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Abortion fatality wearing gas mask rebreather bag

Heavily modified PMK-2 gasmask with 2 rebreather bags and inflatable gag

Rebreather bag fatality: I was called to the apartment of a daughter of one of the Vegas movers and shakers the other night to do a cleanup. I took Taryn with me as she needs to see the sort of things kids accidentally do to themselves when they play with adult toys they don’t understand. We found the 19 y/o blond in a black heavy rubber encasement suit, a pair of black latex ballet boots, heavy rubber gloves and a black rubber gasmask and zippered hood like the one shown in the image accompanying this entry. The mask had been Customized in the UK, heavily modified from a new Russian PMK gas mask and included: dark lenses; a fully Bonded long neck zipped back hood that can be tucked into rubber encasement suit for total enclosure; twin rebreathing bags, a 90 degree threaded connector with 3.0 liter rebreathing bag and a 45 degree threaded connector with 3.0 liter rebreathing bag; and a fitted inflatable gag insert which measures around 2.5" x 1.5" un-inflated and inflates to the size of a large fist, inflated by the bulb syringe hanging from the front of the mask. However, the girl had detached the front rebreather bag (with the 45 degree threaded connector) and in its place connected the corrugated rubber hose from her nitrous oxide tank and regulator to the masks standard 40 mm coupling.

Vacuum abortion as porn: We were called when her maid found her Monday evening. From the looks of things, the smell, her newspapers that had gone uncollected over the weekend and the calls on her answering machine it appears she died some time Friday night. She had recorded a video of the whole thing it was to be a rehearsal for a snuff video she intended to produce. She was 8 weeks pregnant and was blocking out the scenes for recording the vacuum abortion she was going to perform on herself. Her older sister works in the San Fernando Valley for an adult media company and had borrowed the mask, hood and the vacuum abortion machine from her company for her kid sister to use.

Prologue: In a recorded prologue on the rehearsal video the girl who was using ‘Amber’ as her nom de théâtre and fully dressed (with the exception of the gasmask) in her encasement suit, latex ballet boots and hood explained that she had been using nitrous oxide when she conceived and in the weeks following before she realized she was pregnant. In addition to not being certain who the father was and not wanting the baby she was concerned that by being on N2O so much she might miscarry and if she carried to term the child could have birth defects. So she had decided to terminate it and make a video of the abortion to sell through her sister’s company. She was doing the demo video to send to her sister’s company to see if they were interested and said that during the demo/rehearsal she would be wearing a Semina diaphragm so the fetus was quite safe, and while smiling at the camera she patted her still hard flat belly. For the real thing she said she planned to take Mifeprex two days before videoing the extraction so the fetus would be detached from the uterine wall to minimize the likelihood of hemorrhaging. She said the things she loved best about wearing the mask her sister let her borrow was the dark lenses so that during close-ups no one could look in and see who she was and the dark lenses also it made it much easier to make the demo by protecting her eyes when the harsh studio lighting was in her face.

The machine: The abortion machine was a porn film prop not a medically approved vacuum termination device. However, it was technically correct in every way and quite capable of terminating a pregnancy. It is a bit ‘larger-than-life’ if you know what I mean. It has much longer hoses, larger clear vacuum containers for the evacuated tissue and fluid, a larger pump motor and a larger vaginal probe that is inserted to cover and seal the cervix for the vacuum extraction, all of which make it more impressive when the device is inserted in the heroine/victim during the studio porn videos.

Of course fetal extractions are done with a cannula inserted carefully through the cervix into the uterus not by a hose clamped over the cervix and the uterus evacuated by brute force. That sort of thing is the porn industry adding fantasy which if carried out in real life would result hemorrhaging where the fetus was ripped from the uterine wall. Once that occurs it is difficult to stop the bleeding even in a hospital setting, but then that wasn’t what she has planned.

Insertion: In the video Amber sat on the edge of a heavily padded leather recliner and took her Semina out of its case. After unzipping the crotch of her encasement suit she lubed the rim of her diaphragm with a little Astroglide and spreading her labia with the fingers of one hand she compressed the rim and pushed it into her vagina and tucked the rim up behind her pubic bone. Then she uncoiled the vacuum hose attached to the vaginal probe and explained what she was doing as she inserted the spring loaded probe in her vagina so that it pushed the dome of the diaphragm down sheathing her cervix in silicone as the cup of the probe was forced down over it. She continued to compress the spring loaded probe until the locking ridge fit up behind her pubic bone to prevent accidental expulsion of the probe while extraction is underway. She explained that she had inserted the probe before and found that it aroused her but she had never turned it on. For the preview she said she was going to turn it on briefly after she put on her mask and took a little gas to work up her courage just to see what it felt like because she knew she was safe that night with her diaphragm blocking access to her uterus.

