Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wet Wednesday and sperm

An AST student relaxing after pointe class

‘Wet Wednesday’: Today was Wet Wednesday, the first in a series of confidence building exercises for the students in my AST, Advanced Sexual Techniques class. The 16, 17 and two 15 y/os are usually a pretty giggly group but Wet Wednesday is the first time everyone including their teacher (me) was supposed to come to pointe class with live sperm in our vaginas and of course if that’s the case draining into the thong bottoms of our leotards and soaking the crotch pads of our ballet tights. Which it’s why the day is called ‘Wet Wednesday’. My students were asked to have their boyfriends fill them no more than four hours before class which with the dorm policy at St Lucy’s isn’t that difficult since 16 y/os have visitor sleep-over privileges. I wrote requests for ‘conjugal’ exceptions for the 15 y/os and got permission for them to sleep with their sperm donors in the guest dorm so that worked well and everyone was on time. I’m very strict about tardiness and won’t let a tardy student participate that day and no one wants to be late on Wet Wednesday!

Show-and-tell: We have a show-and-tell about our sperm donor and what method of contraception we were using. I went first telling about Robin who slept over last night and shot his wad in me again at the casino before I drove over to school for class. What we do in class is each girl will Kegel out a bit of her coitial discharge on to a slide and put it in the microscope and project the image on a screen so that everyone can see the live sperm swimming in the sample. I knew from his health records that Robin’s sperm count was high and that a very high percentage of his sperm were well formed and highly motile, but I’d never seen a sample under a microscope so I was eager to see what they look liked. It was pretty awesome seeing all the wiggly little guys and to know if any one of them buried its head in my egg it might impregnate me. Since I’m CD20 today and ovulated last week there is no chance of that happening this cycle but still it gave me a chill and made my belly tingle seeing all those live sperm knowing that there were millions more swimming inside me. I told the girls I was wearing a Prentif cervical cap, the same kind famous European ballet dancers used to wear 50 years ago and that Prentif was still one of the best cervical barriers ever made with an effectiveness of 96% for women who had never given birth. The girls wanted to see what it looked like when it was sucking on a cervix so I used the fiber-optic lens on the video cam, inserting it into my vagina and after using the washer to clean the lens of semen and adjusting the focus we all got a good look at my Prentif in place sucking tightly on my cervix. I pointed out to the girls how the top of the dome of my 25 mm Prentif dimpled from the strong vacuum in the dome, a sign that it was sucking tightly on the cervix. I had never seen a video of a Prentif on my cervix and so I was fascinated as were all the girls and you could have heard a pin drop they were so quiet. Afterward they wanted to know if it hurt to wear a Prentif and I told them it was a bit different from the much smaller Oves I typically wear. The area under vacuum in the Prentif cavity rim is larger and feels a bit different but a wearer becomes used to the feeling, not unpleasant, just different and forgets she is wearing a Prentif just as we all forget we are wearing diaphragms.

A vasectomy: Many of the AST students have had GyneFix IUDs implanted but they were all wearing diaphragms as gas guards because their next class was dive-sex which I also teach and we were going straight to the pool after show-and-tell in pointe class. The girls all made their slides, showed their lovers sperm and all was going well until we got to a 17 y/o who is not using a GyneFix and as her primary method of contraception is using a Semina diaphragm. She said her guy was a new hunky friend and had had a vasectomy and was shooting blanks so we shouldn’t expect to see much. I found that interesting because I thought I knew at least a little something about every man the students are having sex with because the guys have all been screened for STIs and I would remember because a sterile guy would be a first. So she Kegels some discharge onto a slide and slipped it under the microscope. We all gasp and she screams! From the sample in the microscope, rather than shooting blanks her lover seems to have a high sperm count with well formed highly motile sperm, meaning he is very fertile. She’s screaming “OMG! He’s been riding me bareback and I’m fertile this week!”

A teaching moment: The class discipline evaporated and the girls began to talk among themselves. I got order restored quickly and used the deceived student’s boyfriends deceit as a teaching moment to urge my students to ask to see their BF’s fertility report which accompanies the results of their STI panel. The girl who had been betrayed calmed down and I lead the class in a discussion about her options, which were: Take Plan B immediately, or wait to see if she misses her period. If she does miss her period, then her options are: A menstrual extraction, Mifeprex or carry the pregnancy to term. Once she realized she was still in control she decided that she would wait to see if her period was late and if it is then have a menstrual extraction. I think she opted for the ME because I have talked about my routine MEs at the start of every cycle. Teaching moments that occur after incidents like that leave lessons embedded in student’s minds far better than if taught from a book or lecture.

By then the class was focused again and we finished with the last two show-and-tell presentations took a short break and then did a 20 minute barre and 45 minutes of pointe with lots of splits, dégagé en l’air and développés sur les pointes so the girls could see what it is like to dance en pointe when discharging a lover’s spend. It also gave them another opportunity to see that diaphragms that are properly fitted and correctly inserted don’t dislodge regardless of how strenuous the wearer exercises, another building block in establishing young women’s confidence in the reliability of cervical barriers as effective contraceptive protection. I’ll be talking to Mr. Vasectomy myself about his little joke.


  1. Jill, reading about this dude that told one of your students about having a vasectomy makes me think one of two things: 1) This guy was only trying to jerk around your student, trying to get her to trust him and lower her guard. 2) How old is this guy? Usually the guys your girls hang with are either high school aged or college underclassmen. Guys in that age don't usually get themselves snipped until they're at least 35 unless they don't want ANY kids.

    Did you, when you advised the girls check the sterility in the STI panel, mention that if they're of a certain age, they're mostly lying about a snip-snip?

  2. Hi Eric,

    >How old is this guy? Usually the guys your girls hang with are either high school aged or college underclassmen.

    He is 23. We try to keep the guys dating St Lucy’s girls at least in the 4th year class or Grad students at UNLV so they aren’t so juvenile. This guy was fairly new on the approved St Lucy’s list and as I said in my post none of the guys showed being sterilized on their STI and sperm analysis reports. He obviously wasn’t thinking too clearly, or perhaps she told him she was on the pill and wanted condoms as back-up which is a very common practice, so he thought he wouldn’t get caught. At any rate he is no longer welcome at St Lucy’s.

    >Did you, when you advised the girls check the sterility in the STI panel, mention that if they're of a certain age, they're mostly lying about a snip-snip

    The girl is a third year student and has been covered on the basics in Contemp. Sexual Health every year. One of the things we stress is to actually look at the guy’s health report to see that it is: 1) current. 2) says he is clean and 3) to see what he is shooting. Because no method of contraception is 100% effective and if you’re fucking someone who is leaving hundreds of millions of sperm in you, you are (theoretically) at a somewhat greater risk than if he was leaving a few million swimmers to scramble for your egg. She is something of a dreamer and so has a predisposition to believe what a boy tells her. Actually it’s a great lesson for her since we can watch her to make sure she gets through the next few weeks ok. Perhaps she will even learn something from the experience.

  3. "Perhaps she will even learn something from the experience."

    I certainly hope so, too.


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