Friday, October 30, 2009

Fatal distraction

An Italian marble tiled foyer

Gas mask mistress’s fatal distraction: One of our casino’s owners had an unfortunate home accident. Well, more correctly his mistress (a show girl in one of our cabarets) did. She was wearing a standard Mestel SGE 400 gas mask with one of Gepetto’s N2O tank and reg units connected by a corregated rubber hose to the 40 mm canister mount. She got off the bed in the master bedroom to pee and he thinks she was so disoriented from the nitrous oxide she went out the bedroom door into an upstairs hallway. Apprently she was so buzzed and unstable on her feet - she was wearing ballet boots, which didn’t help her stability - that she collided with and went over the hall banister and fell twenty feet on to the Italian marble foryer and broke her neck. An autopsy showed she was about 6 weeks pregnant. She had a NuvaRing contraceptive inserted and shouldn’t have gotten preggers if she had been using it correctly.

Sometimes if the guy is large or just catches the ring the right way he can hook it and pull it out with his penis so women on the ring should always check to see that it’s still where it should be after her partner withdraws. If the ring is out for more than three hours the wearer is risking pregnancy until it has been inserted again for at least seven days while her hormonal protection is restored, so perhaps her lover accidently pulled it out (I heard him kidding her about him accidently pulling it out once) and she didn’t get it back in in under three hours. That’s at least one possibility or perhaps she just drew the short straw and she was the one in one hundred for which the hormones fail and she concieved. Her lover says he didn’t know about her pregnancy. He is trying to keep his wife, who is out of town with a sister who is dying of cancer, from finding out. His companion’s N2O tank cracked some of the imported marble floor and he’s upset because his builder is having a difficult time finding matching pieces for replacement.

No method of contraception is perfect so even as professionals we all have the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy hanging over us. Since for me the liklihood is so slight I just try not to think about it and know I’d terminate if I should accidently become preggers. Well, If it was by Robin I’d have to think about it and let him help me decide. Not that I’ve got baby fever, but Robin is one beautiful man!

An escort trainee dies: It’s been a pretty gruesome week as far as deaths close to home are concerned. The disappearance of Rubberstud and his paramour off the cruise ship, gas mask-girl high on N2O falling to her death and now this.

Robin had his trainee partner die during dive-sex this week. She had undergone a complete physical and was supposedly physically and emotionally in great shape. Certainly she was a man’s fantasy to look at. She had shoulder length naturally blond hair, high cheekbones, full pouty lips, a strong chin, narrow waist, lovely feminine hips, a wide pelvis, a deep tight vagina, tight high buns, gorgeous long legs and beautiful C-cup breasts. She had a body every woman would die for!

It was Robin’s first death of a partner while having sex with her and it has left him shaken and feeling responsible. I keep telling him that she was training to be a professional escort and knew it could be physically demanding. Actually, she enjoyed her work, interacting so intimately with men, so I’m thinking she was almost certainly enjoining what she and Robin were doing when she died. And it was fast. The ME said she probably was unconscious seconds after her heart stopped. Robin said she never gave him any indication that she was in distress, her back arched she exhaled a big cloud of bubbles and stopped breathing. He did everything he could, releasing her from the ankle leashes that held her in a split five feet off the bottom of a twenty foot deep training pool and rushed her to the surface. But she never responded to CPR or a deliberator. We try to minimize this sort of thing as it’s bad for business not to mention the relatives. Fortunately in this case she was an only child and her parents are dead so there are no relatives to notify and try to explain to why their daughter drowned while swimming.

Compassionate therapy in death rubber: I’ve been giving him as much compassionate therapy as I can in the few days since it happened, trying to get his confidence back that he won’t kill his partners. Fortunately for me she was my size except for slightly bigger breasts, so I harvested the beavertail jacket she was wearing when she died. It is one of Gepettos new beavertail jacket design (cut high in front to display the hips and pelvis) in white 3 mm neoprene and my first ‘death rubber’ in that design. [For more about Gepetto’s new beavertail design, see my entry for October 25, 2009] I wear it during therapy sessions with Robin and while it freaked him out at first that I was wearing the same suit his partner died in I’m intentionally using it as a stressor and he’s come to see it as a challenge that he needs to come to terms with. For me when I wear it I can feel her aura still inhabiting the suit. She is such a happy spirit and I feel she is bringing me good luck with her positive Chi. Robin and I spend as much time as nitrogen loading will allow in a shallow pool going over and over his dive-sex technique to help him regain his assertiveness. I keep telling him there is nothing wrong with what he did with her and what he is doing now – he has amazing technique - and the odds are no other woman will be injured while having dive-sex with him. But dive-sex is a contact sport and shit happens! Her death wasn’t his fault she just died in his arms from an undetected imperfection in her heart that couldn’t stand the stress of her having a very good time in a hostile environment. Actually, when my time comes I wouldn’t mind going out like that.

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