Thursday, October 29, 2009

Disappearances at sea

An all-suites luxury cruise ship in the Caribbean

Rubberstud’s lawyer called: He asked to speak with me as Shelly’s supervisor. He said he was designated as the ICE (in case of emergency) contact for Rubberstud’s affairs and wanted to let me know that Rubberstud and his wife, Shelly, are missing at sea from a luxury cruise liner in the Caribbean.

I told him I thought he had been misinformed, at least about Shelly. He was embarrassed but pleased to learn that Shelly was safe here in Vegas. Then, after a pause while we both came to the same conclusion, he started apologizing for having to break the news that his client apparently went overboard with his mistress last night during a two week Caribbean tryst. He said the cruise line security who contacted him told him the missing couple was traveling as man and wife and had talked enthusiastically with their dinner companions about the costumes they were going to wear for the Halloween ball. They were seen in one of the lounges dancing after midnight and didn’t appear for breakfast this morning. No one thought anything of it until he got an urgent message related to business and they could locate neither him nor his companion. Security said they were looking at all the security cams that cover the ship to see if there are images of them going over the side. So far they have found nothing.

Shelly seems stunned by the news. At some level she still loves him and was hoping for reconciliation. On another level she realizes that was very unlikely and she was resigned to waiting out the terms of her Pre-nup and getting a divorce. But she and I did go to Naughty’s the other night to ogle men. She is an amazing flirt and we both had a good time. It was good fun and took her mind off her man problems. That night she went home to an empty bed and I went home to Caesar. Her husband’s attorney said the missing couples possessions were packed up and are being shipped to his home in Vegas where they both just transferred residence.

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  1. Well, if Rubberstud is out of commission permanently, then it's time for you to take Shelly to the meat market.


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