Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pointe sex in dead shoes

Grishkos with shredded platform muffle padding

Melting blocks and pointe sex: In my Advanced Sexual Techniques class one of the bizarre aspects of being a ballet dancer that I cover is being courted by ‘toe freaks’. The guys are usually harmless but want to know everything about the pointe shoes the girl he’s dating wears. Almost all men I have been sexually involved with like to take their dancer partner when she is en pointe because she is her tightest and deepest that way. For toe freaks however having her wear sweat dampened pointes enhances his experience because the musky scent of damp leather and sweat softened paste in conventionally made shoes is much stronger. Penetrating the girl on her toes in ‘dead’ pointes; damp shoes with shanks which no longer provide support because they flex more with the sweat softened paste in the melting blocks allowing the toe boxes to deform under the wearer’s weight is, for a guy who is really into sex with girls en pointe, considered truly awesome because of the look, the sound (the soles creak and there is a soft thump when she moves on the melted platforms), the smell and the pain it causes the girl whose feet are not properly supported when en pointe in melting blocks. However, what we don’t tell the guys is that if our toes are properly taped and padded sex on our toes in melting blocks usually isn’t all that uncomfortable, so that’s our little secret, ok?

The toe freaks a dancer has to be very careful with aren’t the ones who suck the toe cheese (the paste of dead skin, sweat and tape adhesive) from between our toes or even the ones who pull the tape off our toes with their teeth and eat it or who suck on our smelly gel toe pads while drilling us. Those guys are harmless and can be fun to date as they are such enablers for kinky sex! The ones who need to be carefully watched are the ones who eat the calluses off our toes and the soles of our feet because that can cause a ballet dancer considerable trouble and there is sometimes a very thin line between a guy who eats the tape off our toes and one who eats our calluses. If a girl loses her calluses her shoes don’t fit properly and her confidence and performances suffer. She can make up some of the difference in fitting by additional padding and in some cases the use of an anesthetic gel in her pads but it takes a few weeks for her to re-grow the calluses to performance level which can be a real determent to her confidence which often shows in her performances.

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