Monday, October 5, 2009

Vaginal hooks for Halloween

Stainless steel vaginal hook & 1.5 in. diameter ball

Fasteners and vaginal hooks: Fasteners, my casino’s bondage boutique, is now carrying a line of vaginal hooks in stainless steel and titanium. Until recently customers have been mostly Dungeon Dommes and Masters who want to display them on the walls of their dungeons to demonstrate their ability to hang a woman by her pubic bone. Of course the problem with actually using a vaginal hook for that is that there is no way to suspend a girl by her pelvis with one w/o doing a great deal of damage and afterward she is useless for vaginal sex as the vagina always tears and there is considerable blood loss not to mention that even the most willing women before they are suspended by a vaginal hook is a true believer in their barbarity after her experience. The vaginal hook having such a bad reputation it wasn’t surprising that there were only one or two adventuresome girls buying for their own use. I thought they would only model the hook and harness for their boyfriends just as most women model ballet-boots, only posing in them while on their backs or sitting down.

The psychology of being submissive: But it seems since Fasteners began a quiet advertising campaign the hooks have, err, caught on as a new look for Halloween parties this year. Adventuresome girls were getting tired of dressing as Wonder woman, Cat Woman, Storm, Elektra and Laura Croft. Being able to insert a vaginal hook and go partying in ballet boots as a Slave girl is a total switch giving even the most assertive of us a chance to show her submissive side and it can provide a surprising insight about what men would like to do with (or to) us when they think we can’t defend ourselves. The defenseless girl in a harness with a hook fully inserted into her most feminine spot while standing in ballet boots is a huge turn on for some men who have a cruel streak and some who are simply amazed at what some of us will wear or do for attention or sexual gratification. The amazement seems to come especially from college men who come to Vegas from small towns where they haven’t been directly exposed to that sort of obsessive-destructive behavior by submissive women and their Masters in the D/S sub-culture. Of course there is BDSM on the Web but so much of that is fantasy that UNLV college men have been streaming through the mall to look at the vaginal hooks displayed on (or is it in) mannequins in Fasteners window. From the cams focused on the window-shoppers looking at the hooked mannequins the number of men with obvious erections was more than 40% which the advertising director thought was marvelous as erections drive sales. And having sales associates in ballet boots modeling the hooks in the intimate devices section of the boutique has gotten a lot of attention. Since Fasteners began advertising vaginal hooks as an innovative look for Halloween sales to college age men and women have soared so the campaign seems to be at the very least a seasonal success.

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