Friday, October 23, 2009

Mouthpiece lipstick

Twin hose mouthpiece with diver’s lipstick

Shelly’s rival's lipstick: I’ll have to publicly admit defeat. I have been unable to focus Rubberstud, Shelly’s husband’s attention back on her as I’d hoped to do. I have however created in Shelly a rubbergirl of the most lascivious sort. She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous encased in latex! The problem with Rubberstud, or perhaps it’s Shelly’s and my problem with him, is that as far as women are concerned as soon as he completes one conquest he is off in another woman’s pants, if not before. We toned her vaginals and improved her technique to appeal to him, and she even let him think she became a rubbergirl just for him, but we couldn’t get him to focus exclusively on Shelly. Actually he was constantly sniffing my crotch until I cut him off after I unexpectedly came into a good bit of money a few weeks back. I’m thinking medicating him on Adderall might be the only solution and we can’t do that. So it was disappointing and surprising when Shelly found lipstick on the mouthpiece of a twin hose SCUBA set she and her husband have at their home’s pool for guests. Always in the past Rubberstud had been careful to do a fairly thorough job of hiding his women even when he brought them home. So this openness in flaunting his liaison with his Mistress in Shelly’s home was an escalation of the schism in their marriage

Evidence of an assignation: In addition to the lipstick on the mouthpiece (not Shelly’s shade) the tank and mask his paramour had worn had her hair conditioner all over them too. Worse was the fact that the white beavertail wetsuit the woman had worn was left on the dressing room bench where she had taken it off with a puddle of dive-gel and coital discharge still in the crotch along with an Ortho diaphragm she had used as a gas guard that had dried blood in the dome and was lying on the beavertail. I was with her when Shelly came across her latest rivals spore where it was obviously meant to be found and I could see the smile on her face when she saw the blood in the dome of the Ortho, as she said “well at least he made the bitch bleed for him”. She also showed me a fresh gouge in the hardwood floor of the master bedroom entryway and smear of black wax on the bedroom rug where someone had slipped and fallen while wearing ballet boots. Shelly hasn’t fallen in her ballet boots since the second day she had them which was months ago before they bought this house. And Rubberstud doesn’t wear his fetishwear – he is actually quite good in ballet boots - except when away from home so it wasn’t him. This isn’t the first or even the third she has seen evidence of his having sex with women in their house, but it is certainly the first time that no attempt was made to hide it. Rubberstud is on business in the Caribbean for ten or twelve days so she has some time to decide how to handle the situation before he returns. She was past being angry; angry was several weeks ago, and she seemed more resigned at that point. She just left the woman’s filthy dive gear where it lay and let the body fluids harden and discolor the rubber.

Legalities: She said she had checked with a lawyer and Rubberstud has her tied up in a prenuptial agreement for another 4 years so right now she thinks she will just try and ride it out if she can. Unless he divorced her, which if that was to happen he would have to settle several hundred million on her to get the divorce and that doesn’t seem likely. Then, over coffee she told me about finding a pack of her latest rival’s birth control pills in an overnight bag hidden in a guest room closet at the far end of the house where Rubberstud thought Shelly never went. She said she took the plastic circle of pills out of the dial pack and put them in the microwave for 15 seconds to fry the hormones, then returned the pills to the dial pack. She wondered if the blood in the dome of the diaphragm could be a hormonal thing from having her pills nuked or if it was from having her cervix battered. I’m wondering if Shelly doesn’t need to go and talk with a therapist because she seems to be obsessing over the strangest things right now. Like the lipstick on the twin hoses reg wasn’t her shade and since she doesn’t use conditioner when she dives she wonders now if she should switch to that shade of lip-gloss and start using a conditioner.


  1. Actually, wouldn't it be if Rubberstud is caught cheating, the prenup would be null and void, and she'd get half of everything?

  2. No, he is the one who brought the assets to the marriage and this was a ‘Golden Rule’ agreement, he who has the gold makes the rules. She must have really loved him, or thought she did, to have signed something like that. He only has to pay if he wants out and since he can play w/o penalty here is no reason for him to seek a divorce.

  3. Oh well, 20/20 hindsight. She probably didn't know how he was with women.

  4. A common error that women make with men is thinking we will be able to ‘change’ them to get rid of the personality quirks we don’t like. That sort of thinking is almost always wrong and I think is a form of denial. Shelly knew he was seeing other women when she married him, but he told her he was going to stop. That was about the time he was drilling me regularly while trying to buy into the casino, before I became friends with Shelly. I’ve never known a leopard to change its spots.


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