Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cherries at St Lucy’s

Cherries Jubilee

Cherries at St Lucy’s: A reader asked if any virgins attend St Lucy’s. The answer is yes there are a few girls who tell us they arrive at St Lucy’s as technical virgins – have never been penetrated by a penis. Sometimes there is physical evidence, a hymen that partially occludes the vaginal opening that makes penetrative sex impossible, but often if the woman has used tampons or a menstrual cup there is no way to tell for sure. We take great pride in helping each of the girls who come to us virgin reach womanhood by supporting and guiding her in a gentle and caring manner with experienced and STI free partners.

For students needing one a hymenectomy - to remove hymeneal tissue that could make penetrative sex painful - is performed on an outpatient basis by our clinic which runs St Lucy’s Student Health. Afterward the patient is given ibuprofen and lidocaine gel to use on the absorbable sutures. She returns in two weeks to see if she needs to use vaginal dilators to increase the size of her vaginal introitus prior to training with a dildo and then penises. Dildo training is provided and after her first penetration by a male we celebrate her loss of virginity by her friends giving her a cherries jubilee party.

For students from cultures who determine a woman’s virginity and therefore her social and monetary worth by whether she has a hymen or not St Lucy’s can arrange for the student to have a hymenoplasty which can either repair an existing hymen or create a hymen by implanting a thin tear-through biomaterial if there was no hymen before. So that when she returns home she will appear to be a virgin. A hymenoplasty performed by top plastic surgeon is almost undetectable from a natural hymen.

Pastoral care and Mifeprex: The clinic has found that there is occasionally a need for invoking intercession of St Catherine of Sweden (Virgin, c.1330-1381) - the patron saint of abortion and miscarriage protection – to get a patient through taking her Mifeprex correctly. A little known facet of St Catherine’s power and one not mentioned by the modern Church is the quick and safe transition of women who lose their pregnancies to resumption of their natural menstrual cycles.

Returning readers will remember Father Alan from my June 15, 2009 entry. Fr. Alan was with us for a few weeks for special grief counseling training and because of his hidden talent for performing flawlessly in fetishwear was after completion of his training assigned to a parish here in the valley. Fr Alan can calm a hysterical woman in minutes and can be on the most intimate terms with her shortly thereafter. It’s as though they have know him all their lives and totally trust him to guide them in making the best decision possible. So Alan is on call for dealing with women who are undecided about their options. He stresses the need for personal wellbeing both mentally and physically and points out that a woman can not have total wellbeing if something is growing inside her that she does not want, especially if time is a factor in her busy life. So Alan eases them through any mental uncertainty and councils them on the effective use of birth control as well as giving them several sessions of penetrative therapy after the termination to ensure the patient’s sex drive has returned. All Alan’s patients have done extraordinarily well in recovery and are so thankful for his ministration to their needs.

Marie-Claude: Marie-Claude is a 23 y/o Paris Opera Ballet dancer (we celebrated her birthday last week) who Tanaquil managed to get the POB administration to allow a study year in the U.S. She was sent over to take Escort training as it’s taught here. Returning readers will remember Tanaquil, the retired French courtesan who is now running the European operation for Taryn’s adult media empire. Marie-Claude came to Tanaquil’s attention not only because of her beautiful body and exquisite dancing but also because of her extremely strong sex drive even when she had an otherwise exhausting schedule. While Marie-Claude is here she is dancing in my casino ballet troupe and taking company classes to stay in shape while she learns about dive-sex, vaginal breathing and perfects her technique in ballet boots and other fetishwear. She arrived complete with a GyneFix IUD implanted so with the exception of choosing a gas guard she is good to go with our stable of screened partners.

I think she will probably choose an Oves because Chuck (her male Gyn) says she has a perfect cervix for it and Oves is so small that it doesn’t get in the way of large men as diaphragms, Prentif and FemCaps can. She has been fitted for the set of Penetrators she will need and I have taken her to Gepetto’s for fittings for ballet boots (Gepetto’s custom Pleasure boots) latex encasement suits and gasmasks. She isn’t getting fighting boots as she will not be training for knife-pointe fighting nor is she being fitted for Lash Leathers since whip training is not on her schedule either, at least for now. I’m sure I’ll be mentioning more about Marie-Claude in future entries.

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