Thursday, October 22, 2009

Terminal therapy – the ride of a lifetime

A male patient in terminal therapy

Terminal therapy: Occasionally I’m asked to consult as an expert with a male psychiatric patient who has agreed to a course of terminal therapy. All of these cases come through referrals from a local a psychiatrist who trained with the psychiatrist who I was in analysis with when I lived on the East Coast. When I was in therapy then I helped calm a few psychopaths in a clinical trial to the point that they would enter therapy. Those successes lead to my being recommended to my analyst’s colleague here.

Terminal therapy as I’ve used the term in this entry means my helping a terminally ill person die in a manner they choose. They are seeing a psychiatrist so that there will be no question about them being of sound mind when they enter terminal therapy. In the cases I’ve taken so far the patients have all been male and none of them were “healthy enough for sexual activity” as the adverts on TV say; which was the reason their doctor(s) eventually came to me. After all the waivers, wills and medical power of attorney papers are signed it comes down to the fact the guys want to die in the saddle being ‘fucked to death’. Used figuratively that’s a fairly common term around here; ‘I thought he was going to fuck me to death’ or ‘fuck my brains out’ is a phrase meaning a very intense sexual encounter. Of course with Terminal Therapy we are talking literally and wanting to go on his last ride with a pretty woman who knows how to show a man a good time is easily understandable. I’m selective about the rides of that sort that I take and want to be certain that the guy doesn’t end up a vegetable on a ventilator forever after I climb off or roll him off me. I charge for the service but give my fees to local charities in the area as a way of giving something back for how good this area has been to me.

Areas or expertise: I’ve only done the suspended trapeze thing (shown in the image accompanying this entry) once and while it looks spectacular to an observer it is difficult to do even if you are a professional aerialist. I was successful, but I probably won’t do it again. And, before someone asks, that is not me in the pic. It wouldn’t be ethical to show the face of a patient and my image will never grace this blog. My areas of expertise for terminal therapy are in the bedroom and in SCUBA gear in a pool. I prefer as therapy patients men who have some lung capacity and stamina left and who have heart conditions so serious that increased blood pressure and heart rate will cause a fatal heart attack or someone with an inoperable aneurysms that with increased BP and activity will burst and kill them quickly. For dive-sex I will take a man who has end stage cancer and who can be easily caused to vomit (from his chemo meds) and drown or stroke out from the ambient pressure differential and his blood pressure. Even as delicate as their health was the guys have all looked healthy and most appeared to be in good shape.

The ride of a lifetime: If the guy feels up to it I will let him take the initiative but if not I will lead. I always have the guy wear a cock ring so once he is hard there is little likelihood of him going flaccid on me which can be a problem for most middle-aged or older guys who are candidates for this sort of therapy. I was surprised to find that the clients I’ve had so far have all been upbeat and were eagerly anticipating the experience and one even asked if I was an angel who came to take him home. That was the nearest I’ve come to crying when with them. Once he’s hard I’m set and will get him off in a series of orgasms until we reach the one with his name on it. Everyone that I’ve taken on their last ride during terminal therapy has told me while we were mounting up how grateful they were for my help and they were sure it was going to be the ride of a lifetime.

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  1. I'm not sure if I'd want to go through that if I'm terminally ill, but I said earlier that I'd like to pass on while making love with my girlfriend/wife/lover.


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