Friday, October 23, 2009

Ballet and lactation

Practicing her aim with a full breast

Ballet, boobs and balance: I had such a lovely chat with a friend last evening! It started with how the economies in our respective areas of the country were doing and I was telling him about how the trade in very high end escorts and porn had taken off here as men retreated into fantasy as the economy tanked and that the high end European and Asian men seem to prefer big breasted blonds. And since we are a service industry we provide what the customer wants.

We commented about breast size not being all there is to a woman and I agreed saying that even with me lactating I’m just a 32A/B cup and when my breasts are engorged I’m a small B. And that I’m glad my set is no larger since for a classical dancer large breasts are a problem. Big boobs throw a dancer’s balance off and there is inertia to overcome starting and stopping turns and in jumps and landings as well so a B cup is about all a classical dancer can handle w/o binding her chest with an elasticized bandage or wearing a really snug body suit with built-in compression cups.

My friend asked how I came to be lactating and I told him. I have told this story before but perhaps not on Blogger so I’ll go over it again for readers who might care. First, no I wasn’t pregnant. Several years ago I was working as a model for a Canadian latex fetishwear company and I got a lot of breast stimulation while getting in and out of latex encasement suits. And, at the time I had a boyfriend who was very big into boobs and breast play. So much so that it seemed, to me anyway, most of the time he was with me he had one on my nipples in his mouth. Over a several month period my nipples began to leak and then flow and my breasts started to grow larger as my milk came in. My doctor had my pituitary gland checked for a tumor – a common cause of an increased prolactin level and nipple discharge) and found none. After that he concluded I was healthy and I’d just had induced lactation from the amount of breast stimulation increasing my prolactin level.

Now that I’m established in Vegas I have a stable of men who milk me and seem to enjoy the taste of warm breast milk. Being milked always makes me want sex. I think the oxytocin rush coming from breast feeding was originally a bonding mechanism between mother and infant but for me it seems to work just as well between adults. And my younger Ward, Cyndi, loves to milk me too. I think at least with Cyndi I’m Bi because we have such a good time in bed together. Fortunately she turned 16 earlier this year so she’s legal now in Nevada. I try to be careful that both of my breasts get the same amount of attention so one doesn’t get larger than the other. That would really be hell for a classical dancer, having to pad myself out… OMG!

I have a portable Medela battery powered breast pump for when I’m traveling and there is no one around to milk me, but I try to find a man interested in volunteering and I’m usually successful, especially if I offer penetrative sex afterward. If I’m flying commercial I’ll just pour the pumped milk down the sink rather that the hassle of trying to tell the TSA screeners it isn’t a bomb. That’s one reason I have ‘Limnaea’ my Gulfstream G550. No showing my diaphragms and plug sets to screeners and sex in flight when I’m on my own plane!

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