Thursday, October 15, 2009

Viennese heels for ballet boots

Modern Christian Louboutin fetish shoes with Viennese heels

Viennese fetish boots: Gepetto has made Taryn and me pairs of special titanium Viennese heels to go on our Pleasure boots. One of the great features of Gepettos boots is that they have interchangeable heels so you don’t have to buy new boots to completely change the look or use of the boots. The Viennese heel – which first appeared on Viennese fetish boots around 1900 - projects about four inches below the platforms of the toe boxes. This design was to make the original Viennese boots impossible to walk in for use as female bondage and submission footwear. However, returning readers know how I love a challenge so Gepetto’s heel designer worked with me to create a heel that flexes enough that I can balance on the heel when the tip is flexed by my weight to the extent that it is beneath the platform of the boot. It took a bit of practice for me to get the hang of balancing on the tips of the spikes, but I got good at it within hours because of my ability to balance my weight on almost anything. I thought there might have to be more padding in the instep and front of the ankle because of how the weight is taken initially on the heels and redistributed through the instep and toe-box, but the original resilient internal padding design works extremely well for the new weight distribution so no changes were necessary.

Of course the heels are unbelievably destructive of soft wood or composite tile floors and carpets so the only way to wear Viennese heels is with ¼ inch diameter tip caps that fit over the tips to spread the wearer’s weight so the heels are no more destructive than a pair of 4 inch stiletto pumps. And you don’t want to try walking on marble, ceramic tile or glass floors and stages w/o heel caps for sure as you could easily break a leg or worse. Of course walking in Viennese heels is totally against the rules, because, as I mentioned, their primary function – other than looking sexy and feeling diabolically uncomfortable - is to limit bondage submissives to crawling.

Root boots, love gloves and STIs: I’ve been taken to task by some female readers about my writing about sex w/o use of condoms. I often write about sex with unprotected males because that’s what goes on in my circle, at St Lucy’s (when the girls are on campus) and with the escorts provided by my casino. We make very sure that the partners we provide – both male and female – are free of STIs and we screen clients too so pregnancy is the only hazard a woman need concern herself with and that is easily protected against or taken care of if there is an accident. On the occasions when we have sex with a man of unknown sexual history we generally use females condoms as they protect the woman a bit better because of the outer ring that covers the vulva. I’m not writing a primer for high school DIY chicks and see no need to add warnings about safe-sex and DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME warnings. God knows, I talk enough about how important it is for a couple to both have a full panel of STI tests before avoiding condoms, the various ways to avoid pregnancy if there is an accident and a woman’s options if the stick turns blue when she pees on it. This is my life behind the Vegas glitter not Disneyland and I’m not pulling any punches. So get over it ladies! Ok?

UDP and me: A reader asked if I was afraid to try UDP myself. Actually, I’d love to try ultra-deep penetration, but if I did I would almost certainly have to change my primary method of contraception which returning readers will remember is an Oves cervical cap. I’m wearing a Prentif cap at the moment, but both Oves and Prentif depend on a very tight fit on the cervix and UDP will almost certainly change that for me and not for the better. I may be able to get the same excellent fit in a larger size, or if my cervix tore even after its repair I might not be able to ever wear a cap again. And I’m so very dependent on my Oves, not only for contraception but as a gas guard for dive sex (especially below 10 M) and vaginal breathing that for me the risk of a cervical change during UDP which would require a change in the barrier I use is not worth it.

The FC2 and dive-sex: We are beginning to get our order of the new Female condom, the FC2, and we are stocking them in the pool bungalows for use by guests as gas guards while having dive-sex. It’s a lot easier to get a woman unfamiliar with a diaphragm or cervical cap to use a FC2 for over pressure protection and it is the only device that will provide STI protection during dive-sex. And, the new FC is made with Nitrile a synthetic rubber which transmits heat much better than the polyurethane of the original version of the FC so there is more intimacy. Another convenience (for the casino) of using an FC is that an escort can immediately tell that the woman client he is with is protected for dive-sex because he can see the outer ring covering her vulva. We have had some problems with noncompliance from women clients in the past and an escort feeling for her diaphragm to make sure she’s protected for dive-sex has gotten some negative feedback. So the visual of her FC being inserted helps a lot with customer relations.


  1. I didn't know the second-gen female condom can be used for OPP. Of course, before reading your posts, I never knew there was such a problem.

  2. Hi Eric... The biggest problem with any FC is that if a guy slips out in the scramble to get him back inside it is very easy for him to miss the ring and reenter outside the condom. Then his partner is truly fucked. So it’s best if the couple using an FC is careful not to let him slip out and if he does be sure that he reenters inside the condom.

  3. You could use an IUD! 99.9% effective and the only pregnancy you'll get is a fallopian one. You put it in and then ignore it for 3 years. It's fantastic! Also it has made my periods lighter.

    I just found this page because I was looking up Viennese heels, so I don't know if this has been discussed before, but the IUD works for me!

  4. Hi thecrowagain, welcome! Thanks for the tip about using an IUD. Many of my friends and students have had GyneFix frameless IUDs implanted through a clinical trial here and they love how well a GyneFix works for them.

    However, UDP (Ultra-Deep Penetration) involves having the cervix dilated so a partner's penis enters the uterus, so an IUD would be destroyed by a thrusting penis. The only effective contraception while enjoying UDP is a male condom or hormonal contraceptives.


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