She put on her mask sealed the single 3 liter rebreather bag connected to the left side of her mask and pumped up the inflatable gag so any screams would be muffled. Then she depressed the gas flow control button on the hose connected to her nitrous oxide regulator and as she took several deep breaths you could see the tension go out of her shoulders. She stood up and already she was unsteady in her latex ballet boots. They are what I call fantasy boots because they provide almost no support because the latex is so stretchy the wearer can’t stay over her center or use the shanks for support. The sort of boots she was wearing while expensive are only good to pose in. Standing up in her fantasy boots was her first mistake. Her second mistake was turning on the pump of the vacuum abortion machine. As she staggered around a bit rubber-legged from the N2O and in unstable boots she looked at the vacuum gauges on the pump and saw that the cannisters and hose/probe assembly were being evacuated, and pointed to the guages and nodded. I don’t know if with the hood and mask on she could hear the pump motor sraining or not, but on the video it is certainly plain enough that the motor is under load. About then she tried taking another step or two in her latex boots and that’s when things went terribly wrong.

Evacuation: On the video suddenly there was a jerk in the vacuum hoses and the pump motor no longer sounded as though it was under strain. Simultaneously Amber doubled over clawing at her crotch trying to pull the probe out and red blood and tissue spewed into the evacuated tissue canister. At that point it was obvious that the pump was so powerful that it sucked a hole in the dome of her diaphragm and her vacuum abortion was underway w/o her having prepared by taking Mifeprex. She staggered backward and her ankle gave way. Both Taryn and I thought we heard her ankle snap as she fell off pointe in her boots and toppled backwards where her head hit the edge of a marble topped table. It must have broken her neck as when she hit the floor her head was at an angle that no human neck can maintain and still be in one piece. She was either dead or paralyzed as she didn’t move at all after she hit the floor. The only thing that kept going was the pump. It was still running shredding and sucking out her upper reproductive tract and transferring the pulp into two two liter tissue canisters. By the time it perforated her uterus and tore a small hole in her abdominal wall the two canisters were nearly full. When it punctured her abdominal wall the air it sucked around her suits open crotch zipper set up a sort of gurgling whistle sound we could hear when we first walked into her apartment

Afterward: The pump was still running when Taryn and I got there. Amber had apparently emptied her bladder early in her death spiral as the carpet was stained and reeked of urine. It was amazing that there was almost no blood anywhere but in the canisters of the vacuum extractor. Since the Family wanted to mourn their daughter not clandestinely dispose of her body there was little we could do for them except to express our condolences and suggest a closed casket funeral because the tight latex encasing her body had left a pattern of indentation and bruising that could only be interpreted one way. Her parents were concerned that she had been the victim of a fetish murder, but there was no evidence of that. Her death was because she didn’t understand the capabilities and therefore didn’t realize the dangers of the equipment she was using which led to a series of poor choices and accidents. It was death by misadventure. I tried to reason with her parents but they insisted on seeing the video. Afterward her mom had to be hospitalized, but they both agreed no one else was to blame. Someone had obviously helped Amber into her encasement suit before she began her video but I wasn’t going to go there and her parents didn’t ask and with any luck no one else will either


  1. I normally don't comment on this stuff. I don't really comperhend why she just did not go to a clinic! or have a doctor on the stand by . Someone helped her into the suit. Where were or was that person ? To stop the pump? What a shame !

  2. Paul:

    I am of the thought that if she went to a clinic, depending on Nevada law, the doctor might have informed her parents, and she didn't want that shame with said parents. Still I don't know why she did all this.


    I'm wondering if the "right-to-life" people might use this story to propogate their agenda to overturn Roe v. Wade, or maybe the pro-choice advocates to sustain it. It seems the description was very macabre, and I can see where each side of the issue would take it. Anti-abortionists stating the procedure is dangerous and shouldn't be attempted, while pro-abortionists state it is dangerous, and it should be done only by a doctor, not by yourself.

  3. I think she wanted to be like her sister and be in adult films and saw her condition as 'content' only she had access to and tried to use it. But she was inexperienced with the equipment she used and that got her into a situation she couldn’t recover from.


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