Sunday, October 4, 2009

Semen filled ballet boots

A student lacing up her trainers

Ballet boot lab: One of the eagerly anticipated lab sessions of my AST class at St Lucy’s is one where the students get to see what it’s like to walk around in their Pleasure boots after watching the toe boxes being filled with fresh semen. It’s a confidence building exercise for the girls because they get to be surrounded by masturbating men so the students can get to watch the different techniques and even ask questions. The lab is a joint exercise between our Casino’s Escort training program and the school. Teaming up with the casino’s escort trainees gives the school access to a large pool of STI screened men who are known to be sexually proficient. A large pool is required because I need four men for every girl, so two can ejaculate in each of her boots. It’s also a good experience for the escorts because they are called on to masturbate on demand in front of a group of giggly teens, which (I’m told) some guys find difficult to do. I suppose it depends on the guy and most seem to be able to get off pretty quickly when they aren’t distracted, but in front of teens making remarks about their size – all the guys are well endowed and none is less than eight inches when erect – like “OMG! Where would you put all that!” while pressing their knees tightly together and giggling I can see that for a trainee that could be distracting. But some guys have told me they are aroused by getting to shoot off in a boot-chicks ballet heels and they just try and stay focused. So it really depends on what turns a guy on.

Cold semen pools: Most girls in AST are fascinated watching a man masturbate (some have never seen it done before) and are amazed at how forceful semen can be expelled with some men spurting fifteen or twenty feet sometimes with as much as a tablespoon (15ml) of fluid if he hadn’t ejaculated in several days. Having four guys jerking off in their boots nearly simultaneously is a turn on for the girls as they see it more as a sign of being desirable to men rather than part of a school exercise. The guys are trying to concentrate holding their partner’s boot by the instep with the shaft unzipped and folded back so the inside of the toe-box is as wide open as it can be while stroking away. I have coached the students ahead of time to watch what happens as their guys get wet with precum and then swell that last little bit just before they shoot their wads in the blocks of their boots. That’s such a great opportunity (a teaching moment) for a girl to see the mechanics of the process that she can usually only feel as it goes on inside her during a typical encounter. We all have experienced the cold wet spot in the bed after sex with a guy so no one should be surprised at how fast fresh semen loses body heat and how cold the semen pooled in the toe boxes is when students stuff their taped toes into the pool and sperm squishes between their toes, but they always are, including me and I’ve forced my toes into semen filled boots hundreds of times. Because of the 4:1 ratio of men to women and since there are only 20 men in our Escort program right now we break the AST class into three sections of four girls each with sixteen men.

At the end of the class the girls get to choose which one of the men who furnished semen to squish between her toes she wants to drill her. That’s always a fave aspect of this lab. It’s also something that the men are judged on, their attractiveness to very young women who are just entering the game pool. The men are also judged on their ability to stay focused and erect through distractions, their speed and approximate quantity of their ejaculate and for the men chosen for sex, their ability to give the student a vaginal orgasm.

Preparation: The preparation for the lab is pretty standard, ensuring that the padded inserts in the students Pleasure boots are changed to ones with non absorbing pads so the semen will stay pooled rather than being quickly wicked away as fluid will in the standard boot inserts used to keep the wearer’s feet as dry as possible. To prevent a student from saying she had an orgasm when she didn’t (a common practice among young girls and for some carried on into maturity) she wears a lab diaphragm as a gas guard to prevent over pressure events like a playful lab partner’s blowing in her vagina while giving her oral. But in addition to providing over pressure protection the lab diaphragm has a chip that provides a three channel telemetry signal measuring heart rate, respiration and vaginal contractions so faculty can tell when the student is orgasmic.

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