Friday, October 16, 2009

Armored Pleasure boots

A student adjusting her laces during finals

Lightly armored pleasure boots: I’m the only woman owner-partner (I’m the major partner actually) in the casino/resort and when I’m on duty I’ve been wearing black Wolford Fatal fifteen tights, black leather Freed Classic pointes with Forteflex shanks and a black front closure compression cup sports top with an 18c French gold filigree barrette holding my hair in a high pony tail. In addition to an Oves or Prentif cap I also wear a Penetrator plug. As an Owner-Manager I work plugged – because, as I’ve mentioned before, you would be surprised (or perhaps not) how many men want to cop a feel of my crotch and the firm warm convex shape of the rubber plug head they fondle through the sheer black seamless crotch of my Wolfords, lets them know I'm not available. It saves me telling the men to stop fingering my crotch. That costume has worked well enough for me in the past but we have had several recent instances of aggressive women hurting staff with the heels of their ballet boots so I’ve decided I need to dress with a bit more edge and authority in my costume. I’m replacing the feminine pointes with black leather ballet boots. If it’s a bad night I might even carry a riding crop like Toni Lander in the ballet Miss Julie. Another plus for ballet boots is that it’s easier for a lover to milk me while we are standing because I’m already 7 ½ inches taller. We just find a quiet corner, and I unfasten my front closure sports top to make my nipples accessible. That’s fun for both of us and works really well for me!

I’ve been working with Gepetto’s head ballet boot designer to create a new custom design I can wear at the casino complex when I’m on duty as owner-manager. It’s basically a lightly armored Pleasure boot with very light weight titanium plates covering the boot shaft and instep and zipper-guards so a lucky slash won’t cut me out of my boot. It’s not a boot that would withstand an attack by a woman in knife-pointe fighting boots, but something that will keep me safe if a drunken woman in ballet boots rakes her heel down the shaft of my boot or jams her heel in my laces while trying to puncture my instep. As ballet boots become more fashionable they have started appearing in the mainstream casinos, clubs and restaurants and a lot of the women wearing them are not only drunk but in pain from not being used to standing on their toes for extended intervals. Most of them are just boot-chick wannabes; amateurs who can’t talk the talk much less walk the walk, especially in ballet boots! It’s almost painful watching some of the women try and our foot care salon is getting a lot of business trying to repair broken and ingrown nails. A lot more are referred to our podiatrists or Orthropods for broken toes, we have two who are on staff to treat our dancers for pointe and ballet boot related problems.

Naughty Pleasures: We had a Texan in Naughty’s the other night when I was on duty who had obviously had a lot of practice because he knew exactly what he was doing. He pushed his server down across the table, slit the crotch of her tights, slipped his finger into the pull tab that was flat against her perineum, pulled out her plug, inserted two fingers and finger-fucked her. Then rinsed his finger off in his dates drink! It was actually fun watching him work and he was so quick and firm but gentle that the bar-girl was taken by surprise and didn’t struggle or complain afterward, but that was probably because he stuffed a hundred in her cleavage to pay for the tights he cut her out of. Go figure! Otherwise he and his girlfriend were good customers and after his server changed her tights she was very attentive to their needs and got a nice tip when they left. She was smiling the rest of the night, obviously in afterglow, remembering the big Texan’s fingers moving in and out of her. Tights get runs in them frequently so having the crotches slit occasionally is no big deal and the customer was gracious enough to pay for the damage. No, we didn’t ask the girl to cover the cost of the pair she was cut out of. We buy them by the gross so while they are good quality when purchased in bulk they are inexpensive. Besides, the entertainment value for the other customers in Naughty’s was priceless! It’s the sort of thing that gets around and brings in customers hoping to see something similar.


  1. Describing your outfit when you're "on duty" makes me want to see it in at least a photo. I know it's Vegas versus Iowa, but the cocktail waitresses at the isle in Waterloo don't dress any more risquely than a black minidress. I don't remember what the ladies wore when the Hooters Casino was the San Remo, and I've not seen any other casino's outfits, so I have to wonder what all the ladies wear there. I would have at least thought when you're in management mode, you'd wear some sort of blazer over what you describe.

  2. Sigh! This is Vegas baby! And I adore showing off my lovely bare shoulders. If there is trouble I'm the only one with a riding crop so there is absolutely no doubt about who’s in charge.

  3. Well, the crop would make you look like you're in charge, but with some of the crowd out there, I'd expect a cattle prod. Hello!

  4. You know I have a C2, but it's bad form for management to Tase customers. I've only needed the crop once and then I just flicked the guy’s package. He was choking someone under a table at the time and when I stung him he tried to straighten up with such force he knocked himself out. I thought he might have fractured his skull but he didn’t even have a concussion. Of course if push comes to shove I’m not alone. There are always several security men in the background, but I’ve never needed them during my involvement with customers in the public areas.

  5. True. I forgot about security.


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