Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ballet boots and penetration

A showgirl student at a casino boot school

Sex with a boot-babe: It seems a lot of my readers, the ones who write to me, are interested in stories about me or my friends having sex while wearing ballet boots. What is it about the tight black leather sheathed pointed female foot that lights a guy’s fuse? Do you want to see us mince and stumble around painfully or the sway of our hips as we stride confident in our mastery of our fetish footwear with their 7 inch heels? I think sometimes it may be the smell of sweat dampened leather and boot polish and the sound of the spikes and platforms hitting a hard surface as we cross a room with a hard floor. Or is it the shaft locks securely in place at their boot tops that keep a boot-chick’s toes pointed that is the turn-on? Some of my stallions love to watch as I prepare for sex on my toes by first taping then padding my toes before pushing my feet into the padded toe boxes of a pair of Gepetto’s pleasure boots and zipping up the shafts so they grip my waxed and lightly oiled legs. The custom boots are, for me a very experienced wearer, quite comfortable. If I go walking or shopping in a pair of my pleasure boots my toes numb after about ten minutes on them (as they do when I’m en pointe in pointe-shoes) so it’s really no more than what I’m used to, less actually, with the additional ankle support of the leather shafts encasing my ankles.

Some women never get used to wearing ballet heels and always find it torture. Even experienced ballet dancers who have worn pointes for years often find it difficult to stay en pointe for long intervals, but I thrive on what other women describe as torture. Of course there’s the fact that I’m a masochist and love a bit of pain with my fetish footwear. So when my calves cramp, as they occasionally do even for me, I enjoy those moments too.

Penetrated in boots: Some men want me on my back with my legs in the air, knees against my belly so they can smell my boot scent; the leather damp with sweat and my body lotion as they kneel between my legs thrusting into me. Other men want my legs raised over my head and straight so they can hold onto the boots spike heels while their glistening shafts pump thick hot cream into the softness of my most intimate parts. Still others take me while I’m standing at the barre in one of my practice studios. They will have me in a Tankini with a side-tie thong bottom that they quickly remove by tugging at the bows on both hips. Or they will want me barelegged in a Russian style tutu with a thong bottom that can be pulled to one side for access and penetration. With tutus there is the rustle of the layers of stiff fabric of the skirt and the scent of starch and fabric as I’m bent over with my feet in second position holding on to the barre while my partner enters me. Of course I’m tighter and deeper on my toes because my pelvic muscles are clenched and my uterus is pulled further out of the way by gravity. If I’m being taken from behind en pointe in a studio I try to position us where I can look to the side in a wall mirror and watch my lover as he strokes, moving in and out of me so I can put the visual with the pelvic sensation.

Contraception: Orgasm is always fun. Even if it is a quickie or he isn’t a considerate lover so he doesn’t give me the pleasure of my own orgasm I get pleasure from feeling him fill me with hundreds of millions of his sperm any one of which could leave me pregnant if he catches me unprotected when I’m fertile or I have a birth control failure. Few of my lovers ask what I’m using for birth control, or if I’m using anything at all. I suppose they assume I’m taking care of that and am comfortable with my decision or they wouldn’t be planting their seed in my belly. Of course that’s not always the case with boot-babes who may be looking for money by blackmailing a lover who (she says) 'accidentally' got her pregnant.

The importance of a fellatio guard: The fellatio guard was designed to protect a man from being bitten while mistreating a woman when she’s giving him oral. However, what we have found is that we actually have more use for it as a protective device for women during extremely rough sex. It is much better than a ball-gag which is sometimes used as a protective device because the fellatio guard has a 2 ¼ inch diameter hole where the ball in the ball-gag would be so it keeps the wearer’s airway open and prevents her from injuring herself with her teeth. As with a ball-gag a fellatio guard is held in place by a head harness to prevent the wearer from accidentally, or intentionally, expelling it

Fellatio guards and UDP: Any woman doing ultra-deep penetration (UDP) should wear a fellatio guard to prevent biting her tongue and the insides of her cheeks during maximum penetration when her endometrium is being shredded and her uterus is being pushed up against the bottom of her tightly laced corset. The oral nasal anesthesia masks we use for UDP are fitted over the woman’s face during prep while she is wearing a fellatio guard to make sure it seals correctly. A fellatio guard also keeps her airway open so she can breathe while her partner is thrusting in her uterus because the pain causes her to cry and her tear ducts empty into her nose which often causes mucus to block her nasal passages.

Footwear and attitude: It’s also a good idea for new chicks in ballet heels to wear a fellatio guard, at least for the first few encounters while she is learning what to expect since guys are known to be influenced toward rough sex by a girl wearing ballet boots rather than the more feminine satin pointe shoes for the same encounter. Who could have known? But it’s true! Go figure! I think it’s a woman’s leather sheathed feet and legs that sets guys off. That’s why the students in my Advanced Sexual Techniques class at St Lucy’s are all fitted for fellatio guards when they get their first pair of ballet boots from Gepetto. Speaking of rough sex and women’s leather sheathed feet. I’ve even noticed a difference in how I’m taken by the stallions in my stable when I’m in satin pointes Vs black leather ones. I’m in for a much more intense encounter if I’m wearing leather pointes, especially if they are black!

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