 oz of absolutely pure (totally uncut) cocaine in the FC2 we used. I had picked it up at one of the parties I cleaned up after where the guests had overdosed on pure snow. I was very careful when rolling him off me not to get any of the powder on my labia or clitoris. That’s one of the nice things about the FC2 the large outer ring protects the woman’s vulva from spills. Wearing a pair of nitrile gloves I pulled the condom off his corpse and put it in a Ziploc bag for disposal. Then going to the closet in the second bedroom I got the box or souvenirs collected from his victims and put it on the bed beside him to give the authorities a hint as to who the guy was. After I left I went around the block to a junker car where Taryn helped me pre-position it several days earlier. I drove south for a while and thought about calling 911 on a prepaid untraceable cell using an electronic voice modulator to disguise my voice to report the sounds of a fight in his apartment. I have a supply of prepaid cell phones that are handy for that sort of thing but I decided not to. I just let nature take its course and when he ripens someone will find him.

The rest of the story: I was all set for it to happen just the way I wrote about it and I’d been working on the project for weeks. It’s all true down to the part where I actually went back to his place and took him out with a coke dusted FC2. But the day we were supposed to go back to his place he was talking on his cell driving in the mountains west of town and sideswiped a rock wall then over corrected and went off a cliff several hundred feet down into a dry creek bed. He and his passenger were both dead. Amazingly, there was no fire. My contacts in the highway patrol said his pants were unzipped and his penis was out of his cup so the woman with him may have been giving him oral at the time. Even if I wasn’t responsible I think the Families will be pleased when the police search his apartment and find out who he was – the Families have contacts in the police dept. - though there will almost certainly be nothing in the media since few if any of the killings were ever reported. There may eventually be something if some of the souvenirs can be linked to women who were reported missing.

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