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VDVs and free-running orgasms

A Scubapro S600 second stage regulator

Custom VDVs: Gepetto’s dive shop has worked with our clinic to standardized fittings for Vaginal Demand Valves (VDVs) and is establishing VDV as an up-market name for the device, preparing for a time when the unit can be publicly sold if there is enough market. Pussy reg, sounded so, well, plebian – vulgar, course or common.

Colored purge covers for the S600 regulator

Scubapro S600 second stage: We are using a Scubapro S600 second stage reg with a yellow purge cover (to identify it as the vaginal demand valve) at the end of the octopus. In an emergency it can be used as a buddy reg. but the mouth piece has been extensively modified to fit the user’s pelvic anatomy with the individual wings widened and the shoulder of the left wing padded where it rests against the back of the pubic bone when locked in place. The S600 is a good inexpensive (less than $600) regulator that allows diver adjustable inhalation effort a feature vital to its successful use for vaginal orgasms. This feature permits the diver to adjust the breathing effort (cracking pressure) via an oversized control knob which allows a girl using it as a VDV to fine tune the regulator just this side of free flow for ‘vaginal breathing’.

Vaginal breathing: Vaginal breathing is an evolving technique that we are learning more about as we gain experience with the use of VDVs and it gives us new capabilities for the use of gas in the diving community. I was chatting with a friend the other day about what the intent was, from a woman’s point of view, of being bubble fucked and I had to admit that for the majority of us it’s only to feel that we are being air-fisted and more often than not we do it to please a boyfriend since men seemed far more interested in filling us with air that we are to have it done even when we are properly protected. That was because there is no sexual pleasure for us in just being filled with gas. Now however, those of us with very strong pelvic muscles have begun using diver adjustable second stage regulators like the Scubapro S600 to permit vaginal breathing. With the cracking valve adjusted to the lowest point possible w/o the VDV “free flowing” (leaking a steady flow of breathing gas) and with the VDV inserted and properly sealed vaginal breathing is begun by the diver pushing her purge button and filling her expanding vaginal vault with air. Then she immediately contracts her vaginal muscles expelling as much of the air as she can which sets up a small vacuum in her vagina which opens the demand valve and fills her vaginal vault again after which she contracts the muscles in her vaginal barrel and expels the air and this filling and emptying of her vagina by using her pelvic muscles is what we are calling vaginal breathing.

Free-running gas driven orgasms: Vaginal breathing would only be a curiosity except for the fact that it makes gas driven orgasms under control of a woman’s own pelvic muscles possible. With every expansion and contraction of the diver’s vaginal walls her G-spot is rubbed against the wing of the VDV mouthpiece and that pressure and relative movement is enough to caress her to orgasm. One of the amazing things about VDV orgasms is that unlike masturbating with a dildo or a vibi or having a man thrusting inside you there is immediate response from the VDV to any inhalation or exhalation (negative or positive) pressure in the vagina so that if the unit is properly inserted and sealed against the labia and the pubic bone once vaginal breathing is established it will continue to free-run until either: 1) The cracking valve is adjusted upward to make the vaginals work harder to suck gas. 2) The diver runs out of air in the tank that is feeding her VDV, or. 3) The woman’s vaginal muscles tire and begin to spasm and cramp. The third alternative is the one most of us who can actually achieve VDV orgasms usually choose because they are so addicting that none of us wants to shut them off unless we have to. We all dive with full HP 180 tanks so unless we have a free-flow problem the gas will outlast our muscles regardless of how skilled we are. Of course we need Ibuprofen and sleep with a heating pad on our bellies to relieve the pain of overworked vaginals, but at least for me the muscle cramping is bothering me less the more I practice.

Equipment changes: The standard heat malleable mouthpiece has been changed considerably to soften the polymer so that it will flex more easily under vaginal muscle compression allowing greater emptying of air during vaginal exhalation which improves the dynamic response of the device. The left or top wing of the mouthpiece has been widened to better contact the area of the front wall containing the G-spot and as mentioned earlier the shoulder of that wing has been padded where it rests against the back of the pubic bone. A labia shield has been added so that when the VDV is properly inserted the vulva including the clitoris and shaft is contained within the shield. This requires the wearer to have her pubes totally waxed or freshly shaved. There is a channel in the labia shield that allows the excretion of urine w/o having to remove the VDV. Compression from diving and the wing of the mouthpiece pressing on the area under the bladder make the retention of urine uncomfortable and therefore unlikely during wearing and use of a DVD so just urinating whenever is pretty standard, especially while soloing.

We also changed the gas guard protection we use. Instead of a Milex (Cooper Surgical) diaphragm with a stiff dome to minimize the possibility of wear-through from rubbing against the wing of the mouthpiece, we have switched to using Oves caps. Oves caps are harder to fit and insert correctly but for women who can be fitted properly they are far superior for ease of vaginal breathing. Because of their small size they do not restrict the dynamic response (flexing) of the vaginal walls as the rim of a diaphragm does while allowing direct contact of the upper wing of the VDV against the erectile tissue of the G-spot.

Cautions: There is a down-side to using a VDV for orgasms. One is that the diver can run out of air if she is using a small or partially filled tank because she is using two regs and her VDV is so finely tuned that if she isn’t careful it can free flow and exhaust her air quickly. It’s a good idea to have a VDV routined every few dives (more frequently than an ordinary second stage) because of the possibility of clogs from vaginal fluids, lubricants and semen that are expelled through the exhalation chambers of the unit during use.

Another problem is the possibility of addiction. Gepetto’s testers and Taryn and I all feel the narcotic effect of high levels of endorphins filling our bloodstreams from almost perfect sex in a weightless environment. And for some there is the possibility of over stressing the body and having a seizure, an increased possibility during extended (free-running) orgasms. Women shouldn’t dive alone for at least the first four or five times they use a VDV because if things go well the intensity and duration of the orgasm will often cause her to pass out. Not a problem if she has a large full tank and her equipment is working properly but if not she could wake up out of air, or perhaps not wake up at all. Using a pressure gage with a low pressure alarm can prevent being surprised by an out-of-air condition but is no help if the diver has an orgasm induced seizure.

Insertion: The VDV can be inserted before the diver enters the water or after. The S600 is basically buoyancy neutral but if inserting before entering the water insertion should be done on the pool edge so the diver can immediately enter the water after checking the seal or she will have to hold it in place as she walks which is embarrassing to do and comical to watch. Experience shows that a single 10 ml prefilled syringe of dive-gel in the vagina will be enough and another 10 ml syringe applied all around the inside of the labia shield so that when it is sealed tightly with the shoulder of the mouthpiece behind the pubic bone there is nothing under the shield that is pulling or pinching.

Care of the VDV: the modified mouthpiece and labia shield are precision molded for an individual user and any snag, nick or tear in the surfaces and seals can be painful or cause the unit not to work properly so a diver should not let her VDV drag along the pool surround or bottom. Protecting the custom fitted surfaces with a padded reg-bag until she is ready to insert it is a must.

Position for soloing: I’ve found what works best for me is to tether myself between two bottom anchors in about 12 to 15 feet of water. I go no deeper when using a VDV to minimize nitrogen loading because of the likelihood of extended bottom times. I use Velcro ankle leashes fastened to the anchors which are about 15 feet apart and then inflate my BCD until it pulls me taunt in a semi-split with my head 4 to 6 feet below the surface. That way my legs aren’t in the way, the hose of my VDV is between my legs, and I’m nearly weightless with only the sounds of the rhythmic sucking and exhalation of gas from my lungs and VDV. It’s awesome!

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