Friday, October 2, 2009

Arousal and the coil spring diaphragm

X-ray of a diaphragm property positioned in the pubic notch

Arousal and the coil spring diaphragm: Inserting a coil spring diaphragm can be tricky after you’re aroused. One of the girls who participated in the orgy Taryn organized in a UNLV dorm the latter part of August called her for help because she didn’t want to go to Student Health. Her problem, she was pregnant and she didn’t want her parents to know. I’m pretty sure there is doctor-patient confidentiality at Student Health, but she was freaking out so Taryn promised to help and had her come over so she (we really, because I insisted on being there) could see if we could find out what sort of mistake she made to end up with an unplanned pregnancy. Student Health at UNLV had fit her with an Ortho latex 65mm coil spring rim diaphragm the previous year and she had her fit checked at her annual in June before she returned to school. The problem wasn’t with her fit. We found she made a very common mistake in the way she was inserting the diaphragm. After insertion she was not checking to see if the dome was covering her cervix before any penetration occurred because she (said she) hadn’t been trained correctly in the use of her diaphragm and didn’t know to feel for her cervix to make sure it was under the rubber dome. A second problem (which complicated the first one) was that she was waiting until she was aroused before inserting her D.

Returning readers will remember that when aroused the vagina ‘tents’ or lengthens as the uterus and cervix are pulled up and back out of the way of a thrusting penis. The further back the cervix goes the harder it is to get the diaphragm rim behind the cervix so it is covered and that is especially true of the coil spring style which compresses into a long oval for insertion. That makes the coil spring D easier to insert improperly so that the cervix is left unprotected than if an arcing spring style is being used. And, that is what was happening in the case of Taryn’s friend, who said that her D was comfortable the way she inserted it and so she never checked with her fingers to ensure that her cervix was covered.

I tell all my students that if at all possible they should insert their diaphragms ahead of time when they aren’t aroused. That way they will have a much easier time inserting correctly and there won’t be such a rush to get it inserted so their lover can get his in too. I stress that just because a diaphragm is comfortable does not mean it is protecting the cervix and they should check every time at insertion, again just before intercourse and again immediately afterward to ensure the cervix is covered so if the D has displaced she can take emergency contraception (EC) as soon as possible.

Now she knows what she was doing wrong and why she got preggers and how to use her D correctly so I think it is unlikely to happen again. We discussed her alternatives and she decided to terminate the pregnancy. I went with her to our Clinic where I know there is patient confidentiality and she took Mifeprex. She was very calm saying that she made a mistake and had to take care of the problem herself because she needed an advanced degree and knew her boyfriend who was the father would have wanted her to keep the baby. Our clinic’s patients have had great success using Mifeprex and if they take the pills as directed and have the follow up visit we have had 100% success with more than 800 Mifeprex terminations. I think the number is that high because we serve all facets of the entertainment community as patients as well as a lot of conventioneers and tourists who have accidents during encounters and use their time in Vegas to take care of the problem away from home where what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. There are also a good many low income members of the community who have little experience with birth control until they find themselves pregnant and we try to help them too.

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